AppArt Mini #4 Featuring Mobile Artist Deborah McMillion “I Love A Mystery”


Please enjoy our fourth post to our new section within our APPart Column entitled – APPart Mini. This time our editor Bobbi McMurry talks with Deborah McMillion to find out more about her work, over to you Bobbi. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).


Apps: Sketchbook, Formulas, PhotoWizard, Alien Sky, Paper 53

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Deborah McMillion

Bobbi:  "It’s impossible to mistake Deborah’s work for that of someone else. Her surreal images are always interesting with stories that often don’t seem to make sense, so you crawl inside and spend some time exploring her narrative. Whether or not you “figure it out” is irrelevant, you likely find your own story and enjoy yourself in the process.

Deborah has shared several of her intermediary images revealing her personal exploration in creating this piece. She’s changed the elements included, modified the background, and refined the various pieces of the drawings as she goes along. I know you’ll enjoy seeing how this wonderful work evolved".

Image ©Deborah McMillion

Deborah: "I collect "folders" of individually isolated figures, animals, plants, clocks, etc. once it’s painted it is saved. Sometimes these things never fit; often they get repeated because stories are continued. I have 12 tulle skirts blowing around and quite a few anchovies.

Since I illustrate dream fragments these symbols and icons work as my dream language. Sometimes all I have of the fragment is a scene and a strong emotion. It’s these really evocative feelings I love – the heavy Portent and a whimsical scenario. For me that’s Surrealism. "I Love A Mystery” is centered on the two figures in tulle skirts. I then move images in and out until the piece comes together".

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1 thought on “AppArt Mini #4 Featuring Mobile Artist Deborah McMillion “I Love A Mystery””

  1. Thanks so much, Bobbi, this was a really nice introduction into my world. You gave me my voice as well as lending yours. And without either of us us over explaining so others can find theirs. Perfect.


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