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Mobile Photography – Portrait of an Artist – “Alter Ego” Summer Challenge Results

Welcome to our Portrait of an Artist ‘Alter Ego’ Summer Challenge results. We are delighted to share this with you. Different versions of yourselves is what we asked for and different, amazing versions of yourselves is what we have got.

Thank you very much for all of your submissions to our Portrait Of An Artist “Alter Ego” Summer Challenge!  I am delighted and surprised at the sight of so many incredible interpretations of the self.

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured in this showcase including: Bonny Breddels/Beezzz_, Eliza Badoiu, Lorenka Campos, Meri Walker, Roger Guetta. Patricia Januszkiewicz, Salwa Afef, Liliana Schwitter, Karen Axelrad, Marguerite Khoury, Kathryn Johnson, Giulia Baita, Isabel Afonso, Stef L.P., Yvonne Ladage, Vanessa Vox.

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Untitled – Beezzz/Bonny Breddels

A very interesting representation of the Alter Ego through the use of the negative, where the lightest areas appear darkest and the darkest areas appear lightest. Surprisingly, this is not an ordinary negative, but a yet surprisingly pink one that instead of referring us to sad, distressed or despairing feelings it evokes an imperturbable almost fairytale like fantasy where Bonny Breddels seems to find peacefulness and satisfaction.

‘Cocoon’ – Eliza Badoiu

Eliza Badoiu presents a very intimate Alter Ego. An extremely delicate and romantic piece from conception to execution. The softness of its shapes and colors could reflect the ideals of a dreamer that constantly transforms, evolving  patiently and immovable, through whatever may come. Sensations and feelings as most of her attributes seem to be difficult to notice through the veils that surround her, but the beauty is evident.

‘Things Are Rarely What They Seem’ – Lorenka Campos

Sometimes an Alter Ego is not a whole, but yet a character made out of pieces, like the one Lorenka Campos presents to us. The pieces might not fit perfectly, they might even belong to different perspectives and sizes, still they harmonize in an elegant whole. It is particularly interesting, the inclusion of a bee as a main graphic element, for some of the symbolisms it represents are tears, soul and resurrection, which add even more power to this image.

‘Her Heart Holds Stories That Words Could Never Tell’ – TheiPhoneArtGirl/Meri Walker

In between captivating layers of luscious red and gold, Mari Walker presents us one very passionate Alter Ego. As the title suggests, the look in her face reflects a contemplative, serene  and expressive look, conveying in silence, maybe, the things left unsaid. One Meri seems to be emerging from another in a releasing manner as if she wanted to share with us her contentment of embracing all the experiences who make her who she is.

‘In Self’ – Roger Guetta

This is  an unforgettable image by Roger Guetta, where he reveals his Alter Ego to us with quite an intriguing, yet unidentifiable expression on his face and a deliciously and stimulating atmosphere of positive emotions, energy and lots of imagination. The main character seems to be in a deep transition of several levels at the same time. Roger has developed an exclusive world  that seems to exist in between the realms of the analytical and the spiritual, from where he emerges satisfactorily, metamorphoses.

Video Showcase

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Ileana Mont Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising. She studied in San Diego, CA. in the United States and later on she returned to Mexico City where she worked as a copywriter, graphic designer and creative director for several advertising agencies, until she realized she had a more artistic calling and a very strong feeling for painting and photography. She learned about painting techniques with Mexican artist Irma Grizá and engaged in developing and combining her photography and computer graphics skills through her visual expression. She is now an independent visual artist and photographer and has been featured in some important blogs about mobile art and photography. Ileana enjoys looking for the beauty out of ordinary things and the special things of our everyday lives.

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