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The AppWhisperer Portrait Of An Artist – Twenty Second Video Showcase

Each mobile photography and art image in our Portrait of an Artist showcase is revolutionary, this art shatters everything we may think we know about reality“. [Foreword by Joanne Carter]

Curation and text by

Ile Mont

Welcome to our twenty second Portrait of an Artist Showcase! This Showcase complements our Portrait of an Artist Column edited by myself. Every few weeks I review and curate work that has been submitted to our dedicated Flickr group. In addition, Joanne Carter creates a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we will also highlight a few images that have caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition and subject matter.

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We hope you enjoy this weeks’ showcase. Many congratulations to all the artists featured this week, links to their images can be found below:

Angie Lambert, JH McBandy-Smartphoneographer, Kristie Benoit, Eliza Badoiu, Irene Oleksiuk, Salwa Afef, Montse Abad, Isabel Afonso, Allyson, before.1st.light, TheiPhoneArtGirl, Susan Rennie, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Lorenka Campos, Damian De Souza, Louise Whiting, Sandra Becker, Angie Lambert, Eliza Badoiu, Jeffrey Simpson, Heather McAlister

– Ile Mont


‘Not Yet’ – Angie Lambert

Angie Lambert’s self portraits are to me the equivalent to a bittersweet flavor. They are worked with a lot of softness and gentle palettes,  but at the same time, their message conveys a lot of drama, emotion, and even occasionally, like in this self portrait entitled Not Yet, some tragedy. Regardless, instead of perturbing, they lure us gently drawing our attention through an intriguing atmosphere, a very artistic and strong body language, an exquisitely crafted edit and an overall successful composition.

‘Hanging Around’ – JH McBandy-Smartphoneographer

I find “Hanging around” by JH McBandy-Smartphoneographer to be a very eye catching self portrait. The upside down pose and the black and white high key treatment make the image so particularly striking. The introspective attitude adds for a captivating atmosphere. It is amazing how keeping it so clean and simple can achieve such an elegant and powerful portrait.


Video Showcase

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Ileana Mont Born in Mexico City, Ileana is a professional in graphic communications and advertising. She studied in San Diego, CA. in the United States and later on she returned to Mexico City where she worked as a copywriter, graphic designer and creative director for several advertising agencies, until she realized she had a more artistic calling and a very strong feeling for painting and photography. She learned about painting techniques with Mexican artist Irma Grizá and engaged in developing and combining her photography and computer graphics skills through her visual expression. She is now an independent visual artist and photographer and has been featured in some important blogs about mobile art and photography. Ileana enjoys looking for the beauty out of ordinary things and the special things of our everyday lives.