Stunning and Professional Portraiture Images Captured with the Apple iPhone


This series highlights the professional capabilities of the Apple iPhone as a professional portraiture device. Each image is beautifully shot and processed, all completely mobile. Testament to the photographer, model and the device. Enjoy these compelling images… (foreword by Joanne Carter).




I am a professional portrait and people photographer from Germany. Mobile photography was the initial trigger for my professional career a few years ago. On the other side I never enter a professional shooting without my mobile cam.

Whenever it’s possible I ask for some extra shots when on location or in my studio. At the beginning the models often look very astonished, but when they see the results they are more than pleased and often use these imges for their social networking.

“Working with my phone is more intuitive versus working with my “big” camera. I’m completely free what I will shoot, no presure about color consitency or correct exposure.  Everything feels like a fun experiment but the results are top notch”.

Editing is so easy and in reach of your fingers you have a cornucopia of apps and filters that allow you to achieve almost any look you want. Editing images for a job is something serious and you have to take time, use the right tools and be fully concentrated.


“Working with my mobile phone and the apps is completely different. Within seconds you can try out many many styles and all that in a cafe or on your couch. Being absolutely independent is the key for doing that … and for sure the future of taking images and editing”.


Also for the professional part. It will take some time until we will see that, but it is coming. You see first steps pointing in the right direction with two lens systems, enhanced graphic chips and apps with new mobile phones that you will miss on Mac and PC.

– Martin Duerr

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