The Guetta Fringe – Update on Our ‘New’ Form of Artistic Installation…

The Guetta Fringe – Update on Our ‘New’ Form of Artistic Installation…


You may recall on 19th June 2017, one of our many uber cool editors Roger Guetta announced that he had a ‘big idea’ involving everyone in the Mobile Arts Community. Guetta explained “It involves a collective creation. A form of artistic installation which can be sent to whomever wants it hung along their next gallery show, at their next home party or at the next Mobile Arts Festival wherever and whenever that might be“. This creation is our very own mobile art quilt. All participants simply travel to a tee shirt printing outlet with a 4”x4” piece of non stretchy fabric and a file of a favourite image. (If this is too much of a hassle, everyone send their image directly to Guetta, he will then print on fabric).

Also, news just in from Kate Zari Roberts via Guetta is thus: “The Director/Curator of the Month of Photography emailed me and said he will definitely find a place for our quilt so schedule it for Denver in March/April 2019 with time enough ahead for shipping and installation“.

Chatting with Guetta earlier today, he has asked me to notify of you all of an extension to his original deadline. The deadline has been extended to 7 July 2017 – more reason, for more entries. So come on, lets do this!


‘Post Modern Beach Bum’ ©Roger Guetta

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