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Mobile Photography & Art My Top Five Apps by Cathrine Halsør from Moss, Norway

When I was asked by Joanne, to share my five most favorite iPhone apps, I was thrilled and I had to take some time to think of my creative process. The creation of an image unfolds in many different ways, so for me it is often difficult to explain it all afterwards. The creative flow of editing, takes my mind and heart on a journey, and I don’t know the outcome. Editing an image in one application, saving it, and then open it in another application; I often end up saving10 to15 images in the creation.

I love when I enter this creative flow and I can sit for hours. It’s like time stops. I find a nice spot to do my editing; and the freedom to work ‘anywhere’ is what I love the most about my mobile photography & mobile art.

In this moment, it is safe to say that my favorite top five apps are: Formulas, Snapseed, Repix, iColorama and Image Blender. Although this might change; there are so many apps with wonderful opportunities to take me on new adventures.

Many thanks again, Joanne. I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of mobile photography with others. The App Whisperer is my favorite site for learning, sharing and interacting.



The Formulas app I love using at low intensity, in a gently and softly texturising way.




Most of my images go through this app (at least once), I do all my basic editing here. It’s my first step to take at look at the image and this is where I start adjusting brightness, contrast, ambiance and size. Sometimes, as in the following photo, it doesn’t take more steps to have the desired result.



iColorama can be used at a basic level to tweak colours or to make complicated masked paintings, distortions etc. It has become one of my favorite apps, although it has a steep learning curve. I still have a lot to learn to master it, but I do love what I’ve learned so far.



Repix is absolutely one of my favorite apps. It is so easy to use and has such a broad spectrum of effects. I can remove unwanted objects, I can add dust, stains and drips, and add a touch of charcoal or chalk effect. For me it’s a must-have.

Free/download (with in-app purchases)

Image Blender

Image Blender gives me the opportunity to layer images and textures. The layers are easily resized and rotated and the blending modes range from one extreme to the other.

It’s a very handy app and I find it user-friendly.


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