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Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me – Interview with Kerry Mitchell from Seattle, Washington, United States

We are delighted to bring you the eighteenth in our brand new Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me series of interviews at TheAppWhisperer. Within this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our eighteenth interview is with Kerry Mitchell from Seattle, Washington, United States, enjoy!

In this interview, Mitchell cites work by: Tricia Dewey, Nicki Fitzgerald, Bridget Robertson, Jane Schultz, Joyce Harkin, Lorenka Campos, Elena Lunardi, Teresa Lunt, Batia Lapidus Radlow and Cargon Brown.

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(foreword by Joanne Carter)

The Image That Is Currently In The Forefront Of My Mind

The image that is currently in the forefront of my mind is one by Tricia Dewey (@tricia.dewey). She is always pushing something new and exciting. It is not what others are doing. It is what she is doing. Then she goes on to something else that is uniquely hers. It is always exciting for the viewer to see.

©Tricia Dewey

The Image That Changed My Mind

This image changed and opened up my mind. It is by Nicki Fitzgerald (@nickifitzgerald_iphoneart). I took a class on iColorama from her. It showed me the ins and outs of that app and also changed my mind about the ways I could work with my own photos. It opened doors and paths I didn’t know were there.

©Nicki Fitzgerald

The Image I Wish I Had Created

Who doesn’t admire the incredible work of Bridget Robertson (@wemarriage_goddess) and her husband John?  I chose this piece Time, Time, Time, See What’s Become of Me. Time is often a theme I look at in my work in one way or another. It is elusive and something we want to grab on to but can’t. In this piece Bridget brings us time while bringing herself into time in many ways. Yet reminds us that it matches on relentlessly. A fabulous piece as usual.

©Bridget Robertson

Artwork That Has Influenced My Art

It was and is Jane Schultz (@after.first.illumination) who influenced my photo art. It was Jane who first brought me into many of the artists I have found who now influence my photo art. I am very grateful to Jane. Jane’s work is unique and ever changing. One piece that I particularly admire is this piece of a flower with pins.

‘Death Will Not Conquer’ ©Jane Schultz

The Image That Is The Most Underrated

No one can call Joyce Harkin’s (@harkinjoyce) work underrated. It is wonderful. But I feel it does not get enough attention because it is so fabulous. This piece, like her people is haunting. It comes to me and makes me linger and wonder. What is this woman thinking?  Where has she been?

©Joyce Harkin

The Image That Changed My Mind

I was busy editing my flowers and someone introduced me to Lorenka Campos (@lorenka) with an image similar to this one. It blew me away that I could do something like this with my photography. It was then I finally knew what I had been looking for. What she does is so wonderful. It brings us into a new and unique world that is so very special. It takes us away from our worries.

©Lorenka Campos

The Most Recent Image That Made Me Smile

What makes me smile would have to be in the work of Teresa Lunt (@teresalunt).  She is always taking me to the unexpected. Like in this piece the face is not what we would expect at all, yet it works wonderfully. The other part that works so well in Teresa’s work is she is mixing acrylic, and several different digital apps all together that I would not expect. There is always a fun surprise with Teresa’s work. The best part is she will always offer us a tutorial and share where she has gone.

©Teresa Lunt

The Most Recent Image That Me Sad

That would be this image by Elena Lunardi (@ele.luna.x).  It is entitled Black Crow. Many of Elena’s works bring forward deep sympathy and sadness in me. I think this is an emotion that is hard to bring forward in work and show to others. It is an emotion that we do not use lightly.

©Elena Lunardi

My Comfort Images

My comfort images are by one of my most favorite artists, Batia Lápidus Radlow (@balara70). It is difficult to choose one of her pieces. Her work is amazing digital geometric done in incredible bright colours. Her work is reminiscent of Kandinsky and Julio LeParc.

©Batia Lápidus Radlow

The Image I Would Most Like To Give As A Gift

I definitely want to give one of Cargan Brown’s (@carganbrown) faces as a gift. The problem is which one!  Cargan has given us so many wonderful artistic faces. Her gallery is filled with an amazing number of artistic works that are beyond comprehension. But one of my very favorite that I would like to give is this one entitled Hot Mess. This one reaches out and grabs me with emotion. There is a lot happening in it that someone could look at for a long time.

©Cargan Brown

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  • Carol Wiebe

    Fabulous interview! I love seeing inspiration by fellow artists celebrated. Thank you Kerry Mitchell, and Joanne Carter, for this delicious banquet of images and descriptions of why they resonate.