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Mobile MasterPeace with Sarah Bichachi from Connecticut, United States


We are delighted to publish our third Mobile MasterPeace Interview, as mentioned in our Sunday Showcase, 26 January 2020. Sarah Bichachi is a talented and passionate mobile photographer and artist. As I mentioned in our intimate interview with Bichachi, (see here), her work encompasses art, love, nature, health and politics. It is a true meditation on the power art has to transform our lives. Enjoy!

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All images ©Sarah Bichachi

If you could choose to keep only one work of your own art, what would it be and why?

The image I named Mind’s Eye is what I choose to keep. It perfectly describes how I process my creativity: the gaping hole representing the infinite depth of imagination, the flowers with eyes in them symbolizing the femininity of my perceptions, the plant-like structures representing the nerves where my ideas are born and the nudity personifying the love and passion I have for my art.

mobile photography
‘Mind’s Eye.
I leave the hole to your imagination…’

Is there a cultural experience that changed your perspective of your vision of the world today?

Migrating from a third world country (Philippines) to a country where its diversity defines its morphology (America) has truly enhanced my awareness of globalization… and the realization that certain ideologies such as politics and nationalism cannot provide real solutions to the problems of a civilization that is rapidly evolving with science and technology.

mobile photography

Whose and what artwork most challenged your way of thinking?

First it is the ‘what’ of an artwork that moves me before I go to the ‘who’. But I can’t deny surrealism blows me away. Two of my favorites are Salvador Dali and Naoto Hatori. Their works, for me, exemplify the creativity and genius of the human mind… simplifying the complexity and vastness of imagination into one image of awe and making visible the unseen realities that exists in their world of ideas. Truly amazing!

mobile photography
‘She is smoking pot!’

Which artist do you admire and return to the most?

I don’t have one particular favorite because I love almost all artists… old and new. I think it is my mood that drives me to devour and enjoy one particular artwork at certain times. Just like my choice of music, I go to the genre that suits my mood in that moment.

mobile photography
‘Sometimes unbearable pain send flashes of memory from the past life… as if wanting to be resolved in the present… when it should be forgotten.’

Who do you believe is the most overrated artist and by association, who do you think is the most underrated?

I think artists should be accepted for what they are as artists in their respective eras. Rating an artist is relative to external factors revolving around him, his exposure, influence, connections and his audience in his time. I am more inclined to appreciate the effect of an artwork on my senses rather than the artist’s rating.

“Oh no! …. so what happens next?”

Do you agree that mobile art and mobile photography brings peace?

Absolutely! Those moments of epiphany brought about by the merging of art and technology stimulates a distinct feel of awe to both the artist and his audience. Distinct feel because both mobile art and photography are not confined to a canvas and pigments. And both can generate a wider, if not limitless variety of presentation and expression because of the integration of technology into this art form. I believe that when the heart is full of rapt, the mind is at peace.

When you create mobile art do you feel at peace?

Yes. To immerse one’s mind in a digital matrix of dreams … make a reality virtual and watch the outcome unfold before your eyes whisks away the mundane. My world suddenly becomes an exciting adventure of shapes and colors!

It is well regarded that female artists are disadvantaged as the traditionanl art market is determined by men – do you agree and why? or vice versa

Although remnants of the medieval male superiority complex still roam, women of the 21st century have gone a long way to empower themselves with skills that equally rival that of men. And we will continue to do so in the future.

I listen to the pulse of Earth
Smell the soothing comfort of her fragrant breath
As I lay my weary mind to rest
Immersed in the essence flowing from her breast’

Female artists today need encouragement to rise up the ranks, how would you encourage more women embrace mobile photography and art?

There are so many ways to motivate female artists. But for me, the first and foremost would be education through events by mobile art communities. Events will connect and unite female artists, increase their exposure, and give the support needed to maximize their creativity.

mobile photography
.Missing Coco…’

How can mobile photography and art help save the planet in respect of climate change?

Mobile phones contain components of Augmented Reality. It creates immersive mixed reality experience to its users, blending the digital world with the real world and enhancing one’s perception of reality. The immersive nature of Augmented Reality is a strong tool to learning and communication as it offers perceptually enriched experiences thus creating interaction. Combined with art, what could be the best conduit we have to saving our planet than that mobile phone right in the palm of our hands?

mobile photography

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