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Mobile Photography & Art My Top Five Apps by Rob Pearson-Wright, London, UK

We are revitalising our Top Five Apps section to our Photo App Lounge column. This a section within TheAppWhisperer where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers and artists to list their top five apps and to explain why they have selected them. Kicking us off today is accomplished mobile photographer and artist from Rob Pearson-Wright from London, UK.  Take a look at his Top Five Apps… (foreword by Joanne Carter)

“Apps come and go but some stay in your toolbox and become staples. These are my top five go to apps”.

All images©️Rob Pearson-Wright



Each and every image gets a run through Snapseed. The power under the hood and the user friendly interface of this app makes editing an image a breeze. If I have an edit in my mind I can recreate it in Snapseed in under a minute if I’m feeling decisive. A bit longer if I want to experiment. I’ve tried many a pretender app and have as yet not found a contender to its crown. Have I mentioned that it’s free.



Snapseed – Original


Snapseed – Colour Edit

Snapseed – Black and White Edit



I like this app because of its filters/presets which you can apply in a subtle or full on way. Additionally it has a comprehensive set of editing tools which allows you to sculpt an image to your desired result whilst giving you a realistic but enhanced final picture.


Image – Snapseed & VSCO

Image – Snapseed & VSCO



A great app for adding textures, gradients and light leaks to images. It’s got a comprehensive set of editing tools too and the ability to stack layered edits and save your own home made formulas.


Image – Snapseed & Mextures



It does one thing well and that’s adding vignetting and lighting effects all in moody black and white. I like to add some of Noir’s magic to an image sometimes. The three basic sliders to control the lighting inside and outside the vignette, and overall contrast are easy to master and a handy elliptical tool can be manipulated to your desired area of effect. Not a fan of the tints and presets personally. Best used on manual.


Image – Snapseed + BigLens + Mextures + Noir



This app is great for blending images, collaging, creating stamps to re-use and switching your dog’s head with yours in an image. Plenty of creative avenues with this one. Personally I find I can zoom in closer with this app for fine detail work than other apps of a similar nature when blending or masking.


Snapseed + Juxtaposer + Mextures


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