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Mobile Art – Creative Tutorial – iColorama Procedural: Spinning Vinyl


We are delighted to publish this creative tutorial using the app, iColorama to create a spinning vinyl record cover by Jerry Jobe, take a look…


“iColorama can do amazing things, with a little patience. I posted the image below in several iColorama Facebook groups, and it got a lot of response, so I’ll show you how to create a 45 RPM single, from scratch, in this great app.

This image used the app Over for text and Leonardo for placement onto a background and adding a shadow. Those tasks can be done in iColorama, but they are easier in other, specialised apps. While I don’t add text in the video, I do show you how to mask the disc onto a new background and create a drop shadow”.

Here’s the video. It moves very quickly, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first or even the fifth time through. Just pause frequently and try things yourself.

And here’s the finished product. With a little ingenuity you can create really amazing images from scratch in iColorama. Until next time, enjoy!

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By Jerry Jobe

Never content with just scratching the surface of what an app can do, Jerry Jobe decided to pass on what he learned about imaging apps to others. He’s constantly trying to figure out just what tools other artists have used, and trying to incorporate them into his own work, in an attempt to find his style.
He’s written tutorials on over 145 apps so far, which you can find (along with his Song of the Day entries) at
He lives near Atlanta, Georgia, where he also finds a creative outlet in acting and directing in community theater.

2 replies on “Mobile Art – Creative Tutorial – iColorama Procedural: Spinning Vinyl”

This tutorial was so much fun to do and it really made me think about all the tricky but incredible possibilities of this amazing app iColorama. Thanks so much Jerry Jobe for sharing. I have posted my version on my Instagram account because I am just a little proud!!

So glad you enjoyed it! iColorama is capable of so much. I will often experiment and find some technique that is useless in the current piece, but perfect for something else. Be kind to yourself and take notes of your discoveries!

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