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Weekend of Mobile Photography with Sukru Mehmet Omur from Turkey

This weekend Sukru Mehmet Omur, an Award Winning Mobile Photographer chronicles his enviable journey with us. Upon viewing Omur’s text and images, the renderings of human emotions seamlessly weave into a graphic perspective. Personally, I sense happiness in Omur’s work and thus it allowed me to recall Henri Matisse’s manifest for happiness, that he created in the early years of the 20th century. Matisse was affluent so in 1905 he was bold enough to flaunt his happiness. He was ridiculed by Picasso and others for his ‘happy art’ but he stuck to his guns. Omur much like Matisse knows that happiness is a human right and he speaks up for it exquisitely.

If you would like to review others that we have published in our Weekend series, please go here. For now, enjoy! (foreword by Joanne Carter).

Making a mobile artwork for me always starts with an event that triggers. So it was this weekend…”

And the images are here first the RAW materials

When we were returning our home after having a brunch with my wife, I saw a portrait made with paint on the wall of a building.  The eyes were splendid. 

The portrait belonged to an artist KAAB Noah Neighbour, and I knew at that moment that I was going to create another portrait using mobile art and what it would look like. 

I knew the mobile portrait that I was going to reach before I took the picture… 

First of all I brought the photo to the dimensions I wanted using snapseed

And here are the process images

Then I made collages with Leonardo, as I always do, to create a composite image. I mounted, on one side of the image red bands and to the lower corner a colourful shape that I have taken earlier in Union.

To The band on the upper part of the portrait I mounted a replica of a basket of vegetables that I had taken before, and lastly, with Leonardo, I put a butterfly , that I have recently taken , on the cheek of the portrait. 

After all of these collages are completed, they are all merged and transferred to iColorama

Then I started to work on iColorama.

At first I tried to get the colours I wanted in tone and tone and adjust modes.

Later on, I have styled Image in the style and effects modes.

In this phase, I planned to apply different effects to the region by masking in the lazy mode and masking the eyes and lips that I want to protect and some other parts

During these applications I made a lot of experiments and saved my favorite results.

Finally, to give a three-dimensional effect, I went to ray2  solid submode into form mode to get the effect I wanted by inverting the picture. 

Since it was weekend and I had a lot of time , I decided to use snapseed On the image for the last time . I believe that all mobile work should be boosted at the very last with snapseed.

Mobile art is for me an entertainment. I believe in producing leads to happiness and to love. Therefore, I have been producing works regularly since 4 years through Mobile Art. 

That was the same this weekend. But a  little bit in a extended way.

I would like to thank Theappwhisperer and Joanne Carter for giving me this opportunity.


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