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Day 2 of our Discount Weekend Continues! Spotlight on Jill Lian


We’re celebrating in style this holiday weekend with 35% off of everything in our online gallery. Not sure what to purchase? Why not take a look at some of our newest art? Award winning mobile macro photographer Jill Lian is based in New York, United States. It is clear that Lian is interested in both art and science, as her macro images project the perfect combination of these interests. Her images are aesthetically pleasing whilst unmistakably scientifically captivating. Her work brings light to a whole new world that is so often overlooked, she is fascinated with this micro world full of colours, textures and relief. Not only does Lian find good subjects to photograph, she composes the images so undeniably well that the viewer is eternally gripped.

Our collection of Lian’s work is the largest available with 20 limited prints. Take a look at some of them below and then click here to go to our online gallery.

Jill Lian, 2019 ‘Milk Weed’

Jill Lian, 2019 ‘Centered’

Jill Lian, 2018 – ‘Gravity’

Jill Lian, 2018 ‘Waterfall’

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