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Day 2 of our Discount Weekend Continues! Spotlight on Maria Cecilia de São Thiago


We’re celebrating in style this holiday weekend with 35% off of everything in our online gallery. Not sure what to purchase? Why not take a look at some of our newest art?

Award Winning artist Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, is a photographer whom resides in Brazil, South America. São Thiago’s photographs are exquisite and allegorical in nature. Their vitality is instrumental in pulling the viewer into a very intimate world chronicling the self and beyond.  Mysticism and spirituality have long informed São Thiago’s practice and she is refreshingly transparent about her work.  She once told me, “my photos carry in each of them everything that I have learned, what I have lived, and what I have suffered”.

We have all brushed up against the sublime feeling of wonder, with sudden realisation that we do not know. Viewing Sao Thiago’s images enable us to recreate that emotion, allowing ourselves a bit of wonder, with the potential to forget what we think we know and to revel in the immediacy of the magic of her work, holding us close, as we unravel.

Influenced by two great Viennese modernists, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt, it’s fascinating to view the concision and extremely intelligent images that São Thiago creates. Each as luxurious, immediate and above all, tender to the next.

Our collection of São Thiago’s work is the largest available and each print is strictly limited to one signed edition in each size. She has five brand new limited edition prints available. Take a look below and click here to go to our online gallery.

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, 2019 ‘Three Girls’

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, 2019 ‘I’ll Always Put Flowers On Your Grave’

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, 2019 ‘Our Tour’

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, 2019 ‘I Dreamed’

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago, 2019 ‘1986’

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