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What you should do to get noticed on TikTok

Have you noticed how so many small businesses and brands have been popping up all over your TikTok feed? Are you curious as to how this works? Do you have a new small business and are looking for easier and cheaper ways to market your brand and get noticed? 

Having only been launched in 2016, TikTok is relatively new to the social media scene, but has managed to find itself possibly the most popular social media platform to date with just over 1 billion active monthly users. TikTok is a short form video platform which allows you to record, edit, and post videos ‘in the moment.’ This means that new videos are being posted practically every second of the day. It’s great that TikTok has so many users, but this makes it so much more difficult to get noticed or become TikTok famous because you might just end up drowning in the sea of other videos that get posted constantly. 

If you are wanting to get noticed on TikTok and need a bit of help with it, here is what you should do. 

Influencers are key

Influencers, or social media famous people, are what keep social media running, and are brands and businesses best friends when it comes to marketing and trying to reach more people. Working with influencers does not mean that you need to be doing videos with them, but you could also send them your products and ask them for a review. If your product is good, typically influencers will be happy to promote you as they are all about supporting small businesses and helping people grow. By collaborating with influencers you allow yourself to gain access to their massive following and who are most likely part of your target audience too. 

Getting in contact with influencers can be difficult though, and sometimes the whole task of trying to grow your TikTok account can be tedious, that’s why services like Tok Upgrade are here to help you to get TikTok followers. Tok Upgrade is an organic TikTok marketing service that will manage your TikTok account for you and handle all the hard stuff with the promise of follower growth, you just need to supply them with the content they need. 

Use trending hashtags

One of the most underused and misunderstood tools that most social media platforms have to offer is hashtags. Hashtags are key words that follow a pound sign that users will post in the caption of their content. These keywords can then be searched by anyone one who is interested and they will see every post that has been posted with this hashtag. 

This is such a great tool because it allows users to reach a much larger audience that you might not have been able to reach ordinarily, and makes it easier to get real TikTok followers. On top of that, you can choose it to be right  in line with what your brand is, ultimately finding your exact target audience. 

Some hashtags are far more popular than others, so if you want to reach the most people possible, try going for one of these, and just make sure it is related to your content because you don’t want it to become spammy. 

Have a theme

Every famous TikTok account have some sort of theme or consistent flow throughout their profile and content. This is so important, especially if you are trying to market your brand or business as it allows followers and other users to identify exactly what your brand is all about. Sticking with a theme is crucial when it comes to maintaining followers because you want to make yourself easily noticeable. With content that matches, your will definitely be able to do this, and it won’t leave followers confused as to what they are looking at or who they have followed. 

Pay attention to the algorithm 

Just like any other social media platform, TikTok has an algorithm that will choose how different kinds of content and different users are shown on other peoples feed. While this algorithm may be super advanced, it is by far the best of all social media platforms and allows users to see content based on the type of content they are interested in, and not just who the most popular person it. In order to get noticed by this algorithm and find yourself on more peoples feeds, you just need to be posting as much good content as you possible can while still engaging with your followers through all the channels that TikTok provides suck as comments, shares, direct messaging, and dusting videos.