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Mobile Photo Awards – 11th Annual Award Results


We are delighted to announce all of the first place Winners and the entire Honourable Mentions of the 11th Annual Mobile Photography Awards, created by Daniel Berman and supported by TheAppWhisperer among others within the Mobile Art World. This year we have all experienced so much hardship and loss that it makes this years Mobile Photography Awards even more thrilling and meaningful.

We have viewed and studied each image of the awards and the results speak for themselves. It is truly breathtaking and uplifing to view this body of mobile photography work. Congratulations to you all and of course many thanks to the judges Rodrigo Rivas, Evgeny Tchebotarev, Dominika Koszowska, Dan Liu, Glenn Homann and Manuela Matos Monteiro.

Huge congratulations to each and everyone of you! We have listed below all of the winners and the honourable mentions within each category including:

Kunkun Liu, Ben Liu, Yu Huang, Mariusz Majewski, Kunkun Liu, Jedrzej Franek, William Shum, Cindy Buske, Kuanglong Zhang, Kun Liu, Pati John, Azim Khan Ronnie, Zhengjie Wu, Timofey Rodchenkov, Marta Przybya, Erik Lieber, William Shum, Jian Zhang, Jedrzej Franek, Jian Zhang, Jen Walsh, Pati John, Benny Lau, Adelino Marques, Yu Huang, Michellee Zelinger, Irene Oleksiuk, Yuepeng Bao, Jian Zhang, Kim Abbas, Cerrina Smith, Alexandra Fedorova, Richardas Jarmalavicius, Quang Vu Bui, Yu Huang, Alexandra Fedorova, Anna Wang, André Skagervik, Wendy Bauer, Artur Smutek, Shinya Itahana, Pritam Goswami, Garrine Tsang, Marianna Maksimova, Leland Smith, Adrian Kulik, Yunchao Ma, Doug Nobiletti, Benny Lau, Amo Passicos, Marian Rubin, Emilia Kashfian, Daniel Wencel, Kun Liu, Victor Reynolds, Shelley Benjamin, Unchao Ma, Paul Suciu, Chen Ma, Julia Zyrina, Viki Murray, Zhonguyan Zhang, Kunkun Liu, John Nieto, Weiheng Ren, Douwe Dijkstra, Kunkun Liu, Mariko Klug, Leanne Weber, Joseph Cyr, Pamela Puntney, Juan Zas Espinosa, Alessanndra Manzotti, Matteo Poletti, Anndrea Lewis, Anna Spodareva, Lauri Campbell, Alessandra Manzotti, Leonardo Prenol, Julio Lucas, Natalya Peshkova, Kunkun Liu, Irina Tsernjak, Xuelian Li, Rafal Przondo, Einat Shteckler, Cerrina Smith, Rina Gromova, Kuanglong Zhang, Zhengjie Wu, Kim Abbas, Wendy Bauer, Kelley Dallas, Zhu Yang, Zhengjie Wu, Charles Needle, Leonardo Prenol, Grzegorz Tutaj, Zhengjie Wu, Weiheng Ren, Melissa Lynch, Stephanie Cheng. Garrine Tsang, Lucy Coughlan, Emilia Kashfian, Dixon Hamby, Emilie Toi, Michal Ziemski, Fabio Sartori, Yunchao Ma, Melisssa Lynch, Henry Hu, Agnieszka Gietkowska, James Peck, Fabio Sartori, Saravanan M, Vivian Jim, Rebekah Waldek, Natalya Peshkova, Mengguo Li, Garrine Tsang, Matteo Poletti, Yunchao Ma, Maurizio Zanetti, Shunxi Mai, Liz Harris, Kim Abbas, Kayla Robbins, Svetlin Yosifov, Zhengjie Wu, Beata Smutek, Benny Lau, Rebecca McCallum, Xuelian Li, Quang Vu Bui, Alexander Imas, Alon Goldsmith, Jacek Szlak, Quim Fabregas, Julio Lucas, Jason Liu, Dominik Schulze, Roy Pan, Daniel Wencel. Katarzyna Steeblewicz-Plak, Vince Keresnyei, Taylor MacQueen-Alexander, Galina Skareva, Alina Turtygina, Christian Horgan, Satish Rajasekharan, Erik Lieber, Vladka Tobiasz, Pasha Francuz, Feipeng Nie, Jane Schultz, Robin Robertis, Giulia Manzetti, Angelica Loustanunau, Jim Hamilton, Elaine Taylor, Peiran Wang, Heather McAlister, Marta Przybya, Tsoy Evgeniya, Kuanglong Zhang, Juliet Cope, Svetlin Yosifov, Anna Spodareva, Alessandra Manzotti, Donnell Gumiran, Aaron Sandberg, Goran Jovic, Ashley Seitz, Isabel Lopez, Kuanglong Zhang, Wai Ying Kwok, Zhu Yang, Shunxi Mai, Liu Bo, Carlos Martinez, Luis Rodriguez, Jen Walsh, Roy Pan, Eric Mueller, Svetlin Yosifov, Marta Przybya, Roy Pan, Unai Momoitio, Quim Fabregas, Zhuowen Ao, Satish Rajasekharan, Goran Jovic, Luigi Di Gioia, p.a. Hamel, Valeria Lokinskaya, Huang Kaiwei, Beata Smutek, Leping Cheng, Benny Lau, Ethan Chiang, Jeff Larason, Douwe Dijkstra, Luke Fazekas, Yu Huang, Zhuowen Ao, Yuexiang Wang, Kunkun Liu, Jian Cui, Feipeng Nei, Dominik Schulze, Emilia Kashfian, Luisa Muhr, Kunkun Liu, Vince Keresnyei, Nobuko Kamiya, Giorgio Cosulich de Pecine, Roy Pan, Pasha Francuz, Pritam Goswami, Anirudh Koppula, Kunkun Liu, Ethan Chiang, Yueziang Wang, Pasha Francuz, Unai Momoitio, Marc Zetterblom, Jen Walsh, Peter Wilkin, Xeniya Brik, Piotr Benklewski, William Shum, Hanna Yarova, You Ming Liu, Cerrina Smith, Chang Mo, Viktor Brezgin, Grant Galbraith, Adelino Marques, Adam Yee, Wai Ying Kwok, Satish Rajasekharan, Lei Zhao, Rina Gromova, Zhengjie Wu, Audrey Nguyen, Leping Cheng, Fernando Cortes, Austin Kanneth, Zheengjie Wu, Mike Andler, William Edwards, Leigh Darilek, Suzanne Grether, Jenny Lam, Carlos Martinez, Timofey Rodchenkov, Donell Gumiran, Svetlin Yosifov, Dave Webb, Julio Lucas, Vladimir Karamazov, Taylor MacQueen- Alexander, Azim Khan Ronnie, Susanne Grether, Kuanglong Zhang, Emma Mullan, You Ming Liu, Maggie Schutz,  Jacek Szlak, Catherine Halsor, Linda Hollier, Leland Smith, Fleur Schim, Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Nobuko Kmiya, Vera Minaylova, Mark Kinrade, Patty Tuggle, Catherine Caddigan, Vera Minaylova, Viki Murray, Kathryn Delany, Mike Andler, Gail Foster, Linda Keagle, Melissa Johnston, Michelle Simmons, Ashley Pryor Geiger, Katya Rosenzweig, Scott Fitzgerald, Yueopeng Bao, Santiago Ban Irujo, Garrine Tsang, Azim Khan Ronnie, Zhengjjie Wu, Einant Shteckler, Lepeng Cheng, Rob Layton, Juan Zas Espinosa, Wang Hsiu Ling, Marta Przybya, Laila Bakker, Zhao Haifeng, Yana Anokhina, Lilly Zhang, Michelle Zelinger, Zhengjie Wu, Emilia Kashfian, Linda Repasky, Anndrea Lewis, Taylor MacQueen-Alexander, Jose Paulo Andrade, Viktor Brezgin, Pamela Puntney, Yuexiang Wang, Carlos Martinex, Zhengji Wu, Paulo Violeta, Mariusz Majewski, Xeniya Brik, Carlo Rondinone.

The Mobile Photo Awards is the longest running international competition open exclusively to photographs shot & edited on all mobile phones and tablets. Founded in 2011, the MPA recognize and celebrate the talent and imagery of the mobile phone photo & art communities.

Architecture Winner – ‘The Observatory’ Kuanglong Zhang

mobile photo awards

Black & White – ‘Caro Boy’ Svetlin Yosifov

Landscapes & Wildlife – ‘Holy Stream’ by Shinya Itahana

Macro & Details ‘Big Bumble’ James Peck

People Photos – ‘Old Age Joy!’  Anh Vu Do

Portraits & Self Portraits ‘Life Style’ Angelica Loustaunau

Silhouettes – ‘Street Cleaner’ Jason Liu

Street Photography ‘Where are you?’ Roy Pan

The Darkness ‘Same Time!’ Wai Ying Kwok

Travel & Adventure ‘Festival of Colors’ by Azim Khan Ronnie

Visual FX & Digital Art ‘Mind of Garden’ Erika Brothers

Water/Snow/Ice ‘On the Beach’ by Junbiao Cai

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