Learn to Make AI ART Less Artificial

Learn to Make AI ART Less Artificial

Our creative world has just imploded. This Thursday at 11 am (east) I am sharing many ideas and workflows that I have been exploring to control the fallout with “image to image” prompting.

I am trying to circumvent some common arguments against AI Art creation by controlling the evolution of an image with a more hands-on workflow.

If you are just curious or just starting with AI or even if you have worked with it for a while I am confident you will pick up some useful information.

The free 1-hour zoom session will be helpful for designers, illustrators and photographers. I am sure the conversation will be energetic!

  1. Tips on how to best shoot and process photos on your cell for use in the AI re-imagination process
  2. The AI photo re-creation workflow with tips and tricks to get started quickly, showing how a single source image can be crafted to create new meaning. A Free resource guide is included
  3. The post process of upscaling, clean-up, post manipulation and colour correction to obtain a gallery-ready image.
  4. As a bonus, I will show a little of how he did the augmented reality aspect of the show.

At 11 am (east coast) this Thursday, Feb 9

Sign up here:

Here is the zoom link


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Dan Marcolina is the owner of Phila-based Marcolina Design Inc. Having always used digital imagery as a corner stone of his design process along with shooting personal work in many traditional formats his images have appeared in many venues worldwide. Dan recently has found a perfect bridge between these two mediums, iPhone photography. This new obsession has reinvigorated his love for both photography and visual experimentation, inspiring him to Author a recently publish book (Peachpit Press) and App (iTunes) series called iPhone Obsessed.