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Portfolio of Mobile Photographers and Artists

Box of crayons. Dad’s old Leica @16. Tri-X and drug store processing. University. 35mm and 4×5. B&W. Darkroom. Degree in “Design & Communications”. Award winning career as graphic designer and art director until my health gave out, all the while abusing Polaroid SX-70 cameras and film. Short attention span, square format and no darkroom. Focus on fine art, drawing and photography. Multiple group and solo shows of drawings, polaroids, and digital pics. First point and shoot and Photoshop opened up new possibilities. Then, first iPod Touch w/camera and apps. Heard the angels singing!

After retiring from being an Early Education Teacher/Consultant I acquired an Associate Diploma in Visual Art, majoring in Applied Textiles. Over the last 10-15 years I have taken part in quite a few group exhibitions, organizing some of them myself. I became interested in Photography when I retired and was travelling around Australia. Since then I have entered many mainstream competitions and a few mobile competitions. My adventures from main stream photography (carrying around all those heavy SLR cameras and lenses!) to iPhone photography started In 2015 when I discovered some on line courses in iPhone photography. I have always been interested in creative imagery so it didn’t take long for me to start putting various photos together to create a totally different image. My very willing grandchildren are my most popular models but I also use mannequins (I can edit them more drastically, without them objecting). I usually use the App. “Snapseed” for general editing. Snapseed is presently free and can be accessed by iOS and Android smart phones. For combining photos I usually use the App. “Leonardo” (iOS) but in the past I used to use Superimpose (iOS and Android). I take photos of all sorts of textures and light sources that I can add to my combined images. Sometimes I might use the Apps. Mextures and Distressed FX for added light and textures. I love creating abstract and minimalist images but am still learning to moderate my enthusiasm as I keep wanting to add more and more layers and textures. I love to show others how to edit on their phones!

My iPhone creations are my joy-my fun art place. They are tied artistically to years of making hardcopy layered, hand produced, transfer prints. After working as a black and white print photographer, I am overjoyed to use a lightweight, easy to carry, can-take-it-anywhere camera where I can also work on the photograph. I edit my work on my iPhone and iPad. I used to see photographs as a single experience-a static one-time expression. Now I see them as start, a source for a deeper exploration and means to communicate the multilayered experience we have as humans. Often I pair my pieces with quotes that spring from the image and allude to an inner emotional state.

I’m a photographer, mixed media artist, painter, explorer of life. My art expresses my take on things around me. I’m always surprised by what I come up with and invite you to come along for the ride! Thank you taking time to consider my work. I also invite you to visit my blog:, my Instagram feed: @clearerreflection.

The contrast between isolation and connectedness creates an uncomfortable space that I often occupy. These images represent that aforementioned space. I aim to invoke feelings of familiarity and detachment through seemingly universal spaces that could be anywhere or no place at all. My goal is to create an empathic relationship between the audience and myself, drawing in the viewer while keeping them at an outside distance. Nostalgia advances with technology exemplified by the use of retro filter apps that pays homage to artists such as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, but repeating to excess the social sharing and instability of images a la the Polaroid camera. Prints are tangible in a way that contemporary images are not; the same way that connection with another person differs when mediated by a screen. Although the feeds of phones are loud there is a quietness brought about by peering into rectangular boxes.

I love photography, and while I do use a mirrorless camera as well, my iPhone is often the best tool for the job. I love seeing what I can do with it, from traditional styles like landscapes and nature, to projects that most people might not have known could be done with an iPhone; like shooting long exposures, macro closeups of snowflakes, capturing lightning bolts during thunderstorms, and stacking hundreds of frames of a sunset time-lapse to produce one photo showing the changing clouds throughout the sunset. I post my work on a daily basis on Flickr and Instagram, where I also love to connect with other photographers, and I have a selection of prints available for purchase at SmugMug.

I was born and spent my early years in Scotland but lived in several countries growing up. While I now call Australia home I have retained the soul of a gypsy and am constantly yearning for something new and adventurous in my life. While the practicalities of real life do not allow me to follow my heart here there and everywhere, my fascination for people, art and culture is expressed through my photography. I have studied Art History and Graphic Design - discovering I am even more passionate about design than I am about photography. I adore technology, and how it has enhanced the practice of photography for me. I don\'t consider my photography to fit into any one particular genre, but see my style as being somewhat eclectic and an expression of my own unique vision of the world. If I had to define myself, I would say I was mainly a street/urban photographer with a side serve of whatever takes my fancy at the time. I believe one should never stop learning and growing, and I hope this is evidenced in my photography. I love being a part of the inspiring and inclusive mobile photography community and am constantly blown away by the amazing work people are doing. The inspiration gained from other\'s work helps push me to strive for more from myself. I have had my work featured in a special showcase edition of Mobiography Magazine (where I was asked to nominate and write about the photo I was most proud of), in the New Era Museum\'s Most Wanted Visionaries collections, and in The App Whisperer showcases and competitions. In the future I hope to - travel widely, taking photos wherever I go - have an exhibition of my work - write a wildly successful blog - and win first place in the MPA .......

A provincial childhood in south of France in a bourgeois milieu with a rigorous education in the best religious, boarding schools. After the bac, a great thirst for freedom, a desire to break all shackles inflicted by such an education and graced with a nice physical appearance, there were a few years of modeling and acting in Rome. With enough money and an uncontrollable urge for adventure I began a long journey in India lasting two years. Traveling north to south and from south to north, moving according to the monsoons, fundamentally changed the way I understood life. After followed my period of hippy counterculture in Ibiza; in the most magic and authentic finca on the island for six years where I had two children. Being a mother, I needed to return to society, the establishment, return to Paris to resume studies. I chose to study fashion at Studio Berçot, the most avant-garde school of the time. I had always made clothes and I wanted to make it a career. This school, a key talent pool dedicated to creation rather than industry where we were taught to develop intuition to perceive and anticipate the zeitgeist, transforming fashion with our personal vision and finding the right expression I worked for famous designers and created alone my own ready-to-wear brand. Unfortunately when we are creative, we are often not businesswomen and I could not go the distance. I then started to be interested in design, i did carpets and objects, lamps, chairs; my tastes are unconventional. I love working with my hands and am a great handyman. The artist\'s life was difficult, in 2000 I made a 180° turn by choosing a more secure livelihood working in real estate. A few years later I opened my own agency in the heart of Montparnasse in Paris, and I am still there. It was at that time that I became interested in photography. Photographing apartments was also part of my job so I bought a DSLR and took a course to learn the technique. For my pleasure I started photographing my grandchildren and street art to capture this ephemeral art destined to disappear from the walls. This quickly became a passion and I hung my photos on the walls of the agency. I got my first iPhone in 2010 but I was using it only for calls and a calendar. One day in 2013 I found an internet site (photojojo) that offered courses to learn how to do make good pictures with the iPhone; I signed up for it and had to open an Instagram account. I started to post images and one day to my great surprise I had one \'like\'. It did my heart good!! I found \'likes\' from @ momma2mxh. I followed her account and discover photo editing, i immediately knew that I had to learn those techniques. It was going to be a divertion to create because my life had nothing much creative to share except for a few dresses or some items I made for myself. I searched the internet for \'how to do\', what apps you had to have, and I found you, Joanne, theappwhisperer. And since it has become a passion. I do not seek to participate in an exhibition, a contest or photo sales, rather my work on the pictures is a deep need to create, it is for fun, not for glory.

Robi Gallardo is Filipino based in Hong Kong where he lives with his wife and two children. His editor mother and graphic designer father moved to the territory in the early 1960s to be part of a pioneering effort that would see the publication of Asia’s first regional magazine—The Asia Magazine. While his early years were spent in Hong Kong and Singapore, he spent his high school years in Manila, the Philippines, and worked for a year or so before heading to Paris to study Art History at the American University of Paris. He was handed his first honest-to-god SLR by a professional photographer friend of his parents, and first became aware of iPhoneography—or mobile photography through his sister, co-editor of TheAppWhisperer’s StreetsAhead column – Cara Gallardo Weil. Robi worked with an interior design magazine as an editor, writer and desktop publisher, and freelanced for many years after that in publishing as well as some print advertising and product packaging. He is presently the editor, desktop publisher (or whatever the term is these days), photographer and occasional writer for a weekly newspaper. He can often be found with two cameras: a dSLR and his handy-dandy iPhone 6 Plus

As a child, I was eager to collect pictures and cut out pictures of people from magazines and catalogs. Human beings seemed to me \"out of reach\". I`ve tried somehow to explain myself the world and the people, about the \"exterior\" and what I could see. With 4 or 5 I started to draw and paint pictures myself. I was always interested to learn new artistic techniques. I have studied this in various courses and summer academy semesters, but I also absolved a \"School of Design\" for 2 years. After these 2 years I decided against an artistic profession, I earn my money with working in a nature protection. I have realized that it`s \"not my thing\" to make my pictures according to specifications from others and I will keep the absolute freedom of creativity and experimentation. From 2005 photography captured me more and more, which I first used as a \"tool\" for holding motifs for painting. After my first trip to Norway in 2008, I found the iPhone photos from my travel companion much more interesting than my own. There arise more \"unusual\" photos, because you can simply capture any scene that inspires you. I also like the flexibility, I can take pictures and edit where I sit, stand and wait. I`m inspired by the existing photos on my mobile phone. Often results in not only personal images, but also of generality, because the news, themes and environmental influences that concern me are going directly into the pictures. I perceive that iPhoneography is an intersection between painting and photography, in result as well as in the processing. I sometimes lack the motivation to paint, but the iPhoneography is intuitive, fascinating, meditative and goes by itself - always and everywhere. I need nothing else but my iPhone.

A keen observer of life and culture, Linda Hollier is currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. One of her first wishes as a child was to own a camera, and to this day, she enjoys capturing moments that strike her as she goes about her day. Her love of photography and art has merged with her interest in technology. She creates artwork entirely on her iPhone and is excited to be involved in this new and revolutionary art movement. Linda Hollier’s artistic research expands into realms which allow her to work with and explore the concepts of the simultaneous occurrence of rootedness and movement, of emptiness and fullness and the essence of presence. Her artworks depict a space filled with mystery and potential. The viewer is invited to enter this space to discover the story waiting to unfold. An immediacy is one of the interesting aspects of Linda\'s work, as her studio fits in her hand, enabling her to create whenever and wherever she chooses. Her work is of the moment, in the moment. Much of her work is printed onto recycled wood. The wood adds further texture, thereby making each piece unique. The combination of iphone artistry and recycled wood is a gentle reminder of the importance of remaining grounded even while enjoying the benefits of modern technology.

As a lifelong photographer, my progression from film to digital SLR to mobile photography has been filled with excitement and anticipation of what new delights I might discover along the way that would allow my innermost self to be revealed. Mobile photography has probably played the most significant role in this pursuit of my creative vision, since it allows me to see the various processes and execute them in a timely manner (iPhone apps at the fingertips… no more spending hours or days on a single action, just to see what it looks like!). I have a great love for the roaming photojournalist, the documentarian, seeking to capture the ‘decisive moments’, a constant source of delight and purpose…as well as during the winter months, creating scenes derived from nature and contemplative introspection, where I often utilize archetypal symbols (sun, moon) to express a mood that may at first appear melancholy, but is really a place of peace and hope.

My name is Francesco Sambati and I come from Lecce, a city located in Puglia, a region of southern Italy, I am 35 years old, and now I try to work full time in photography although I am completely self-taught. Before turning to photography, I worked in a local television network, until one day, about 4 years ago, in 2012, I took a picture of a girl who was looking at the sea: I liked the result so much that I quit my job and since then I have not stopped to photograph. The world around us is full of wonders and you can make a good photo even just on the doorstep. I prefer mobile photography or use only my fujiX100T and I\'m getting close to instant photography, but I still mostly still prefer the mobile photography, which is my first love. I like very much to portray the female subject and try to tell the land in which I live, alternating beauty and melancholy, two factors that in my land traveling in parallel and would not exist without each other. From about a year I started my first photographic exhibitions and my first online and paper publications.

Isabel Afonso lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where she was born. She started to take photographs at the age of eleven until she turned sixteen, using a Kodak camera, Instamatic 25 , that she still keeps with her. In Portugal in 1974 there was a revolution- 25 April- that ended with the fascist regime and it was a big party for everyone. Follwing that she put photography in standby mode. After that I had a very chequered academic and professional life: First I worked as a nurse for 6 years and then, as Clinical Psychologist for 27 years. I saw such physical and physiological pain, but I couldn\'t find a way to express myself about it. Three years ago, I started to use Facebook with regularity and I found Mobile Art and this was magical for me: what a extraordinary way to express myself and utilise creativity. In June 2016 I finally purchased an iPad and later and iPhone. I don\'t like to socialize, very much and I\'m melancholic person, so the activity of take photos and work then, is perfect for me, because it doesn\'t interfere with my need to be alone, making at the same time an excellent combination.

Luis Rodriguez is a Spanish architect, living in Madrid. He became hooked on mobile photography when he bought his first iPhone in February 2010 and Instagram showed up. Rodriguez’s work has been exhibited in art galleries in many different cities, including, Sardinia and Florence, Italy, Porto in Portugal and Guadalajara in Mexico. He has been interviewed by a many online Spanish media and his work has been featured by the most important websites dedicated to mobile photography, including Mobiography, IPhoneography Central and TheAppWhisperer. He has been awarded with several Honorable Mentions in the past MPA and IPPA. He has also held speeches and conferences about mobile photography, and taught workshops on the same topic. As an architect, he is passionate about the world outside, the cities, the streets and whatever takes place in the outer world. As a mobile photographer, he has transferred this passion to photography, where he shows us the world in a direct way, or in an indirect way, through reflections. He can find a reflection almost on any surface: water, glass or metal. Very often his pictures take us to a dreamy world, a new dimension, introducing us into a world of fantasy, a world sometimes better than the world we currently live in. He has lately developed an intimate passion for the human being. He loves to wander around the streets and capture with his iPhone the expressions of all those people that catch his eye, especially when those expressions awaken a feeling of tenderness, of compassion. He usually says that he loves it when people can imagine the story behind the person captured by his iPhone.

Ocean Morisset is a self-taught photographer based in New York, who specializes in documentary photography. His love affair with photography began when he was gifted a fully manual Canon AE-1 in 2001. Since then, hehas delved head first into photography, first building a darkroom, making his own black and white prints, studying the Masters of photography and looking at photographs on the web and in gallery and museum shows. A short time afterwards, he switched from the film camera to a digital one. For the last three years, Ocean has almost exclusively been shooting with his iPhone, with the exception of commercial assignments. The body of work presented here is a sampling ofan ongoing project of Subway Portraits. Inspired by the work of Photographer Walker Evans, Ocean snaps images of life in the underground, on the subway, often capturing candid, intimate and reflective moments. “I really like to use my iPhone for this type of work especially because it allows me to be stealthy in my pursuit of images, and get close to my subjects, which is a particular joy of mine. I feel that getting close, isolating my subjects, lends more intimacy and focus to the image which hopefully translates to the viewer as well.”Ocean’s style of photography often reflects the emotion of the subject, and tells a story of the human condition that the viewer can take hold of, for their own self-reflection. Ocean isan active member of the App-Whisperer group STREETWISE, often participating int he group challenges. He is widely exhibited and is quite prolific in his work, shooting and sharing images on Facebook daily.

BryPix makes and sells selected original pictures to fund microloans, empowering women in developing countries to grow small businesses which support themselves and their families.

Sukru Mehmet Omur graduated from a photography school in Paris called CE3P, I am a conventional photographer since 2002 . I moved to mobile photography two years ago and my life has changed completely. Mobile photography means flexibility, creativity, freedom, modernity, communication, avant-garde, intuitivity, intellectuality, new eyes, new language to me. It’s amazing, exiting, surprising. It\'s an escape, a new interpretation, joy, satisfaction, happiness. It’s a new perspective and it\'s addictive and it’s my best toy forever. It changed my way of taking photography. It turns my photo to unique art piece. My usual workflow begins with a portrait or street photography and I transform it to an abstract piece of art with the use of different applications. And than I can immediately share it with the mobile artistry communities. It\'s a huge community helping each other. This is my way of living and my happiness. Retired ENT surgeon, I am now an award-wining artist living between Paris and Istanbul. I am a moderator of many photography related pages and groups and an educator on iPhone photography and art.

Davide Capponi, born in Torino in 1960, is a manager-cum-photographer whose love for photography has been rekindled by the birth of the mobile photography movement; he shoots with an iPhone and with more traditional photographic equipment. His work has been in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and published in Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines. He is a founding member of the New Era Museum. You can contact Davide via his blog, on Instagram (@rubicorno), on Facebook  and on Twitter (@rubicorno).

Marian’s love affair with photography began at age 9, when her father gave her a Brownie 6-20 box camera, She proceeded to record her family activities, her friends, her school years and just about anything that caught her eye. Many years have gone by, but not a lot has changed in that regard. Although photography has not been Marian’s primary career, it has always been a driving passion and has played a significant role in her experiences and adventures. She will tell you that she has always been a photographer. Her career as a school social worker shows us another part of who she is. She describes herself as a social worker with a camera and feels that her camera is her voice. Marian’s work has been shown in juried exhibitions across the US as well as in New York, Paris, Budapest and more and has been published in several books and collections. She was a contributor to “The Art of iPhone Photography” by Bob Weil and Nicki Fitz-Gerald, published in 2013. She has published 5 books of her photographs, the latest, La Belleza y Tristeza de Cuba, a collection of 200 images made and edited only on mobile devices. Since 2010, her camera of choice is her iPhone. Marian also enjoys tennis, backgammon, dark chocolate and lots of black coffee.

I was born in Lithuania, currently based in Cyprus. Got ballet artist degree in M.K.Čiurlionis school of arts in Lithuania. My studies was enriched also with music, acting and arts. Was working in musical theater there. Later had a graphic design studies in Cyprus and currently working in this field. All that knowledge gave me opportunity to express my self in the form I\'m representing today - Mobile Art, which I discovered for my self in 2012. The main theme I\'m focusing in my works is a human body and movement, so through this connection could be shown my inside world - state of mind and soul. I\'m interesting to found movement as a main theme also in my abstracts. I love to create my visions with photo mixtures and lot of apps. I had privilege to exhibit worldwide: From 2014 to 2016 - NEM Kansas City Mobile Photography Exhibition, organized by New Era Museum, FIPA Pro-series exhibition at the Chiostro di Santo Spirito and Tethys gallery in Florence, organized by New Era Museum, mk2 cinema in Paris- avatars -auto portraits exhibition, organized by Mobile Camera Club, \"la fotografía como evidencia de lo surreal\" exhibition at Culture Center in Carahue, Chile, Twice in mDAC exhibition at Palo Alto Art Center in San Jose California, Lellos art point gallery in Limassol, Cyprus, Latin American Mobile Photo Festival - exhibition-FLAMOB 2016 at San Paolo, Brazil. Have been featured many times in showcases of The App Whisperer webside for mobile photography and art. Won several international awards.

Gerry Coe is an Internationally acclaimed Fine Art Photographer, working in Northern Ireland known for both his Award winning iPhone Art Images and his Fine Art Portraiture. He is a Fellow of each of the four main photographic organisations (the highest award your peers can bestow on you) the British Inst of Professional Photographers, Master Photographers Association, Royal Photographic Society and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and he has just recently received his Second Fellowship from the BIPP for his much acclaimed iPhone Photography images. This is the first time anyone, anywhere has achieved a Fellowship in iPhone or Mobile Photography. He is the first Double Fellow of the BIPP in Ireland and one of a very small group of double Fellows worldwide. Gerry has now been awarded by the BIPP “The Peter Grugeon Award” for best fellowship Panel of the year 2012, for his panel of iPhone images. This is the SECOND time Gerry has received “The Peter Grugeon Award” for best Fellowship Panel of the year, and it is the FIRST time anyone has been awarded it twice. Gerry was recently awarded with an Honorary Fellowship from the BIPP. Only twenty of these have ever been given in the 140 year history of the BIPP.

I am from upstate New York, I hold a degree in both visual communications and in nursing. Photography has always been a passion, being able to share with others the things I see and the way I see them. Digital photography has increasing become a hobby of mine, learning new ways to manipulate an image or blend images to create something new. Most of the subjects I photograph are abandoned objects, old barns, animals and landscapes. I am lucky to live among such Beaty that inspires my work. Portraits have always been a challenge for me, but a rewarding one. And it brings me satisfaction to be able to share it with others. My work is a collision of art and photography with celebrates the wonder in everyday things often taken for granted. It is both real and surreal. My work was honored at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, July 13th, 2015 as well as published in their Animal Collection hard cover book for the Exposure Award competition. Being involved with and having many of my images published has been an extremely positive experience, being surrounded by incredible mobile artists!! Joanne Included one in her recent trip to where she was invited to lecture at the Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea on 23 September 2015. It was a huge honour to be included. My work consists of images taken with both iPhone and DSLR. I have been honored to be featured in several online mobilephotography sites such as Mobiography, And P1XELS. I have also received awards for my work in the contemporary art gallery on line for their \" All Woman \" art competition. I am an active participant in the New Era Museum .. And I am the curator for NEMsilence. My most recent interviews and images have been published InSpades Magazine, ShooterMagazine, Studio Visit magazine and the Nature Inspired Anthologies collections of short stories and art. I have exhibited nationally in galleries from coast to coast.

Kate’s interest in photography arose when she was twelve years old, prompted by a gift of a camera from her father who also had a love of photography. After graduating from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, Kate relocated to Miami where her career in photography began. Kate began showing her fine art photography in Miami in galleries and museums. Her work was seen by an art director for a home & garden magazine and gave Kate her first commercial assignment. She then went on to photograph for magazines and book publishers in the US, England and South Africa, meanwhile honing her skills in fine art photography and printing. Kate also accepted assignments from architects and received the Photographer of the Year Award from the American Institute of Architects Miami chapter. Several years ago, Kate’s interest in iphoneography began when she saw the work of another iphoneographer and couldn’t produce the same look in photoshop. That led to the first app and exploration into this medium. Iphoneography has enabled Kate to work in several different genres of photography thus expanding her vision and interest into portraits and street photography.

I live in the South West of France in Bordeaux. I\'ve always loved photography as well as painting or sculpture. There are five years old, I discovered mobile photography. By registering on Instagram Flickr and IPA I understood the magnitude of the creative movement of this medium. I had no idea how it would change my way of looking at the photo. I experimented quite diverse applications but my big crush was for Slowshutter application. I gradually created images that are closer to painting than photography. I apply filters through applications like Snapseed, Mextures, Stackable and distressedFx. I often performs beach photos because I have the chance to live not far from the ocean. For 5 years some of my pictures are winning and I participated in group exhibitions in my area. My greatest pride is to have been published in the magazine photo in an article put forward the development of mobile art @tessfra on Instagram Flickr and EyEm

I was born in Borneo Island. I have a love for all forms of art. I have worked in the old style, tedious graphic design setups and I\'m now passionate about digital art. I take great pleasure in following your artists\' reviews, their art and marvel at their creativity and skill.

Growing up in a small rural town of West Virginia, did not afford Karen many opportunities. After graduating from a small business college in Ohio, she served in the United States Air Force. In 2001, Karen relocated to Florida and moved to the coast where she currently resides. Karen’s passion is teaching new art concepts; mixed media, encaustics, digital art, and various watercolor techniques, sometimes mixing them all together. Karen loves getting young students interested in art and helping them find the jewel buried within them. She often gives them her art supplies in hopes of keeping them active in the creative process, and a life-long appreciation of art. Karen donates her time and talents to worthwhile causes in Tallahassee and the surrounding community.“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, the other for helping others\".

I shot photographs from when I was 6 years old. I played with Threepenny machines up to 18. Then I discovered the reflex camera (first an old Zenit E, then Olympus OM1, OM2). I discovered the black and white (the mythical Ilford), the dark room. From 20 years to 45 I snapped, developed and printed thousands of photos. Especially dance, theatre, portraits. Almost always black and white. When digital arrived I was very wary. Then, slowly, I discovered the advantages in the use of digital cameras and Photoshop. I\'m not a pro but (I think) a good amateur and today, 61 years old, I\'m still taking hundreds of photos with Canon EOS 550D. I always love dance, theatre and portraits. But also the landscape, street photography, macro… But since I have the iPhone 4S and I discovered Hipstamatic app, my life of “amateur photographer” has changed: in the sense that it does not harbor with me the camera because there is something that I am interested in to photograph, I always have a camera ready with me. And when eye-heart and brain light up a bulb, I click photos. I rediscovered the pleasure to look around and the street photography has become my favorite photo: the world is full of photos that are waiting to be taken… From 2011 I have participated in many competitions and challenge online. Sometimes I win, many times my “little photos” were published in collections and showcases. Some photos was printed and exposed in a real exhibition, some have been published in the catalogs. I continue do not be a pro and to think of not being a great “artist”, just an amateur who likes pictures, every day, taking a memory of beauty and life and show it to friends.

I am constantly trying to satisfy a creative craving. I aim to accomplish emotional images that communicate beauty, harmony and aesthetic and to share the joy that I feel while creating them. I am inspired while traveling, while contemplating nature and also, while walking through a busy street. While producing my images, the process takes place so much like a dialog. I speak to the image and image speaks to me, in order to find out what else I could do to make it more interesting, more relevant, more particular, more mine. The process, as well as the result depends a lot on the mood I find my self in, and the time I dedicate to the image. While creating, I do it mainly in an intuitive manner and I often find myself looking for ways to relate feelings, emotions and thoughts to shapes, colors and textures. I do not stick to one theme only. Nevertheless, I like to experiment further when I feel the idea flows. The subject matter of each piece, the evolutive progression and some fortunate accidents at times, determine the tools I am going to use and the direction I am willing to go. My desire is to develop a particular and unique style and to pass on the idea of appreciating and rejoicing not only in what can be seen but also in what can be felt. I want the observer to be inspired and excited with the interweaved images and stories layered through my emotions.

Lisa Mitchell is an exhibiting artist from the East Midlands who previously studied a BA Hons Degree in Fashion And Textiles at De Montfort University in Leicester. Her melancholic multi – media work still displays echoes of her fashion and textile background. Lisa’s emotive work is often biographical and based on her own life experiences. She regularly returns to the theme of relationships, be that with ourselves or our relationships with others. Falling into Photography by chance, as a self taught artist Lisa shoots with her digital camera and her mobile phone in equal measures. Preferring to edit and layer her images using mobile apps or working on her Ipad enables Lisa to be able to recreate textural and 3Dimensional works as well as including pieces of written text, another passion of hers, with many of the pieces being written by herself.

Being a foreign languages teacher by formation , I began making myself (almost three years ago) a new path and self taught routine in exploring the endless possibilities of expression by using my mobile phone device With these series of self portraits I am attempting to better translate and fully define the ethereal and infinite world of a passing moment, framed and presented as the hidden ,somehow altered version of the initial self. My photography consists in a pronounced articulation of the female psyche and her multiple underground worlds when the clash of the outer world comes into major contrast with the feelings normally repressed in the inside. I have chosen a series of images that I took last autumn. A casual walk in the park, some fallen picked up leaves and later on a bunch of sunflowers I bought on my way back home had built and rendered this uniquely nostalgic mood of mute sensations. All inner manifestations will appear as partly distorted, mutated, acquiring infinite shapes that would lead the viewer to multiple perspectives of self interpretations. Form and the consistency of the moment are major themes and aspects that my mobile phone’s attempts are dealing with inside the frame of an image. Therefore the stories inside may only be completed by the allusiveness of gestures and a vague idea of inconsistency itself. The form is no longer pure, it only stands for the reflection of some kind of a broken musicality and the sensation of movement always turns into contemplative silence.The desired effect was that of tracing signs of “her” true identity, as the persona no longer hidden beneath masks society and its status impose, all processing being emphasized by intellect and ‘her’ inner vital force.

Andrea Bigiarini lives in Florence, Italy, where he was born in 1956. Fascinated since boyhood by painting, graphic design, music and photography, in 2012 Andrea founded The New Era Museum, the first museum devoted to mobile photography as a tool for the improvement of reality and the building of a new era. He’s also the founder and the President of FIPA - Florence International Photography Awards and President of Photography and Events for Fenimprese - Florence. His last project is “Impossible Humans”. The main goal of the Impossible Humans project is to focus on the single person in order to enhance uniqueness and singularity, harmoniously placing the subject in her/his own environment, following the key component of the mindset that carried the European culture from the Middle Ages to Renaissance blossoming. He’s the curator of various photo-gallery (Impossible Humans, The Most Wanted Visionaries Catalog, etc.) and part of international Jury for various iPhoneography contests/events.

My work tries to show how the picture extends beyond their own physical limits and subjective and often tell a whole story about the effects of human interaction. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is made to cast the realms of our vision and perception. Create by imagination and visualization of processes which can be seen explicitly as a ritual to intuitively understand what is hidden. My pictures, sometimes dreamlike, or simply pictorial are made with the iPhone and developed through applications for iPad. This Series: AAA -Angustia Ansiedade Amargura- [Anguish Anxiety Acidity] Both for the photographer and for those who contemplate an image, the photography, as art, is nevertheless a powerful tool to discover and reveal hidden parts of ourselves by our rational minds. My concerns in this series are for the pane of the human being as a whole, almost as characters, portray the contradictions and inconsistencies of our society, and the anxieties of our time, and incorporate the most dynamic elements of our daily life. Contemplating the people around me, I simply allow the creation reveals something that seems hidden. Through the creative process I could find a way to express myself and uncover the reality I see. Often, one that is systematically ignored or avoided and is going on inside of each of us. This series is nothing more than the choice of a proper metaphor to express myself.

Based in New Jersey - Angie is a wife, mother, writer, photographer, Getty Artist, Tamarack Artisan, and bibliophile. For as long as she can remember, she has needed to create soulful pictures from ordinary objects and places. She enjoys the many artful destinations that photography takes her and the magical world it reveals during the development. She artfully processes her mobile images with various apps and overlays. It is in this process that she gets lost in the joys and rewards of the artful canvas of mobile storytelling imagery. Angie\'s work has been featured, in gallery events, internationally, including Paris, France and Florence, Italy; as well as across the United States, including the I.D.E.A. Children\'s Museum in Mesa, Arizona, The Art Center in Corvallis, Oregon, The David L. DIckerson Gallery in Beckley, West Virginia, and the SOHO art district of NYC, New York.

Rino Rossi, born fifty-five years ago in Giulianova, Abruzzo (Italy), lives his everyday life like a kind of “parallel life”, a kind of \"emotional cloud\", full of visions and impulses that the advent of iPhoneography has come to the surface strongly. Perhaps plagued by avant / pop culture steeped in the covers of old LPs (which in the past he has devoured with greediness), RR (aka photovivace) designs images of “other” inspiration , whose only limits are defined by the applications that the Apple store offers with ineffable continuity. So \"organism\" rather than “organic” ... \"situationism\" rather than “situation” ... \"artism” instead of “art”!

Between the Earth and the stars is how I would describe my work at this time. When I look at the stars and the moon at night, I feel a sense of comfort. We are little pieces of space stuff but the stars inform me that we are much more than my small, Earthly mind can imagine. It is a mystery. I began my photography in the darkroom with silver paper that I hand colored. My images have always been much more about the internal rather than the external. I have a BFA degree in Fine Art Photography from the University of Wisconsin. I became, what I call, a gallery artist. I sold my artwork in many galleries. My images were given awards and a wonderful critique. Some of my images are in the permanent collection of the RAM (Racine Art Museum), and The Golden Key National Honor Society. I have had a solo show at Concordia University, Wisconsin USA. As it was apparent to me that silver paper and darkrooms were becoming more and more difficult to find, I felt it was time to shift to digital photography. I fell into mobile photography and I cannot explain how those apps/applications were pure magic. I would sit for four or five hours manipulating images and it would seen like one hour. My diligence was rewarded by acknowledgement in TheAppWhisperer showcases, the site Appstracts on Facebook and the New Era Museum FIPA award from the Tethy\'s Gallery, Florence Italy. My images can be found on : The Photo Review Web Gallery 2015, 2016 (available soon) FLICKR as karma o Instagram as photosthebluestable I will have a website available at the end of this year as Christine O Sobczak

Kristin Linnea Backe is a photographer living in Oslo, Norway. \"Making pictures is a way of life for me. I picked up a camera, and knew it was home. I feel a need to see the images of the day to day life that surrounds me, right down to the smallest detail. I make pictures everywhere I go, holding onto what I see in my mind or with a camera. For me photography is a way to watch the rhythms of the world as it dances through the seasons and as a way of engaging with its secrets.\"

A self taught mobile and DSLR photographer, I\'ve always been passionate about photography and the arts. I see the beauty in everything. I have become much more involved with my mobile photography in the last 3 years, dedicating more of my free time and exploring my passion of nature and self portraiture. My first iPhone purchase allowed me to readily have access to a camera and using the same tool, expand my inner creative self with the countless mobile editing apps that are available. Once I started sharing my work with others who were just as passionate for photography as I was and received incredible feed back, constructive criticism and formed life long friendships, there was no turning back for me. My mobile photography has been recognized in mobile photography communities such as The AppWhisperer, Mobiography, Shootermag and Inspades Magazine. One of my self portrait pieces received an honorable mention in the 2015 Mobile Photography Awards. Another self portrait was digitally displayed during the 2016 Shadow Stories exhibit at the Sixteen Mile Art Gallery, and another piece was selected and displayed during The New Era Museum, IHUH Exhibit at the Galleria Lancellotti in Rome Italy this past March, 2016. I am currently working on creating a website for my work but I can be found on Flickr and Instagram, @katieteix, and also on Facebook - Katie Teixeira Photography. I am also part of the @Pr0ject_Uno community on Instagram. \"In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.\" - Frantz Fanon

An autodidact or not far off, working in Brussels, I came to photography and the visual arts late in life. The approach I adopt is nonetheless the fruit of a life-long habit, that of a stroller, of a passer-by, keeping his eye on the world around him and letting himself be guided by his emotions. If the artistic practice is re-cent, the art of strolling is something I’ve been doing for 30 years now. So I am a passer-by, a passer-by with a camera, in the middle of the crowd, looking for a purely aesthetic, intuitive yet emotional first impression. This impression will release the trigger mecha-nism. « Photography is not about the thing photographed. It is about how that thing looks photo-graphed. » - Garry Winogrand

Based in New Jersey, David Scott Leibowitz brings over 40 years of experimentation with photography, video art and experimental filmmaking to the Mobile Digital art movement. In 2009, he co-developed an iPhone app, \"iCreated\", dedicated to art made on iPhones which lead to his authoring of the book, \"Mobile Digital Art\", Focal Press 2013. The book and the app both created a visual correlation between art made on Mobile devices and their applications. He was a founding member and board member of iAMDA, an international organization of mobile artists. In 2015, he opened the first brick and mortar gallery dedicated to this art movement,\"Mobile Digital Art & More\", located in Boonton NJ. Since 2009, David has shown his own Mobile artwork in exhibitions in n New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Austin, Maine, Connecticut, the U.K., Italy, Herzegovina and New Zealand.

I am an artist, mobile photographer, black and white junkie, and creator/teacher of iPhonegraphy Workshops. I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was fifteen and skipped every class in school except photography; where I first fell in love with black and white. Those countless hours in the darkroom still show up in my work today, as I mostly adhere to a classic black and white style. On the surface, my work is about photography and teaching, but ultimately it is about sharing and inspiring stories. I have been featured in publications including Mobiography Magazine, iPhoneogenic, Grryo, Our Collective, many time contributor to the App Whisperer: Portrait of an Artist, Self Portrait Gallery Show at The Empty Spaces Project in Putnam, CT, Boxcar Gallery Show in Greenfield, MA, Wiam Gallery Show, Napoli, Italy. I’m often asked, ‘what inspires me?’ Everything. Especially the simple, everyday things in life that my brain automatically translates into a snapshot. That kind of attention to the world around me is great fuel for life, keeps me shooting, and is what led me to one of my greatest accomplishments, my 365 Day project. (I commited to shooting a photo a day for an entire year.) When I’m not mid shot; you can find me hanging out with my family in the White Mountains of New England, fixing up my VW Westfalia, and looking for that next great moment to capture.

My digital work is centered around the question of what it is to be human. I am interested in the paradoxes between what is contained inside our soft underbelly and what is shown on the outside, what is subconscious and what is conscious. I have been a working, showing artist for over twenty five years. I have shown both locally and internationally. I studied photography, painting and art history in collage, and my graduate studies in literature, philosophy, and theology help inform my work. With my first iPhone, I began photographing again for the first time in twenty years. I am now primarily focused on mobile art: my iPad allowing me to mix drawing, painting and photography together with ease.

Born in Germany in 1960. Since childhood painter and photografer. Attributable to my bad eyes i was innervated not visible things add with Phantasie. New worlds come into being. During Study at FH-Düsseldorf Germany i learnt to handle with analog technik of Photography. Thereby opened a new world – details i never saw befor. Macrophotography became my passion. In direct talks with visitors of my exhibitions i learnt, that many humans have poor eyesight... In 2000 the digital photography conquered my life. Absolut super, but in 2014 i get my first Iphone- i am enthusiastic by this and all the apps. Here are boundless possibilities.... My other passion is to catch the inner, the soul of people in one photo. It is the most fascinating at the moment. Here you can see some of them...

Louise Whiting is a self-taught artist who lives in East Sussex, England. She spends her free time with camera in hand, exploring new ways to express her voice through photography. She focuses on candid street photography and conceptual self-portraiture, primarily in strong black and white. Louise Whitings’s widely admired work has been featured on Lens Culture, The App Whisperer and iPhoneography Central. More of her work can be found at the following sites - Collectively Mobile  Flickr & Instagram All images are both shot and processed on an iOS device.

Jane Schultz is a predominantly self-taught mobile artist from Pennsylvania, USA. Her work embodies a visual illustration of art created from mobile devices. Jane\'s images have been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries on an international basis, and featured in numerous publications for photography and mobile artistry. She was named multiple times as a Most Wanted Visionary by New Era Museum and declared a New Era Museum Artist. She has also been recognized in numerous art competitions including the Tzipac Gopix Exposée Awards and Eros Awards, JCC Annual International Mobile Photography Awards, Mobile Photography Awards, Florence International Photography Awards, and Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summits. Jane curates for the New Era Museum and administers @ig_artistry, an Instagram hub which promotes originality, creativity, and emotive art. She can be found at (see \'view more\' below and on Flickr and Instagram as @before.1st.light .

Mobile photography is a way for me to connect with the people and places I visit and easily share the moments that move me with a wider audience. As a travel photographer, I have been lucky enough to travel the world with my iPhone. When I shoot, my goal isn’t perfection. I’m always looking for an alternative postcard shot, with a mix of iconic imagery and human detail. I like to make the viewer think about what they are seeing. Visual irony and humor are also themes I like to explore. Images are universal. They transcend language barriers and mobile photography platforms have allowed me to find something I have in common in the lives of others who I’d otherwise never interact with and connect with them. When I started using mobile photography and I didn’t realize how much I’d get back from the global community of mobile photographers and artists. My mobile photography isn’t only related to travel. I have other passions including music and pop culture. Jen Pollack Bianco is an award-winning travel photographer based in Seattle, Washington. She runs a multi-media travel diary called My Life’s a Trip. Her iPhone images have been featured in the Apple Shot on iPhone 6 Campaign, magazine covers, and on numerous websites.

Awarded, Published and Internationally Exhibited photographer: Born in Paris and raised in Tehran and Boston, with a little over 2 years of dormancy in Lisbon, Armineh Hovanesian is an iPhoneographer now based in Los Angeles, capturing moments since 2009. She has had no professional training however her vision has been the driving force behind her creations. She also shoots with her DSLR camera. For the time being, photography is a hobby. Armineh is the curator for The New Era Museum’s Hipstamatic Collection. Her photographs are not generally planned in advance, and she does not anticipate that the onlooker will share my viewpoint. However, she feels that if her photograph leaves an image on the viewer’s mind, something has been accomplished. Armineh’s work has been featured on The App Whisperer, Los Angeles Times, iPhoneography Central, Life in LoFi, Mobiography, P1XELS, Art of Mob, iPhone Photography School, Mortal Muses, Artist Portfolio Magazine, ArtuculAction Magazine, EyeEm, Grryo, 43mm, F-Stop Photography Magazine, Platform 58, Ianyan Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, Shootermag Magazine, Hipstography, See.Me Takes over Times Square, See.Me Takes over Miami, and the Italina Vogue. She’s one of the 15 award recipient for The 7th Edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers and has had the opportunity to have her work included in See.Me’s private event at the Louvre in Paris in the Black & White Collection in 2015. She has had exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Florence, Kansas City, Paris, Miami, Idaho, Berlin and London.

I am a classically trained artist who started in traditional mediums. In 2009, I started painting on my iPhone. Quickly I became a part of an international group of forward-thinking artists who saw the possibilities in mobile devices as a studio in our hands. Data is our new medium; I use electrons instead of atoms to reach out to the observer. My art is a blurred, surreal, slice of the 1950s—an era of iconic red swimsuits, shell chairs, flying saucers, and an optimism that anything can happen. Deborah McMillion-Nering

English/Scottish border. Jim is what may be called a self taught latecomer. Using whatever tools come to hand he has been commisioned to do album covers, book covers and posters. His work using mobile tools usually involves taking the everyday, banal and finding the magic in it. His starting points usually include shop windows, architectural views and simple blemishes. Whilst some of his images take a while to evolve, his favourites are those that those that present themselves fully formed, like waking from a dream. These are the images that lend themselves to mobile manipulation.

I was always hovering between painting and photography, although the latter has always had a fondness, I painted from photo and took photos that looked like paintings. The iphone opened a world before my eyes. The opportunity finally to merge the two media, combining them, make them one and go further, creating something new, your personal view to convey what one receives from places. It is a medium in continuous and infinite evolution, the difficulty lies in the selection, in all the arsenal of apps available, those that allow the creation of a personal expressive language or to achieve an effect determined in order to transmit their own reading, almost a metabolizing of what you perceived.

\"I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking. Recording the man shaving at the window opposite and the woman in the kimono washing her hair. Some day, all this will have to be developed, carefully printed, fixed\". Christopher Isherwood. When I was younger I was considered to be more quiet then engaged. The above quote was used to describe me. Others called me a periscope. I\'ve delved into many forms of art but mobile art and photography has afforded me a more spontaneous method for capturing or reflecting the impressions I see. I am an autodidact\". I am a keen observer and enjoy using my native camera to capture candid moments. Experimenting with slow shutter speeds or recreating a photo into a dreamscape.

A multidisciplinary artist fascinated with the exploration and combination of media. She has a vast portfolio that includes iphoneography, painting, installation, and performance art, focused on the thematic internal journey of the artist and the viewer. She is an artisan with a omni-dimensional perceptual stronghold. The central theme of her work is a cartographical exploration of her life as it is played out day by day, dream by dream, both conscious and unconscious. Her work reveals vulnerability blurring the distinction between ones public persona and intimate emotions that reflects fragmented pieces of her emotional status and perceptions, often dark; they are fueled by a deep and intensely introspective nature. Powerful and intense, Janice captures her audience with raw and instinctual iconography, unafraid of portraying the art of being human. Seeking pleasure in cryptic narratives, she invites the viewer to engage with her work, creating a portal to their own subconscious.’

Dubbed “LA’s iPhoneography Wizard” by Forbes magazine, Alon Goldsmith is an award-winning photographer who has been featured extensively across media and exhibited in galleries around the globe. His work is included in the private collections of serious photography collectors up and down the west coast. At a recent viewing of Alon’s work, Don Johnson was impressed by the “Cinematic sweep”of his California images. Alon’s achievements include runner up in the journalism category in the prestigious Mobile Photography Awards, wins in the Hipstography Awards, and numerous honorable mentions in the iPhone Photography Awards. His work has also been published in the Los Angeles Times,Reader's Digest and the App Whisperer, and he has been extensively featured in Snap and Mobiographymagazines. Alon shares his iPhoneograpy expertise in a series of eight articles written for Imagine More, a digital publication published by Manfrotto, one of the world’s leading photography accessory companies. His work has been featured in solo shows in New York, Brentwood, Topanga Canyon and San Diego, as well as at HaleARTS in Santa Monica and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts. Alon’s photography has appeared internationally in galleries in Canada, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.

Diana Nicholette Jeon is an award-winning artist who lives and works in Honolulu; she was awarded her MFA in Imaging and Digital Art from the University of Maryland at Baltimore County in 2006. Jeon’s work has been included in four solo exhibitions and 130 group exhibitions; venues include the Hawaii State Art Museum; the Honolulu Museum of Art; the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto; the San Diego Art Institute; San Diego City College; MK2 Biblioteque (Paris); Tethys Gallery (Florence); Galerie MCC (Paris); PH21 Gallery (Budapest.) She has received multiple awards for her work, these include three Recognition Purchase Awards from the Hawaii State Foundation of Art and Culture; 1st Place at the 38th Annual HJCC Commitment to Excellence, 2nd Place at Hawaii Photography 2016 and 1st Place at the 5th Annual Mobile Photo Awards. Jeon’s art has been featured in a wide array of publications, including the Huffington Post, Lens Culture, In the In-Between, Binfeng Space Art/Culture magazine, PhotoPhore, Corriere della Sera, L’arena and the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, including the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Based in London, UK Editor of our Italian Brother Column – Dilshad aka italianbrother on Instagram, albeit in love with the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his 35mm format, considers himself to be a true iphoneographer. His street photography has been exhibited at the Vyner Studio in London for the Photomonth East London (October 2012), at KCC Chelsea in London A collective Iphoneography Exhibition (November 2012), at the Truman Brewery in London for the Iconic London Exhibition (December 2012), at the Unit24 Gallery in London MobilePixation Mobile Arts Exhibition (December 2012), At the Laboratorio de Artes Variedades, Guadalajara, Mexico for the Dreams Without Borders Exhibition (December 2012 – January 2013), at the Garden Gate Creativity Centre in Berkeley, California and at the Galerie OutOfMyMind in Bremen, Germany as part of the Third Wave Iphoneography Exhibition (January 2013), at MacWorld International Conference in Los Angeles as part of the Mobilmasters Exhibition (Januarry/February 2013), Soho Gallery For Digital Arts in New York as part of the Mobile Photo Award Exhibition (February 2013). Dilshad’s work is gracing the wall of private owners in London, Italy, France, Spain and the USA, and he is a columnist for Dilshad has travelled widely all over the world, especially in East Asia, Africa and recently in Iraq where he worked in an orphanage as a volunteer. His Iphoneography have a strong feel of the old 1920’s 1930’s photography and he loves the grunge, the dirt, and the grit. Dilshad is also fond to portray the unspoken London, the untold London, with heavily blurred background, men with big, long beards, hats and characteristic and peculiar faces. Iphoneography and Street-photography has given him the power to tell his stories, what he sees and what touches him.

Based in Massachusetts, US Editor of our iSights Column – Janine’s mobile photography has been exhibited in art galleries across the United States and in Europe, has been featured on various websites and in publication. She is a proud member of the traveling iPad photography exhibit called “Light Impressions” along with 40 very talented mobile photographers. In publishing news, Janine was honoured and delighted to have participated in an upcoming book about creating surreal digital photography. This book was published in the spring of 2013 by Ilex Press. Janine is a mobile photographer who enjoys belly dancing, bacon cheeseburgers, cappuccinos, the smell of old books, slapstick comedy, the color orange and movies about gladiators. Since discovering mobile photography in the early fall of 2010, Janine has set aside her professional DSLR and desktop editing programs in favor of the iPhone and its myriad of wonderful editing apps. In regards to subject matter, she tends to gravitate towards subjects that allow for a whimsy feeling or vibe; she likes to have fun!

Based in Pennsylvania, USA Editor of our iObsess Column – Dan is the owner of Phila-based Marcolina Design Inc. Having always used digital imagery as a corner stone of his design process along with shooting personal work in many traditional formats his images have appeared in many venues worldwide. Dan recently has found a perfect bridge between these two mediums, iPhone photography. This new obsession has reinvigorated his love for both photography and visual experimentation, inspiring him to Author a recently publish book (Peachpit Press) and App (iTunes) series called iPhone Obsessed.

Based in Seattle, US Editor of our Shooting Star Column, Star Rush is a Seattle-based photographer, writer, and educator, whose medium is predominantly connected (mobile) photography. Her street and documentary photography has been exhibited in the United States, London, and Europe and published in magazines Actual Colors May Vary, Camerpixo, and featured on international sites and publications: Resource Magazine,, and Volksrant. Most recently, her series “Departs” was published in Askgar Magazine. In 2012, her photoblog was syndicated on Photoverse, a handheld application developed by Her poetry and essays have appeared Hawaii Review, Fireweed, and others. Star often writes about connected photography for popular mobile photography sites world-wide.

Based in Cornwall, UK Editor of our PictureBook Column, the concept behind the PictureBook column is not just about capturing stories but creating them, the journey behind and the image we present. PictureBook draws on Images selected from Benamon’s own story series and also looks at the work of the other story tellers within the community’. Benamon is a UK based Photographer, iPhone photographer, writer and Gothic Surrealist. His work has been featured on iPhone photography websites and blogs of note. International Galleried artist including the Mobile Photography Awards 2012, the International iPhoneography Show, LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 and most recently the Light Impressions at Art Basel Miami.

Based in Rhone-Alpes, France, born in Paris, studied Art History and Archaeology in Aix-en-Provence. During and after her studies she worked as a passionated dancer and choreographer. In Switzerland (2003) she began to explore the possibilities of digital art and video editing in collaboration with her husband, a swiss musician and artist. 2013 she moved to the south of France where she deepened the rich possibilities of mobile apps. It was the beginning of a new passion. Many of her short videos have been presented within our Mobile Movies Showcases. And two of them were exhibited in the first ISMA exhibition ‘L’Arte è Mobile’, Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Rovereto (Italy).

Based in Sardinia, Italy. Editor of our Mobile Movies column – Giulia is an Italian iPhonographer. She lives on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called “Sardinia”. Passionate about painting and drawing, she obtained a degree in History of Contemporary Art. Studies and supports examination of the History of Cinema at the ‘University of Cagliari’. She is a professor of Italian and History and whilst in high school continued to cultivate her passion for the Art. For several years she has been and continues to be in love with Mobile Photography and Mobile Art. Some of her photos have been shown in international exhibitions and she is currently highly interested in the Mobile Movies.

Based in New York City, US Co-editor with Lee Atwell of our StreetWise mobile street photography column – Ilana is an Interior Designer with a background in fine arts, and a passion for mobile photography. Influenced by classical art and literature, she views mobile photography as not simply capturing moments as they happen, but as a marriage of dreams and visions from inner life and reality. Street photography, as a composite emerging from the speed of life, and what’s resonating within. Born in New York City where she still resides with her husband and two children, Buch-Akoundi recently founded hipstaNYC dedicated to Hipstamatic images of New York City, where people from all over the world can showcase their photographs of NYC. She has had photographs featured in mobile photography websites and web-magazines as well as international shows.

Based - Seattle, USA Co-editor with Ilana Buch-Akoundi of our StreetWise mobile street photography column – Lee has been passionate about the art, science and magic of photography since the time she was a child – at which time her father had converted a small bathroom into a darkroom. For the past few years, she been captivated by the versatility, convenience, and creative potential of mobile photography. In street photography, she enjoys the challenge of capturing the unexpected and also the necessity of being present moment to moment with the surrounding environment – whether it is the continual shifting of light and shadows or the instantaneous and fleeting expressions and postures of people on the street. She has received several international photography awards and has had photographs featured in publication, mobile photography websites and web-magazines. She has also had photos exhibited in several cities – in the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium and Portugal. Atwell also teaches yoga and owns a yoga studio in Seattle with her husband.

Based - Oregon, USA Co-editor of our Mobile Photo Essays Column; Meri (iPhoneArtGirl) has taught art photography and photojournalism for over four decades. She has received over 50 awards and grants in the US and Europe and her work is included in numerous private and public collections. For the last five years, Walker has worked solely with mobile technologies and with programs which allows to adapt traditional photography to the new tools of mobile devices. Walker has two websites and she is a member of New Era Museum She also served as a juror for the Florence International Photography Awards. in 2015, and she was the sole juror of the Cell Phone IV Show for the Texas Photographic Society; most recently she was a member of the MIRA Mobile Prize 2016 Jury.

I moved a lot growing up, so people came in and out of my life with regularity making me a master at avoiding attachments to people or places. Adulthood brought stability that has allowed me to experience the richness of deeper relationships – relationships that go beyond selfies and airbrushing. Through time, we reveal bits and pieces of everything that has come before. There is no single occurrence or incident that defines us but an unconscious combination that reinterprets all we’ve gathered. We journey through life gathering bits and pieces that for some unknown reason, resonate within. Memories, feelings, phrases, colors, textures, shapes, songs, and even other people - they all leave their marks and lurk in the recesses of our minds. We have little control of the memories that stick or when they will resurface. Incorporating techniques from photography, painting, drawing and collage, I extensively layer my compositions. Using mobile applications as my medium, I explore our inherent complexities through juxtaposed imagery that may seem as random as a memory that lingers. Only remnants of additional images are exposed suggesting those subliminal imprints, and how they reemerge unexpectedly.

Based - Chicago - USA Co-editor with Cara Gallardo Weil to our StreetsAhead Column (as well as our Mobile Photo Essays Column with Meri Walker, Gina is a museum curator and lecturer on 20th century art and photography. She has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC; The Art Institute of Chicago and has taught art history at a variety of universities. Gina is currently working on a publication and exhibition that explores the current discourse on the use of mobile technology and how it has changed the way one defines what a photograph can be.

Based - Hong Kong - China Co-editor of our StreetsAhead Column – a collective dedicated to women only mobile street photographers. Cara is a Graphic Designer and amateur photographer with a passion for mobile photography. Born in Hong Kong to Filipino parents who moved there in the early 60s to work in publishing, her early life was spent in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. She studied graphic design in London and spent more than 20 years here before returning to Hong Kong, where she currently resides. Cara brings to her street photography a wonderful international and cultural perspective.

Based - Montreal - Cananda Roger’s work was featured at the LA Mobile Art Festival 2012 held at the Santa Monica Art Studios. Roger’s work has also been exhibited at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA; First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition at Artspace, Gallery Miami, Large Format Show at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 2012. Roger was included on iPhoneogenic’s list of the 50 Top Mobile Photographers/Artists of 2011 and has been featured in P1xels, TheAppWhisperer, Lys Foto Magazine and many other popular mobile photography websites. He is currently a professor of communications in Montreal.

Based - New Mexico - USA - For me, the iPad is an art form, a more liquid tool for integrating all the disciplines that I have worked in — photography, drawing, painting, mixed-media, collage, design, typography, and computer-aided art — but without the limitations of old world technology or natural media. It feels like magic, like alchemy! Essentially, making art with love is making love. In it is the potential for one to enter into bliss, into the wonderful wow of the now!”

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