Mobile Photography/Art Tutorial – Brushstroke Part 1 – A Dizzying Amount of Presets


We are delighted to publish Jerry Jobe’s latest mobile photography/art tutorial for our reading and viewing pleasure. This week Jobe takes a look at the popular mobile photography and Art iPad app Brushstroke. This is Part 1 of what will be a two Part series. Read his thoughts as he puts it through its paces (foreword by Joanne Carter).

Brushstroke retails for $3.99/£2.99 and you can download it here

“I’ve covered a few apps that turn your photos into paintings. Glaze has several fine presets, but doesn’t offer a lot in the way of control. Artista Impresso gives you quite a bit of control, but it is over a particular style of painting. iColorama gives you both automated painting, as I discussed in my tutorial on the Auto2 feature last time, as well as the ability to make the strokes yourself (the ultimate control).

There’s always room for one more app, however, trying to hit the appropriate balance of various styles and amount of control. Brushstroke, by Code Organa, falls into the first category, offering only a moderate amount of control over a dizzying number of presets. So my two-part tutorial on this app will not be structured around how you control your output, but comes across more as a sampler of the different styles available. There are many, so let’s get started.

I’m going to work with this flower image, which has already been modified from the original in iColorama. The background foliage has been faded, and a “drawn” border was applied”.

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iOS Mobile Photography App Tutorial – Artista Impresso by Jerry Jobe


We are delighted to publish this very interesting tutorial of the new app by JixiPix Software called Artista Impresso.  Over to you Jerry. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

Artista Impresso retails for $2.99/£1.99 and you can pick it up here

“JixiPix Software is always coming up with new art-based photo manipulation apps. They’ve worked with oils with their Artista Oil; water with Artista Haiku and Aquarella; Japanese woodblock with Moku Hanga; pencils with Artista Sketch; even half-tone printing with PopDot.

Their new product, Artista Impresso, is less about the medium than the method. Impressionism is more about the feeling of movement and changing light than it is about the tools used. So it’s made with many short, rough strokes that literally give an impression of the subject.

As with most JixiPix products, there are separate apps for the iPhone and iPad, and should be bought separately. Many times I will buy the iPhone version and install it on both. In this case, I bought the iPad “HD” version alone, as I cannot see the detail on the iPhone”.

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