Top 10 iPad Photography Apps


There are some fantastic photography apps available for your iPad in the iTunes store, and more arriving every day. I’ve had a look through and sorted out ten that I think you’re going to love. Take a look at this little lot…

Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes: Your Guide to Today’s Most Popular Lighting Techniques


"Scott Kelby, author of the best-selling The Digital Photography Book, brings to life his “Photo Recipes” chapters from volumes 1, 2, and 3. In this app, which features two hours of video—viewable by chapter and by bite-size, individual clips—as well as Behind the Scenes photography tips, Scott shows you exactly how it’s all done, from scratch, without holding anything back.

Price: $9.99/Download

iProof Pro


The next generation of in-person proofing for photographers. This application combined with the beautiful display and sleek design of the iPad makes the perfect combination to replace printed proofs forever.

Use this app for that personal touch when presenting your photos to your client.

Price: $44.99/Download

Viewfinder – photo search and download from Flickr


Viewfinder is an amazing way to search, view and download photos from Download photos into the Photos app on your iPad, then use them as your iPad wallpaper, lock screen or use them in Keynote, Pages and any app that uses the Photos application. Simply swipe and pinch to browse them full-screen.

Price: $9.99/Download

VISION IN MOTION, A Photographer’s Introduction to Digital Video


VISION IN MOTION is an introduction to digital video for stills photographers. Written by Trevor Meier, both a professional stills photographer and film-maker, this eBook discusses the core issues of motion storytelling.

No doubt about it, video is an entirely different medium than stills photography. It’s a different language spoken with different technology and created with different processes. For digital still photographers there is often a great deal of cross-over, but without some help things can easily get lost in translation. Join Trevor as he takes you through the core issues and sets you on the right path to beginning to put your vision in motion.

Price: $4.99/Download



PhotoPal is probably the most comfy and user friendly app for improving your photos on the iPad.

Price: $2.99/Download

Cinq for iPad


Cinq is a revolutionary app that wirelessly gives you access to your entire home photo library.

Now you can share pictures on Facebook and Twitter (via TwitPic), or view your home photos on your iPad — anywhere there is an active EDGE, 3G or WiFi connection. Connect to Facebook through Cinq, and browse photos from any Friend in your network on your iPad.

Price: $4.99/Download

Best Photo for iPad


Best Photo packages a sophisticated Image Enhancement (IE) technology to help you obtain high-quality photos in your iPad in a very easy way. IE technology turns the complicated skills of enhancing pictures required in Photoshop into a very simple and enjoying task.

Price: $1.99/Download

EZ Cam – Remote Camera Sharing


EZ Cam lets you use the built-in camera on an iPhone as a camera for iPad, iPod Touch, or even a remote camera for another iPhone.

Price: $2.99/Download

PhotoTouch for iPad


The "PhotoTouch for iPad" is the photo editing tool which can easily perform the editing of the photograph in iPad.

If you use a PhotoTouch for iPhone (free), photograph transfer by Bluetooth is possible from iPhone.

Price: $3.99/Download



Light Kit is an app that turns your iPad into a host of different studio lights. It’s the simplest way to get great looking light and reflections on miniatures, packshots and pictures in general.

Price: $4.99/Download

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  1. awesome post!!!you are an articulate blogger!! this list is really of great help for me..i am a photography passionate and also an app fanatic..i really can’t wait to try them on my ipad.. thanx a lot for this sharing..

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