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20 Brand New iPhone Photography Apps Approved Today – 10/07/10

The iPhone photography app market is growing day by day at a considerable rate, today 20 brand new apps have been approved and more are on their way. Take a look at these…



Instagram is an amazingly fun & simple life-sharing app for your iPhone. Snap photos wherever you go to show the world what’s going on in your life. Follow your friends’ photo updates as they move through the world. Select from photo filters that transform regular ol’ photos into works of art you’ll want to keep around forever.

Features include:
– Apply over a dozen fun & beautiful filters to your photos
– Post as many photos as you want, for free
– Find and follow friends who are using the app
– Attach (optional) location information to any of your posts
– Share your posts to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, & Facebook
– Check in to Foursquare when you post a photo with a location
– Let your friends know what you think by liking & commenting on their photos
– View the most popular photos around the world from Instagram users
– Supports 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 phones
– Full iPhone 4 camera support


FlexiCorder : Multioption Video Recorder for iPhone 4, 3GS, iTouch 4G


FlexiCorder – is a flexible video recorder for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 4G which gives you many more choices to shoot video than the native video recorder.

Switch between Front and Back camera on-the-fly WHILE recording.


The native front facing camera laterally inverts your video such that your right hand will appear on the left, like a mirror. Flexicorder fixes this issue. So now your videos are completely natural.


Choose between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio and a long list of supported resolutions(1280×720, 1024×768, 960×540, 960×720, and many more).


On iPhone 4, video shot by native recorder takes almost 75 MB of space per minute of video. On iPhone 3GS, disk space usage is 25 MB per minute. With Flexicorder, you can reduce it significantly by choosing an appropriate resolution and/or bit rate making it an ideal app for 16 GB iPhone 4 or 8 GB iPod Touch 4G. Choose the right resolution and bit rate to reduce the disk space usage by at least 50% with no visible drop in video quality.


Smooth recording quality with frame rate between 25 fps to 30 fps depending on recording conditions.

Using Flexicorder, you can be a part of the video you are shooting simply by switching to the front camera while recording. So now you can include your loved ones in front of the camera and yourself in the same video effortlessly. Use this at your class reunion, your thanksgiving dinners,with your kids and your pets.

Price: $0.99/Download

Sketch Maker


Ever considered getting a portrait or a sketch for your loved ones or for yourself but had neither the patience nor means, now you can easily convert your favorite photos to portraits/sketches with this powerful and simple app! All it takes is selecting a photo from your photo library, or capturing a shot with the built-in camera, and this incredible app will convert it into sketch style image in no time! You can then save, email, or upload the images to Facebook and share them with your family/friends. It works well with pets and scenic shots, too. Experiment it with all types of pictures that you have and relive your fond memories in a whole new "sketchy" way!

Price: $0.99/Download

Pinhole Camera


Experience the very history of photography – pinhole camera was the first camera ever, constructed by Ancient Greeks in the 4th century B.C.

Home made pinhole cameras (consisting of a light-proof box with a small hole without lens) became very popular because of their ability to deliver dreamy, surreal landscape pictures.

Pinhole Camera App for iPhone brings you the authentic feeling of simple handmade pinhole camera with all of its characteristic blurness, saturation and specifically dimmed margins.

View your unique photos made with Pinhole Camere App in Pinhole custom gallery, share them with your friends via Facebook or mail.

Price: $0.99/Download



Self-Timer – Autoscatto – A must have for everybody who want to appear in their own photos. 5 and 10 seconds of delay before shooting with or without flash(*) .
* iPhone 4 only

Price: $1.99/Download



Thanks to Imagery you can edit you photos adding a lot of awesome filters! You can choose among these filters: "Black and white" "Sepia" "Inverse" "Blur" "Edges" "Emboss" "Clouds" "Burn" "Glow" "Soften" "Pencil Sketch" "Oil Paint" "Zoom Blur" "Lomography" "Motion blur" "Dots" "Ink Sketch" "Film" "Wharol" "Solazie"… have fun!

Price: $1.99/Download

Camera All In One


This is a well-designed Camera APP for your IPhone. No matter you are a professional photographer or a novice, you can always shoot high quality photos and fell in love with taking photo.

Camera All in one is not only simple, but powerful. It almost has all the functions of other Camera APPs.

– 12.0 Mega (For iPhone 3GS only)
– 8.0 Mega (For iPhone 3G only)
– Soft flash function
– 7 photo filter function
– Guide Lines:3×3 or 4×4 grid for better shots
– 5 times magnification

– Countdown Mode
– Voice Shutter Mode
– Self-Timer shutter Mode
– Continuous Mode
– Time stamp




If you want take a photo without see the iPhone, the biggest problem is with the button of the Photocamera App and risk of moving too much but P@parazzi will solve for you the problem.
It’s really simple! Double tap on the screen allows you to take a photo.
Photos will be taken after 2 seconds, time for autofocus; then the picture will be saved in the photo library, and the app will vibrate for alert you.

Price: $0.99/Download

Photos Processor


This application brings the photo to variable and you can edit them. It keeps the user interface and features simple, the function works just as the title’s name. Choose any image and get it gray,edit,etc,it will convert it to various shapes, zooms, directions.

Simple, works just as the name.
Zoom and move the photo with your finger.

Edit the photos, download it , see and edit by yourself.

Price: $1.99/Download

3D Camera qlulu


3D Camera qlulu is an iPhone app that allow you to create 3D and Panorama Contents on your iPhone and share them with others.

You just take pictures, 3D and Panorama contents are automatically created by this app.

You can tweet and upload your contents to viewer site(http://qlu.lu).

-Create and Save 3D and panorama contents.
-Tweet 3D and panorama contents..
-Upload contents to viewer site(http://qlu.lu).


Color Tape Photo Lite


** This is the Lite Version of Color Tape Photo. The saving/emailing is disabled. Ads/watermark are added to the screen.

Create your own artwork with color tapes! Use your creativity to convert your pictures into color-taped sketches. You can control tape’s width, tilting angle, length (through setting levels of color gradient) and background color to generate various versions. Just change a few parameters and you’re all set. Color Tape Photo will take care of the rest.




photoBangPro is an advanced version of photoBang which is to share(up to 16) Photos with your friends by simply Shaking your iPhone/iPod. Here is how: 1- Both device should run this App under "WiFi" covered area. 2-Select the joining device from the table. 3-Press "Pick a Photo" button, or any Blank spot then select the picture for transfer. 4-Now you see the image displayed, just Shake to transfer Photos(Max 16 per Transfer). You may both do it at the same time(Bidirectional). For performance and Memory usage make sure this App is the only one running, since other Apps take memory space. For More info, please visit http://web.mac.com /agole The following Apps are Business related: "ExcelTripLog", "bizoDex", "bizTrip", "RE Agent", "keyLocator", "FaxMail", "FaxMailLt", "safePass", "safePassLt", "keyLocator", "keyLocatorLt", "secureCCLt", "secureCC", "bizoDexLt", "bizoDexDeluxe". Medical and Emergency related Apps: "famMed", "medSOSPro", "medAlertFam", "medSOSLt", "famMedLt". Travel related Apps: "travelPhoto", "photoMap", "goPray", "Qiblah Nama", "QiblahLite", "QiblahMore", "QiblahPro". Sport related Apps: "goSki", "bikeTrail", "bikeTrailPro", "goSkiPro", "goTrailPro", "goTrail", "photoBump". Educational related Apps: "whereIsLt", "whereIsPro", "whereQuiz", "whereQuizPro".

Price: $11.99/Download

Photo Space


Free App.
Simple, works just as the name.
Zoom and move the photo with your finger.

Edit the photos, download it , see and edit by yourself.




-The photograph can be taken by shaking the main body.
-Countdown (Timer) function
-If a save is completed, vibration notification
-Clock Display
-Show Date


After purchasing you can use the following settings

Setting item:
-In addition to shake, take a photo full screen touch
-Change the number of seconds of the countdown
-Change the photo size (Full,Harf,Small)
-Change the screen frame


myWorld Photo


With myWorld Photo for iPhone you’re always connected, even when on the move. Look at your photos and never feel far away from your friends and family.

myWorld Photo offers the following functions:
– View photos saved at myWorld
– Upload photos to myWorld
– Send photos to friends

To use myWorld Photo, you need to subscribe to it at www.swisscom.ch/myworld.

Additional functions will be added to myWorld very shortly to allow you to get even more out of your photos.

** Note: The myWorld service is still in the development phase. For this reason, this application is running for a limited period. You will need an update if you want to continue using the app after 31.12.2010. **


PhotoHelper – Camera Settings For Better Pictures


With a few taps, PhotoHelper lets you enter information about your camera, lighting conditions and the subject you are shooting. It takes this information and automatically tells you how to adjust the settings of your camera to:

• Ensure your subject is in focus (i.e. within depth-of-field/hyperfocal range)
• Avoid unwanted motion blur as well as over/under exposure
• Sidestep common pitfalls such as camera shake and/or grainy pictures

You can easily adjust the recommended speed, aperture, ISO, depth-of-field or target exposure parameters – the effect of your changes and potential warnings is displayed in real time. Typical depth-of-field (DoF) calculators provide only partial information, leaving you with the task of finding the right combination of shutter speed, ISO and exposure. PhotoHelper lets you visually see how all these work together – making the process much simpler and faster.

The included database supports most popular cameras and formats, including Canon, Casio, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony. It also provides generic formats for 35mm, Digital SLR, APS-H, APS-C and most compact cameras. The supported lens range is from 2 to 1500mm.

Price: $1.99/Download



Just snap that photo, press and hold your finger to annotate different regions within the scene, then email away! Everything is within your fingertips!

Optionally, you can geotag your photos and your recipients can simply click on a link to Google Maps indicating where the photo was taken. Streamlined, intuitive and always ready when you need it! Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

SnapSnap! does just that:
1.    Create a new Snap (A photo with annotations and geotag) from the camera of your iPhone or photo library.
2.    Tag multiple objects or people, and it will display what’s been tagged with a legend.
3.    Create annotations to describe different objects, locations, or people in the scene.
4.    You can geotag each of the photos with a specific location to show on Google Maps.
5.    Email the Snap to your friends with all the annotations, geotag information and the photos, of course.

Price; $0.99/Download

Midnight Camera HD – Turn Night into Day!


Midnight Camera HD performs max quality on images taken in low or ambient light conditions – without any form of extra lighting.
Take the pictures at night in High definition and save it in maximum quality available for the iphone. A high definition image is determined by its number of pixels; more pixels improves the sharpness of the picture. The amount of space a picture takes up on your iphone is determined by the picture’s file size, The more pixels a picture has, the larger its file size will be.

Price: $1.99/Download



With Holo-Paint you can create awesome looking long-exposure photos with mesmerising floating holographic words and symbols.

To create your desired hologram, type in the text of your choice and adjust the sttings as you see fit. Then begin the countdown. To cancel a countdown, double tap.

For cool looking long-exposure photos, when the countdown reaches zero begin to drag your iPad/iPhone through space to create a 3-Dimensional hologram of your chosen phrase. For a great picture, make sure you keep a steady pace.

Price: $0.99/Download

Picture effect magic


Picture effect magic is simple photo app to let you create amazing photos.


****special filter effect

Black and white effect
Sepia effect
Neno effect
Emboss effect
Swirl effect
Ice effect
Sketch effect
Oilpainting effect
Pinch effect
Smooth effect
Sphere effect
Sharpen effect
Blur effect
Comic effect
Wave effect
Glow Edge effect
Diffuse effect
Subtense effect ….


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