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Welcome to another brand new section from your favourite mobile photography website and one of the most popular in the world. Today, sees the launch of our Mobile Photography/Art Tip Of The Day section.

Every day we will publish a short quick tip to help you with your mobile photography, this may be related to editing your image, capturing your image, printing your image, all manner of things, across the complete photographic and art mobile genre – we’ll be featuring great mobile street photography tips, great blending tips, great cloning tips, we will cover it all from some of the greatest mobile photographers and artists in the world.

We’ll also have a widget in our right hand column, displaying the Tip of The Day every day, just click on that and you will be taken to our tip of that particular day’s page and can read the whole piece.

We are delighted to kick this off today with a great tip from Nettie Edwards/Lumilyon. We have published and featured Nettie in many articles on and if you have missed those, please go here. You can also read more about Nettie and her art at the end of this piece, or just click on the first link above.




Here’s an old Photoshop trick that will add instant depth to any image.

Import your photograph into any app that supports layer blending (my favourite is Image Blender), then on a second layer, import the same image again and select MULTIPLY blending mode. You’ll need to experiment with the exact amount of the blend, especially with darker images, but setting it to around 50 percent is a good average. Preserve highlights by using the eraser tool to erase lighter areas of the top layer. 



Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Nettie’s Bio


Nettie Edwards (@Lumilyon) took up photography 13 years ago, following a successful career spanning two decades as a Theatrical Designer. In 2009 she embraced mobile art and photography and has not looked back since. Her mobile career is exploding at a phenomenal rate and she has won a huge number of awards and accolades including: winner, Fine Art category, 4th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and runner up: 2013 Lumen Prize for Digital Art. She was a Lead Juror for The Mobile Photography Awards 2011 & 2012. Her work has been published and exhibited extensively including Mobile Photo Paris and the LA Mobile Arts Festival. Nettie runs Mobile Arts and iPhoneography workshops and is featured in Mobile Masters – an ebook featuring 50 of the World’s leading Mobile Artists and Photographers.
Nettie is the first ever Mobile Photographer to have her work exhibited at the birthplace of photography: the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, England, as one of six photographers featured in the exhibition “Arrangements in Black and Grey, Black and White Photography in the 21st century”

‘You can read more about Nettie on her blog
To look more closely at her work, go to her Flickr Photostream here –

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