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A brand new iOS mobile photography magazine has landed in the Apple Newsstand (there’s been a few recently) and is ready for download. We were lucky enough to be sent a Press Release from the Editor-In-Chief, Knox Bronson more widely known for the popular mobile art website – P1xels—The Art of the iPhone.

Coming from the print industry as Editor of many photography titles, with years of experience of both National and International publications, of course this was of particular interest to me. I viewed the Preview issue of this monthly title.

The preview issue is a sample and smaller version of the regular monthly issue and it includes content that was originally curated for the first three issues but used this way, in order to give a free insight and hopefully pick up some paid subscriptions for the main magazine.

The first article is by one of our Columnists Rudy Vogel where he gives an overview of the MacWorld 2013 Mobile Masters event, organised by another of our Columnists Dan Marcolina. The iMagazine then leads into a short piece written by Dan giving his thoughts on the ‘historical movement in photography’ and of course mentioning the formidable Mobile Masters App that he put together for the original MacWorld event; this consists of fifty artists sharing their art and techniques (if you haven’t pick that up yet, please go here).

Back to the magazine and on the next page Ashley Callaghan shares her tips in the Masterclass section. Lanie Heller another leads the Instagram section and highlights many images and bios from eight Instagramers. This is to be a rolling feature and the first issue of the magazine will feature a further eight.

There’s a brief interview with Petr Palan in the ‘iPhone Abuser of the Month’ section with a list of his Top Ten apps.

Maia Panos graces the ‘featured artist’ section with a video interview between her and Knox. There’s also a gallery of her work with a link to purchase her art from the P1xels site.

Nicole Dalesio heads up a Q&A section answering your specific questions regarding processing images on iOS devices. In the preview copy, she Q&A’s generic questions and mentions and describes several apps.

Natali Prosvetova a mobile photographer that we have featured many times on theappwhisperer has joined iPhotograper magazine to curate gallery images from the community.

Elodie Hunting another artist that we have regularly featured runs an Astrology section with a view of matching the stars to the various photography styles.

Jack Hollingsworth a long standing fan and good friend of theappwhisperer is heading up the Hardware section and in this issue reviews the Olloclip lens system with a short video too.

There’s a Secret Smartographer section with text and an audio track, we have no idea who this person is, other than he’s English, we can tell that from his accent but well… we’ll let you make up your own minds about this section.

And that’s it for the Preview issue but as we have been told this is a very much shorter issue than the full version. In the next issue Paul Toussaint will be interviewed, there’s more from Lanie, Natali, Ashley, Elodie, Nicole, Jack and the Secret Smartphotographer, plus additional articles including a feature on Street Life, Egmont’s Process Page and Mike Sweeney’s Playground.

We would definitely recommend that you download the Preview version to your iPad – this gives a good overall feel of the magazine, editorial content, curation and level that it’s pitched at – you can download it here. They’re doing a very good deal on a 12 month subscription with 60% off the standard annual subscription bringing it in at $18.99. Six issues are $12.99 and three issues $7.99 or you can subscribe to a single monthly issue for $3.99 (you will need to download the Preview issue to pick up these special subscription prices).



















3 thoughts on “iPhotographer Magazine – What’s It All About?”

  1. If it comes from the brain of Knox Bronson it´s worthwhile…ideas and more ideas…a quest for excellence, creativity, great curation, a constant challenge to originality and setting standards in contemporary photography. Go for it

  2. Thank you Joanne for the nice review and recommendation of iPhotograoher Magazine. A lot of hard work went into it & I hope everyone enjoys it! Kindly, Lanie


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