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Streets Ahead – Twenty Sixth Edition

Welcome to the twenty sixth edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers. Each week we review and curate work that was submitted to our Flickr Group. In addition to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we also highlight a few images that caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition, and subject matter. If you are not a member of our Facebook group… we highly recommend that you join us! This is our space for sharing newsworthy information and conducting discussions (what, when, where, why and how) about Women Photographers/Artists and Street Photography, in general.

So, if you are a woman street photographer, please join our growing community… I’m sure that you will agree that we are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of women!!

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Hope you enjoy this week’s showcase…


“Nest 34” by Cindi Hobgood


Flickr link

Personally, I’m not one who usually responds well to images that focus on the homeless. However, I’m really enjoying Cindi’s “Nest” series. I find them extremely provocative and heart breaking… yet at the same time, visually beautiful. And it’s this very juxtaposition that I find so intriguing. Not only do I really like the spatial division in this photograph… but I also like her “splash color”… I think it works really well. However, the visual punctuation that really grabbed my attention is the graphic skull on the glass. For me, this immediately elevated my response from an emotional one to a political one.

“Williamsburg, NY” by Gina Costa


Flickr link

I think this is an image that nicely (and effectively) integrates street art with people. Clearly this was a commissioned piece. However, Gina’s keen eyes caught the perfect moment of a perfect composition. The two women sitting on the end of the bench are so beautifully framed by the Cafe’s banner — so much so that at first glance I thought they were actually part of the painting on the wall 🙂 Nicely seen, Gina! (And beautiful filter choice, too… these colors are gorgeous!)

“Just Because” by Sevinc Rende


Flickr link

When I saw this photograph in the Flickr pool, I immediately snagged it for a commentary — I did not have to think twice! This is an image that sings “Street Photography.” Sevinc stepped in and captured an almost “lost” moment of these boys playing… with beautiful processing and framing choices, to boot. And even though we “know” that she used a filter on this photograph, we don’t “feel” like she did. This picture feels completely untouched and genuine. Beautiful work, Sevinc!

“Lafayette and Prince” by Jeanette Vazquez


Flickr link

This is a fabulous shot of SoHo… with a nice pov! I find that one of the most visually exciting aspects of NYC is the fact the entire environment… no matter where you are, or where you look… is like a masterfully executed collage. And this image pretty much captures and sums up that feeling beautifully!

Flickr Showcase


JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks for including my image “Mixologist” – the bartender is an acquaintance of 6 years – he’s applied his mixology skills to various pubs in the area. I had not seen him in awhile and heard that he fell 50 feet from a tree, was not discovered for hours and nearly died. After 7 months of rehab, he is back behind the bar. I caught him at one of his first shifts back and took his portrait which you selected for the showcase.

  • Cecily

    So happy to be included in the showcase this week!!! I really am so impressed by this group and the amazing images!!! Congratulations to all!!!
    Big thanks to JQ and Joanne for their hard work!

  • lee atwell

    wonderful selection and curation, JQ! i adore the weekly showcase and seeing all the images together in a film is very special, Joanne!
    i am so inspired by everyone’s photos and am honored to be a part of this collective of creative women… congratulations to all!