Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – June 29, 2014


Oh Wow! We have just published this weeks Flickr Group Showcase and it is absolutely incredible – the images within this showcase are truly and utterly fabulous. Each week I do this, each week I feel that it can’t be beaten, this weeks’ work really is at such a high level. Curating the showcase this morning has been an absolute joy, I have been completely and utterly immersed, similar to the feeling of reading a gripping novel. Please view this and I really hope you enjoy as much as I do. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group, for this section, here.

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Each image can be viewed on Flickr by clicking on the relevant artist below:

Beezzz_, Federica Corbelli, Stephanie Roberts, Andrea Koerner, Louise Fryer, Brendan O Se, Mariko Klug, Anna Spiakowska, Gianluca Ricoveri, Albion Harrison-Naish, MomentsForZen, Lee Atwell, Joel A, MaryJane Sarvis, Ralf Παῦλος, Leon, Anthony Foster, Matthew Wylie, Fernando Cruz, David Hayes, Joel Levin, Mark Walton1, Martinawoll, Shel Serkin, JuLie TouPiN, Tracy Mitchell Griggs, Riamolde, Tayfun Ozturk, kCe7, viewonline, Michelle Robinson, Adam Oczkoz, Erika Brothers, Geri Centonze, Kim Martino, Vanessa Vox, Cathrine Halsor, Jack Mallon, Meri Walker, Garry Ryon, lorenka61, Marco Lamberto, Armineh Hovansian, Tamaz Andok, Richard Pilon, _fireandrain_, Liz Traynor, Rudi Foehner, Hitomi Yoshida, auketts, Lars Wegas, Stef LePape, Barbara duBois, Pamela Hochschartner Viola, Juta Jazz, Susan Rennie, Shinnya Umetsu, Jun Yamaguchi, Anne Highfield, Yannick Brice, AJ vdHorst, Robin Robertis, Boris B Schulz, Cristian Margarita, Bruno Ribeiro, Benamon Tame, _fireandrain_ Jennifer Henriksen,


Flickr Group Showcase


15 thoughts on “Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – June 29, 2014”

  1. Sweet, sad score for this show, Joanne. I love the way the sound track allows the nervous system to jog along through this landscape of feeling. Thank you, always, for including my work and congratulations to everyone else. What a landscape of human beingness we are capturing with our mobiles!

  2. Beautiful work, perfect curation and editing, and music! Thank you for the sheer pleasure of this showcase!

  3. Hi Joanne,

    Wow what selection this week, the lead image is other worldly, love it. Thank you for choosing ‘Toi’, it’s an image of my darling wife Lucie, she’s as stoked as I am to see herself on screen on your site, thank you from both of us. Cheers

  4. Thanks for including “we are the dance” – this is a really moving showcase and I’m so proud to be among the images chosen.

  5. Thanks for your tireless curation of this showcase (and selecting Sunset Flight) – in doing so you help knit together a world while so disparate, is held together by its common thread of beauty, as long as we open our eyes to see it.

  6. Joanne- the world is more beautiful, thanks to you. Thank you for the gift of your selfless vision!


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