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Welcome to the thirty ninth edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers. Each week we review and curate work that was submitted to our Flickr Group. In addition to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we also highlight a few images that caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition, and subject matter.If you are not a member of our Facebook group… we highly recommend that you join us!  This is our space for sharing newsworthy information and conducting discussions (what, when, where, why and how) about Women Photographers/Artists and Street Photography, in general.

So, if you are a woman street photographer, please join our growing community… I’m sure that you will agree that we are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of women!!

• Flickr Group (for weekly showcase submissions)

• Facebook Group (for information sharing/discussions)

Gina has once again commented on this weeks hand-picked images, it’s such a delight to read her expressive and articulate thoughts and Cara has put together a phenomenal video showcase, it will leave you breathless – thank you both so much.

We hope you enjoy this week’s showcase and many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week including:  

Rosanna Cappiello, Geri Centonze, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Jennifer Bracewell, Elle Elskamp, Gillian Brodie, Jessy Cooper (Menchaca), Fiona Christian, Grace Brignolle, hanakai2001, Cindy Buske, Karen Axelrad, Tess Gomm, Cynthia Westover, Vanessa Vox, Christine Mignon, Connie Rosenthal, Lee Atwell, Laura Peischl, Susan Rennie, Julia Nathanson, Shayna Shulman, Corvida Raven, Pamela Hochschartner Viola, Meri Walker, Basak Aytek, Vivi Hanson Sacredote, Heline Lam, Louise Whiting and Janine Graf.

‘Untitled’ by Louise Whiting (flickr link)

Long shadows and classical compositional arrangement of this figure walking up this quiet street makes this such a powerful and effective capture. Louise deftly uses alternating light and dark planes to give the shot its rhythm and structure. The tranquility of this scene is echoed by the simple, clean and classical aesthetic. Lovely eye Louise. 

Sunday Stroll under the Arcade by Karen Axelrad (@karenaxe) Flickr link

Karen locates this great shot in a colonnade of a classical Greek building, juxtaposing the blurred, almost ghosted image of a modern woman within an antique setting. Is she a phantom of the past? The Doric columns and their cast shadows create a nice rhythmic pattern that leads the eye in the direction counter to this figure, creating a sense of visual tension to the overall composition.

Young ladies sharing a secret by Pamela Hochshartner Viola (@pamelaviola) Flickr link

This image immediately draws the viewer in, as Pamela chooses to tightly edit/compose the subjects so one has the sense as if we are eavesdropping on the secret these two ladies are sharing.  The visual cues: henna on the arms and hands, and red sari worn by one of the ladies suggests we are with a bride and her friend at an Indian wedding. Is the groom a fat old oaf, or perhaps the new Raj Kapoor? Only these two know their secret. Great shot Pamela. 

Video Showcase

Streets Ahead Showcase 39 – TheAppWhisperer from The App Whisperer on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Streets Ahead – Thirty Ninth Edition – Mobile Street Photography – TheAppWhisperer”

  1. That was cool! 😀 This is the first time an image of mine has been selected for this showcase so I’ll say it again; that was cool! Thank you so much, Gina and Cara, for selecting my image for this truly beautiful showcase.

    • Janine … loved your image. It felt the perfect choice to end the showcase with! 🙂 It would be great to see your take of the streets more often in the group! xoxo

  2. Thank you for featuring one of my shots! I’m a fan of the work shown here and appreciate seeing my work in the mix.

    The only thing I’d like to note is that my Twitter account is @Corvida. I’m not sure why @SheGeeks is listed in the video. I’d greatly appreciate someone from the team correcting this.

    Thanks again & congrats to the other awesome women featured this month!


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