TrueView Interviews – “What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile art” with Carolyn Hall Young from North of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


This TrueView Interview that I am publishing today, made me cry. It’s incredibly moving and I think that anyone that watches it will also be moved. Carolyn Hall Young is an incredible artist and also mobile artist and it’s with huge gratitude and pleasure that I publish her TrueView video today, thank you Carolyn. We asked her, “What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile Art?”.  Please watch the video and enjoy her answer…

This is a new section to TheAppWhisperer, we are so proud of all the wonderful artists who are contributing to our new section, ‘TrueView Interviews‘ is where we ask one singular question ‘What does your work say about Mobile Photography and/or Art?’ and it’s captured to video. This is such an exciting area, so many of you are working on your videos right now, we all want to see and hear you, what a joy and privilege it is. Thank you all so much.

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Video Interview

24 thoughts on “TrueView Interviews – “What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile art” with Carolyn Hall Young from North of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA”

  1. Pure inspiration! My heart is full, after seeing and hearing Carolyn’s visit. I’m in LOVE with all the love that came through her visit! xo

  2. I appreciate the story but with the music so loud I’m not able to hear all she has to say and that is very frustrating! I’d love to hear her fully.

  3. Hello Darling!

    Hearing your voice brought tears to me! You look and sound wonderful and beautiful as ever! What a treat for me to see you in real life!

  4. Carolyn Hall Young. You. Are. Incredible. I am so glad you chose to know me…and I am so glad that I do!! Thanks for all the inspiration and support you have given me…wow!

    • David, you were one of the first mobile artists to extend your friendship to me. I will always appreciate that. Thank you for your generous words, and all you do to nurture positive energy in the community!

  5. thank you so much for answering this question from your heart. Your work shows that
    Thank you

  6. Carolyn expresses wonderfully the importance of community in our mobile world. We share because we can and because we want to be closer to each other. To get feedback on our work and to see if our work means something to someone other than ourselves. I loved hearing her words from the source and look forward to more artists describing what they think they bring to the mix.

  7. I’m in love, too. And your art was off the charts at the Mobile Digital Art Exhibit in Palo Alto, CA! So much love for CHY. I’m sure it was palpable all the way from Palo Alto to Santa Fe!!!!

  8. Carolyn, I always found you to be one of the more special icons mobile photography art. I really enjoyed hearing your message. All our love from Texas. Carlos and Beth

  9. I didn’t get to hear this fully while I was travelling, Carolyn. So happy to hear and see your whole statement on the big screen now that I’m home. Your heartfelt participation in mobile art – and in the community – makes my world a better place to be. Love to you…

  10. Carolyn,

    So nice to meet you after seeing your outstanding self portraits through out the last year or so.
    I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your outstanding work and your willingness to share your personal life with all of us.

  11. Carolyn! I’ve watched this so many times! And I could watch it thousands more! You’re my idol. My inspiration. The wind beneath my wings. I’m crying with happiness bc you’ve touched my life. Thank you.

  12. I will never forget and always appreciate how much you cared for my daughter, Lori. A complete stranger to you at the time. As was I. You spent hours on the phone with me helping me to gain clarity for my life, the situation and the relationships involved. I remember once you were on the phone with me while cleaning up a flood of water that had come in your back door. It was not lost on me the treasure you time was and how unselfishly you gave it. Together we transversed the strange, to me, world of the “audio-guys” that adore you. The situation with Lori remains challenging, but I have learned a lot about those kind of relationships that I have used to help myself & others. And always I look for clarity in everything. Thanks for that. God Bless.

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