On My Radar – Eight Apps for a Desert Island with WiFi by Jenny Pieters from South Africa

We have another brand new section here at TheAppWhisperer called ‘On My Radar’ and this time we are asking a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists, which apps they would take with them on a unique desert island, that has wifi! We want to know exactly what apps are really on their radar and why. As well as eight apps, we have also allowed each artist to select a book and a luxury object on this luxury journey. Kicking us off with our fourth issue of this section, is non other than the highly talented Jenny Pieters from South Africa…

“I would like to thank Joanne sincerely for her tireless support and efforts in the field of mobile photography.  Her enthusiasm and time she invests in the field is admirable and unsurpassed.  Thanks also for inviting me to contribute to this interesting project”.


The one book I am allowed (I would like to take my whole library, because they are like my children), would be:

Book:  Codex Seraphinianus

Author:  Luigi Serafini

If Oola inhabits the other half of the island, this will keep us occupied for a long time!!

Ps.  It is still on my wish list, so please let us know when we are moving.


Luxury Item

iPad and stylus!!

A thunderstorm intervened in my life by frying the motherboard of my Mac desktop, which had attached a Wacom tablet and an Epson printer, and I was just getting well versed in Adobe Photoshop!  I considered replacing the Mac, but the drivers for all my peripherals had become aged and was not available any longer.  I was devastated!!!  And then came the tablet with a stylus …. yeah!!  This random act of nature had the unseen consequence of releasing me from being stuck behind a desk whilst creating my digital art.  Now I can sit on my wonderful verandah, or next to the pond whilst working.  My next great thing will be when the full photoshop is available for the tablet, then I will be in heaven .  The WiFi connection on the island will also allow me to listen to music of the world, which is an inseparable part of me.


This is my goto when blending images.  It has a wonderful intuitive interface, and allows one to view the layer underneath which helps a lot with the desired positioning of the Images.  

In addition to this, the masking (the intensity of the blend can be controlled) and filter functions are very useful.  I became aware of the many wonderful effects that can be achieved with layers by using Photoshop. It helps me to be open to possibilities that I could not have imagined otherwise, since my years as a youngster were rather bleak and without creative stimulation.  I had only stories to listen to on our valve radio at home, television came much later in life, and trips to museums and galleries were not even on the event horizon.


It took a while for me to warm to hipstamatic but I  now understand it’s many creative possibilities.   My education has come principally via the fabulously interactive ‘hipsta365’ group on facebook.  I would encourage anyone to join and enjoy the ‘spoils’.  New lenses and films are constantly developed and made available monthly for purchase at a nominal fee.  I have done printing and painting before getting into digital art, and my tutors at university instilled in me the need for a process approach.  I still do that today, and therefore end up using many apps in quick sequence before getting to a result that I am happy with, sometimes mixed in with my own art which serendipitously find its way into the image at the appropriate moment!  The image below was created for a collage drive, with this lovely result grained and moody as it is, finally, with hipstamatic.


Procreate is a wonderfully unpretentious and versatile app which allows so many creative experiences to come to the fore.  Brushes, layers and many other opportunities to ‘get stuck in’ are there in the easy to understand layout.  I like intuitive and well organised interfaces, which takes away the need to know the technical detail which I do not wish to get involved in during the creative process.  It either ‘sings’ or it doesn’t!!


I love Photofox’s many creative and unimagined possibilities, the end of which I have not seen yet.  I realize, that despite the amazing landscape, street photographers and  other technical experts in the photography field, I am not at heart one of them.  I have always thought that my missed opportunity in life was to become a graphic artist, since I have a natural inclination towards it.  I sometimes feel limited in my creative vision, and seek desperately to expand it.  Photofox lends itself to it so seamlessly, that I am constantly amazed at what I can do with it.  


I consider Snapseed to be my ‘workhorse’.  Ready to do the basics, willing and able without any grief.  I like that.  It is not ranked no 4 for any good reason, it could be 1!  I love it and would not be without it.  The image is with gratitude to my wonderful granddaughter Rachel, who very generously donated the raw image to me.  She is a very talented makeup artist, and I wish her well in her career.

Rookie Cam

Well, with rookie cam, essentially a camera with editing facilities built in, it is just pure fun!!!  I can see myself under a palm tree, with a beech chair and a margarita ….   this is uncomplicated pleasure.  If it works well for you, fabulous.  If you dislike its playfulness, it’s ok too!


Gloomlogue’s name is actually a misnomer,  it should be called glamlogue.  I’ve realised that within the editing community, there is a favor for a smooth shininess without being pretentious.  Sure, this can be found in some other apps, but it is Gloomlogue’s speciality.  When needed , I add a touch to the image, with a satisfying result.  This reminds me of Fat Freddy’s Drop’s music… a satisfying undertone of reggae which gets you in a happy mood whenever you have to endure frustrating traffic and buffoons on the road… roll on the island retreat


I’ve left this for last, because I cannot see anyone doing without Icolorama on an iPad.  It is multifunctional, multilayered and very versatile.  Once one has made peace with the lack of layering facilities and found its work around, it does not disappoint.  Many have proclaimed its fantastic attributes, and I need not sketch out any further detail.  I will use this in the languid evenings after a hard day walking on the beach, looking for interesting shapes of driftwood and playing with creatures living in the sand.

Contact Details

“Many thanks to Joanne, for always finding creative and novel ways to understand the creative processes which make us who we are.  Your enthusiasm and dedication is an inspiration!!”




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