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The Recipe I Can’t Live Without with Rita Colantonio from the United States

We have a new section at and it’s called The Recipe I Can’t Live Without’, within that we are asking highly successful mobile artists to give us their one recipe (tutorial) they can’t live without in relation to editing their images. Kicking us off today, is Rita Colantonio from the United States. She has created a very tantalising appropriation family recipe . To read the others in this new series, please go here. (foreword by Joanne Carter)


  • IPhone6s+
  • IColorama
  • Stackables
  • LightBrush
  • Vintage photo from Flickr Photo Trouvee


  1. I started with a backdrop that I photographed in Europe. I wanted a mysterious background so I applied sketch and toning in IColorama.  Then I blended in a Stackables filter.
  2. I blended in the vintage child with her table and doll. I used a sketch preset in IColorama, then softened and toned her skin with a pastel tone. I also used an inverted mask and painted in texture for her hair, all in IColorama.
  3. I then used an inverted mask with a soft round brush to paint in textures and colors on her dress and the tablecloth, in IColorama.
  4. I then blended in the cat (from another photo of mine) and the butterfly with IColorama brush mask. I positioned where I wanted and inverted the mask to paint them in.
  5. I used an inverted round brush mask for the shadows under her feet and table and lowered the exposure.
  6. I then used a script brush in IColorama for the script at the top of the image.
  7. Lastly I opened in LightBrush and dodged and burned for shadows and highlights.


This is a composite. For me, scale and lighting are important to consider.

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One Comment

  • Carol Wiebe

    Rita Colantonio is another one of those artists whom I never fail to click on when she comes through my feed. Rita is prolific, imaginative, and constantly seeking to expand her techniques. I have had the pleasure of commenting back and forth with her over the past few years, plus enjoying her growing body of work.