Introducing Casely – Cute Phone Cases That Will Spice Up Your Phone

Looking for a protective phone case that doesn’t scrimp on style and flair? Here, we take a look at the wide range of cases available from Casely, including their signature charging cases.

Keeping your phone protected from wear and tear is important; even those that choose not to purchase one will admit this. Let’s face it: phones are expensive, and you need to keep yours like-new for as long as possible.

Those that are hesitant to give in and get a case might not realize they can purchase a slim yet protective one for a low price. Not all cases are ugly; in fact, the Casely cases are straight-up fashion.

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A Brooklyn-based tech accessory business, Casely offers practical but stylish phone cases in their three main collections: Power, Classic, and Bold. Its options span a huge array of designs, colors, and styles, making it easy to find a Samsung or iPhone case that you love. 

Here’s more about each collection and why you might need a Casely case right away: 

Power Collection

Casely’s Power range is a line of phone charging cases that enables users to recharge on-the-go. Gone are the days of rushing home when your phone runs out of charge. With a built-in external battery, users can add 60-100% power after the battery has gone flat. 

These cases come in a range of stylish designs, made with an emphasis on protection and durability. Treat yourself to a new charging case if you’re always running on low battery mode.  

  • Built-in external battery: When your phone battery runs low, the built-in external battery in the Casely case provides you with 60-100% additional power.
  • Easy charge: You can charge Casely Power cases with a standard iPhone cable. 
  • Choice of colors and designs: Find the style that suits you from the wide range of colors and designs available.
  • Hardcover shell: Keeps your phone as safe as possible and protects against damage from wear and tear every day.
  • Raised edges: Designed to reduce the risk of screen cracks by providing extra protection to edges and corners.
  • Slim design: These cases are slimline and sleek, so you don’t have to add a lot of weight and bulk to your phone while charging.


Classic Collection

Casely’s Classic Collection brings together a wide range of cute and pretty designs, created to make your phone the ultimate style accessory. These cases protect the back of your phone from being scratched and offer a layer of protection if you accidentally slip and drop it.

  • Precise cutouts: All cases in the Classic Collection have precise cutouts for the charging port, speaker, and buttons.
  • Wireless charging: They are also compatible with wireless charging ports in cafes, restaurants, etc. 
  • Versatile styles: The popular styles available in the Classic Collection include: Marble, Floral, Holographic, Glitter, and Rose Gold.

There’s a lot of choices available, and you’ll find unique designs that you haven’t see elsewhere. Make sure you check the details for each product to be sure it’s available for your phone’s size and model.


Bold Collection

The Bold Collection from Casely is a line of ultra-protective cases. The Bold Collection offers added protection, so these cases are great if you constantly drop your phone or want to protect your new phone at all costs.

  • Polycarbonate casing: Made from hard polycarbonate material, they offer 360-degree hard shell protection.
  • 1mm raised lip: The raised lip protection will help shield your device from surface drops.

Because these cases are available in fashionable prints exclusive to Casely, as well as classic single-colored designs, there’s plenty of choices available in the Bold Collection. 

Also, many of the designs from the Classic Collection are available in the Bold Collection, so you can get the design you want but with added protection and padding.


Phone Case Subscription Club

Casely offers a subscription service for those who want to freshen up their phone’s look regularly. You can enter your style and design preferences online, and receive a fresh case according to your tastes every month (or three months).

You have the option to pick the delivery schedule that suits you, and an added bonus is the choice to skip a month whenever you like.

For all U.S. orders, shipping is totally free.


Casely also offers accessories for phones, from essential items like chargers to trendy (and functional) phone rings. They are made to fit seamlessly with your device and can improve overall style and functionality. 

Highlights from the accessory collection include:

  • Phone rings: Phone rings are made to help you keep hold of your phone, no matter the size. The metal handle is bound to your phone with strong adhesive, meaning that you can keep a tight grip without the need to worry. Casely phone rings can be paired with matching cases, or create a fun and unique mix-and-match look.
  • Tempered glass screen protectors: Designed to keep your phone protected from daily wear and tear, tempered glass screen protectors are a must-have for any smartphone owner.
  • Stick-on wallets: Casely offers stick-on phone wallets to keep your cards safe without having a full wallet case. Made from silicon, these wallets will stay attached to your phone case with a strong adhesive. They are universal in size and will hold up to 4 cards.
Which phones are compatible?

Casely’s cute phone cases are available in many sizes and fit the most popular Apple and Samsung smartphone models. They range from iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the newest Samsung Galaxy phones, from X9 to Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Bottom Line

Casely has established a reputation for excellent charging cases, quality accessories, and generous subscription services. With its three main collections, Casely offers a huge variety of stylish and cute cases to make buying a case worth it. 

You don’t want to compromise on quality for style, and with these cases, you don’t have to! Check out Casely today for a new phone case that you’ll love.


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  • Deb

    Casey charging cases are cute and durable cases. But every last one I bought for me and my friends have stopped working Meaning eventually stopped charging my phone where I can’t get a charge whatsoever and it has not been a year later it’s been sooner than than that. I’m pissed this one I have now is acting the same way. Only charging my iPhone sometimes And that’s when I charge it for a whole day without taking it off the charger. I have a feeling it’s on its way out completely.