Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @tankaqueen – Days 12 to 14


We are so grateful to @tankaqueen – Alexis Rotella, whom we entrusted with our Instagram account for fourteen days after she was gracefully handed the baton by @lisarmitchellphotography – Lisa Mitchell. To view all the posts in the series, please go here. Or of course, head over to our @theappwhisperer Instagram account.

On Day 12 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @badgrowshop – James Ellis and she writes “@badgrowshop creates curious portraits using overlay techniques that challenge the rational mind. I especially love this fish-eye girl. Today is my 12th day of the Instagram Takeover…until tomorrow, it’s Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen signing off”.

On Day 13 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @lars.hansen1303 – Lars Hansen and she writes “Lars.hansen landscapes are worth checking out. Tranquil scenes that are sure to quell frazzled nerves. My 13th day of Takeover, one more to go. Signing off…Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen…congratulations Lars!”

On Day 14 @tankaqueen highlighted the work of @tatsmosc Maria Moscoso and she writes “Congratulations @tatsmosc Maria Moscoso for your brilliant look at infinity. That gigantic ball of intelligence we call the sun is a mysterious being and we are it’s children. This is my last day of the Takeover. I thank Joanne Carter for inviting me and for trusting my judgment….Alexis Rotella @tankaqueen”

So, very sadly for us we have to ask @tankaqueen to hand over the baton to our next featured artist. We are going to miss this wonderful artist but she’s always close by and we do know that you are all going to be very excited indeed when we tell you who @tankaqueen is handing over the baton to next.

Please keep tagging your images with #TheAppWhisperer if you would like our new featured artist to find your art and hope to be found and possibly featured.

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Mobile Photography – Instagram TAKEOVER with @cawestruck – Carol Wiebe – Day 1 and Day 2, the story so far…


We are so excited with our latest Instagram TAKEOVER this time with @cawestruck – Carol Wiebe. She is a highly respected and talented artist and has been granted full access to our Instagram account and she has done such a magnificent job. We are very proud of her! Please take a look at her Instagram feed to see what an incredible artist she is.

On Day 1 @cawestruck highlighted the work of talented mobile photographer and artist @elizabadiou – Eliza Badoiu and she writes This is Carol Wiebe, @cawestruck, on Day 1 of my IG takeover, and I have chosen this subtle, textured, oh so feminine image as pic of the day! Whether that is a suggestion of the moon I see, or not, I am over the moon about this pic!”.

Also, on Day 1 @cawestruck also highlighted the work of accomplished mobile photographer and artist @marrietteschrijver and she writes “IG takeover by @cawestruck—Python is both a snake and a programming language, which makes this clever image by @marrietteschrivjer doubly appealing”.

On Day 2 (so far) @cawestruck highlights the work of adept mobile photographer @badgrowshop and she writes “today’s pic of the day is this moving image created by James Ellis. Ellis excels in complex layering of faces with places. The sentiment expressed here that of leaving a loser town, which sounds angry, but the expression on the face of the subject exudes disappointment and sadness. He is the one who has been abandoned. That yellow line is headed straight out into the unknown, and as we all know, a double yellow line is dangerous to cross”.

Thank you so much dear Carol, it is our privilege to see #theappwhisperer through your eyes, it’s so good.

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