Mobile Photography – The Evolution of Zoom Camera Technologies in Mobile Devices – White Paper


I have been engrossed in this white paper by Corephotonics Limited, the pioneer and worldwide market leader of dual camera technologies for mobile devices. Corephotonics’ primary mission is to perfect the mobile camera photography experience and to provide superior image … Read more

Samsung Announces Mass Production of Industry’s First Mobile Image Sensor with 1.0μm Pixels


As mobile devices get thinner, the components inside them must scale down, too. Samsung’s latest chip, the 1.0μm-pixel-based 16 megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor, did exactly that. It brings high resolution imaging to one of the slimmest smartphones in the market.

Image sensors hold an array of pixels, or pockets that collect light particles called photons. Better the image sensor, the more light it accurately captures through its pixels, which it then converts into electrical signals. Therefore, more pixels that are larger in size allow for better picture quality.

Slimmer devices have less space for interior components, so pixels get smaller as well, making the absorption of photons much more complicated. To continue to achieve high-resolution imaging, the solution thus far has been to maximize the photon absorption of each pixel. When it comes to the limitations due to scaling, however, this method still faces a number of challenges. The pixels’ sensitivity to light may decrease while loose photons create crosstalk that causes noise.

Samsung introduced ISOCELL technology in 2014 which reduces crosstalk of photons between pixels by 30 percent and has a 20 percent wider chief ray angle, allowing pixels to collect more light so as to capture colors more precisely.

The 1.0μm-pixel-based image sensor measures only about 5mm high, roughly 20 percent thinner than the previous 1.12μm model and offers comparable image quality. Device manufacturers now have more flexibility in designing products that are sleek and stylish and capable of taking high resolution, share-worthy photos.


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The Guardian – ‘Camera-makers focus on adapting to smartphones’ market surge’


Interesting article by my friend Charles Arthur (Contributing Writer for The Guardian, previously the Guardian’s Technology Editor) this morning. He talks about the demise of camera sales since 2006, starting there of course with film.  Arthur discusses the research & development and money that is being poured into smartphone development. He cites my partner (Kevin Carter’s) test results in DXOMark’s testing in October where the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reached the top of the camera site – see here.  

The conclusion to this piece focuses on sensors, smartphones are in need of larger sensors.  "Sony announced recently that it’s going to increase its production of image sensors by 45% over the next 18 months to meet growing demand. Sony’s imaging division (which makes the sensors) is one of its most profitable divisions. Its customers include Xiaomi, the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker, and Apple". Interesting read, go here to read in full.

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The Rise Of The Smartphone – Camera Manufacturers Fight On


As we are all aware more images globally are being taken with mobile phones than cameras and this has been going on for some time. Great news for Apple – US and Samsung – South Korea, of course but it’s a major headache to Canon and Nikon as their sales decline and affect the Japanese economy.

"Smartphones are killing cameras across the globe. There is nowhere to hide, no magic country where the market is stable," said Christopher Chute, research vice president at IDC, a global market intelligence firm. "That’s been a huge problem for Japan."

Between 2013 and 2014 alone, point-and-shoot sales fell 30 percent, according to Ben Arnold, executive director and industry analyst at the NPD Group.

Here’s a link to an interesting article in cnbc today – of course it reaffirms what we already know, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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Samsung Electronics and Marvel Entertainment today announced a new global partnership. Through a multi-medium creative campaign across film, digital and product, Marvel and Samsung will integrate their brands in unique and creative ways to bring their collective audiences together and … Read more

Samsung launches partnership with The FA as Official Consumer Electronics & Smartphone Supplier to the England Team


Samsung Electronics has today announced an agreement with The Football Association to become the Official Consumer Electronics & Smartphone Supplier to the England Team. The partnership means the England football team will fly off to Brazil equipped with the latest … Read more

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