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Viewfinder Pro is a very popular iOS app, and rightly so, whether you’re a cinematographer, photographer, or even a painter, chances are good that you use some type of viewfinder to help visualize your subject. Maybe you like a professional grade director’s viewfinder, or perhaps you’re a little more old school and prefer an old fashioned cardboard cutout. With Viewfinder, you can have the best of both worlds in a single powerful, highly customizable, easy to use iPhone app.

This app has now been updated for Verizon iPhone 4 users.

Professional Tool


Use Viewfinder to quickly and easily compose your shot, choose your focal length, and a lot more before you ever reach for your equipment bag. It is the perfect companion for location scouting and for concept shoots. It makes so much easier to determine what equipment to bring to the actual shoot.

This app supports nearly every digital or film based camera on the market, including all major brands of 4/3, 35mm, medium and large format still cameras and backs, as well as lenses from most manufacturers; so you can be sure that you’ll find your equipment there. Generic formats like 35mm and 4×5 allows to use your cameras even it’s not listed by manufacturer.

Viewfinder is designed to be a highly customizable professional tool, so you can define your own sensor or film formats and lens focal lengths. Even the function buttons are customizable to reflect your needs and working style. You can save up to four different camera setups and switching between them is as easy as tapping a button.

Gesture Based Controls


The gesture based controls couldn’t be easier to use. Tap inside a frame to dim the surroundings, and you have a simulated cardboard cutout. Just swipe across the screen to return to normal view. Double tap the screen to activate auto-focus and auto-exposure, a unique feature of Viewfinder that makes it much easier to cope with difficult lighting conditions. Quad tapping brings up the current version and copyright information for the app. Pinch to zoom in up to 5x to see how longer focal lengths will look or zoom out to 0.7x to see what focal lengths are just outside of the iPhone camera’s capabilities.

If you shoot wide angles, you’ve probably been disappointed when you looked for wide angle features. The iPhone’s camera has a focal length that’s about the same as a 35mm lens (iPhone 4 goes down to about 28mm) on a full frame 35mm camera, and that severely limits most viewfinder apps. In fact, they just can’t handle wide angles so popular with landscape photography at all. But that’s not a problem for Viewfinder. This is the only app in the App Store that supports wide angle adapters (we like and recommend the OWLE). Just tap the WIDE key, select the adapter that you’re using, and go where no viewfinder app has gone before.



Here are some of the features that make Viewfinder the best app of its kind:

★ Support for generic camera formats in case your camera is not on the list.
★ Three user-defined custom lens focal lengths per camera in case your lens is not listed.
★ Support for up to five custom film/sensor formats for medium and large format cameras. You can work with the exact image size your camera produces!
★ In addition to the native camera aspect ratio you can compose with 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 1:1 and HD (16:9) if your camera supports HD video.
★ Support for iPhone wide angle adapters, such as the OWLE.
★ You can save the current view as a photo. GPS coordinates and non-native aspect ratios are recorded on saved images.
★ Digital zoom in the range of 0.7x – 5x.
★ When you zoom smaller than 100% a virtual frame appears so you can see what’s just outside of the largest frame the iPhone camera could record.
★ Simulate cardboard cutout finder by dimming the space outside of the selected lens frame lines.
★ Auto-focus and auto-exposure on the iPhone 3GS and 4.

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