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Streets Ahead – Twenty First Edition

Welcome to the twenty first edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers.

Each week we review and curate work that was submitted to our Flickr Group. In addition to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we also highlight a few images that caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition, and subject matter.

If you are not a member of our Facebook group… we highly recommend that you join us! This is our space for sharing newsworthy information and conducting discussions (what, when, where, why and how) about Women Photographers/Artists and Street Photography, in general.

So, if you are a woman street photographer, please join our growing community… I’m sure that you will agree that we are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of women!!

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Hope you enjoy this week’s showcase…


“Cat Nap Interrupted” by Cecily Mariece Caceu (cecilyc123)


Flickr link

What a perfect title! At first I didn’t even notice the cat – I was looking at the image thinking ‘oooooh…. nice vintage-looking pickup’. And then I saw the cat, and if you know cats, you totally get the title and almost feel as if its saying ‘who are you and how dare you interrupt my nap in the sun on this lovely bumper’. Nicely seen Cecily!

‘Uphill’ by Geri Centoze


Flickr link

When I first saw this image I thought to myself ‘how did Geri do that??? And with a mobile device too?! Amazing! Did she use SlowShutter, or something else?’ It is so perfectly captured, even with the cyclist’s head out of the frame – it seems totally appropriate in order to emphasize the speed. The angle, the diagonals, the light and the high contrast all contribute towards making one really ‘feel’ the image. Super!

“Sadness” by Laura Peischl (iSnob)


Flickr link

This image captures such emotion. One can’t help but wonder what the story is. There is such a feeling of extreme sadness in her eyes, disappointment – as if she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Is the drink hers, or is it someone else’s? Is she waiting or has she been left? Is she drowning her sorrows alone? The light falls perfectly on her features, and the dark tones around her guide our eyes to focus on her face. There is a beauty in the sadness.

“Caught Between” by Michelle Robinson (michmutters)


Flickr link

Great juxtaposition of the fencers in the ad against the commuters in the foreground. I love the title ‘Caught Between’ – it made me smile. This is part of a series of shots that Michelle captured in the subway on a visit to Hong Kong. I love the processing – the bluey-greys in the background against the orangey-reds in the figures. Really wonderful composition too. Well spotted!

“Geo Metric” by Stephanie Le Pape (SLP)


Flickr link

Loving all the patterns in this shot – the cobble stones in the foreground, the buildings in the background – indeed lots of geometry going on from the windows and the lines in the buildings to the wheels on the carriages and the gentle curve of the road. Even the manhole cover in the foreground contributes to the geometry happening in the image. Wonderful processing too! I love the muted sepia/grey tones and all the reds that have been picked out. It works just perfectly for this image. I love that the statue of the horse looks like it is sitting on the back of the real horse, and that the horse looks like it is having a conversation with the pigeons. And to top it off, we have the man in the white trousers to complete the scene. Love it!

“A flaneur photographer” by WitChi Wotcha


Flickr link

Wow. Great shot. I am so curious to know what the back story is behind this image – where are they? Was it at the end of an event? Why no shoes? Of course it is the first thing that I notice – he is the only one in the frame that is barefoot – and it is emphasized by the fact that he is all in black and wearing shorts too. Nice depth of field.

Video Showcase


Cara is a Graphic Designer and amateur photographer with a passion for mobile photography. Born in Hong Kong to Filipino parents who moved there in the early 60s to work in publishing, her early life was spent in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. She studied graphic design in London and spent more than 20 years here before returning to Hong Kong, where she currently resides. Cara brings to her street photography a wonderful international and cultural perspective.


  • Cecily

    Thanks so much Cara!!! I am really so impressed each week by all of the beautiful images submitted to this group each week!!! Very much appreciate your support!

    • Cara Gallardo Weil

      You’re welcome Cecily! Thanks for participating in the group! xo

  • Geri

    Hi Cara, Thanks so much for featuring my photo. This one has received a lot of questions as to “how” I did it. I used the Effexy app to create motion. I then layered that image over the original image and erased a bit of it to show the in focus cyclist through the blurred layer. As far as the way he is riding out of the frame, that was quite by accident. My husband and I were walking downhill and he was cycling uphill. I whipped out my iPhone and was too late to capture him dead center in the frame, but it turned out to be a happy accident!

    • Cara Gallardo Weil

      Oh wow Geri… I feel the need to purchase a new app now! 🙂 Great job – and yes, a very happy accident to catch him moving out of the frame. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your process! xo

  • Cyndy Johnson

    Once again a fabulous showcase Cara! I so look forward to this every week so many talented ladies, I’m running out of adjectives to describe their fabulous work. Super image Geri thanks for sharing your workflow. Congrats one and all!

  • Cindi Hobgood

    Wow! Cara, thanks so much for including my image from the Nests series in your showcase. The inclusion with all the other women shooters is very much appreciated.