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Streets Ahead – Twenty Fourth Edition

Welcome to the twenty fourth edition of “Streets Ahead,” a weekly column dedicated to women mobile street photographers.

Each week we review and curate work that was submitted to our Flickr Group. In addition to creating a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we also highlight a few images that caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition, and subject matter.

If you are not a member of our Facebook group… we highly recommend that you join us! This is our space for sharing newsworthy information and conducting discussions (what, when, where, why and how) about Women Photographers/Artists and Street Photography, in general.

So, if you are a woman street photographer, please join our growing community… I’m sure that you will agree that we are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of women!!

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Hope you enjoy this week’s showcase…


“The Comfort Zone” by Liz Traynor


Flickr link

I immediately fell in love with this photograph, and I think it’s a perfect example of the “painterly” look without lots of heavy texture. It’s clear that Liz started out with a perfect shot and that her processing choices were made only for enhancement purposes.. she didn’t alter it’s essence one bit. Warm and rich earth tones, set in an atmosphere of deep and penetrating shadows… accented by strong horizontal and vertical lines… this is a pure visual delight. Hmmmmm… Giorgio diChirico keeps popping up to the front of my mind 🙂 Gorgeous work, Liz!!!

“Window Seat” by Iris River


Flickr link

Now here is a wonderful example of why we can’t forget to look upwards for artistic inspiration. I think there is something very touching about the tremendous solitude that is shown here. Yet at the same time, this person is displaying a great deal of confidence… because sitting on the ledge of an open window (on the 2nd or 3rd floor) is not something most of us would feel comfortable doing. I also like Iris’ processing choices. I feel that the tones and textures in this photograph lend a vintage, dreamy- mood…. which I think is just perfect for this image/subject. Beautiful work, Iris!

“A Very Small Office” by Michelle Robinson


Flickr link

Ahhh, Michelle… what a great shot! I just love the strong focus on the text/calligraphy combined with the composition of rhythmic shapes. Also, the red/black/white/yellow colors elevate this street shot to a graphic image. Before moving on to the next image, I just want to say that I’ve been following Michelle’s recent “Hong Kong” series. And believe me when I say that I’ve been drooling over every image she’s shared with us on Flickr. Michelle possesses really keen observation skills… and I think she has a really beautiful “feel” for composition and palettes. I highly recommend that you check out her series, if you haven’t already.

“Yo Banksy” by Catherine Restivo


Flickr link

Yep… this is the question that all of us on the East Coast have been asking these past 3 weeks. We’ve been following Banksy’s tracks throughout the city… hoping that maybe, just MAYBE, we might catch this street artist in action. And boy, what a subtle, yet timely capture this is, Catherine… I LOVE it!!! Not only should this photograph take a seat in documenting art history “in the making”…. but it’s a beautiful graphic image, as well. In my humble opinion, the framing and tones couldn’t be any better. And yes, I’ll confess: I can’t help but wonder if Banksy wrote this.” 😀

“The Three Musketeers” by Anne-Martine Parent


Flickr link

Okay… when I first saw this image, I said “Yeah!!!!” and gave Anne-Martine a virtual high five! The expression and body language of this woman makes me want to jump out of my chair and join her posse… because she’s definitely on a mission! And what do I love most about this photograph? Anne-Martine’s point of view, that’s what. She had to be standing right in front of this woman when this picture was taken. And we do know that Anne-Martine is still up and about taking photographs, so she clearly survived this brazen photo op. I really REALLY love this photograph… and I also love Anne-Martine’s courage. 🙂

Video Showcase


JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.


  • Anne Martine Parent (MartinaP.)

    What a beautiful showcase JQ! I’m really glad that I’m still up and about to be able to watch it! Congratulations to all artists; it’s such an honor to be featured among so many talented street photographers!

  • Miranda

    This week’s highlighted photos are all wonderful examples of what I would call “thoughtful spontaneity”. Being new to street photography, I’m learning how to balance improvisation and deliberation–and realizing how important it is not to get bogged down thinking only about results.

  • Tracey Renehan

    These showcases are always a treat. I learn so much from your commentary JQ as well as from the selected artists. Congratulations to all selected and thank you for including my photo.

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks for including another of my images in the showcase – only wish I had access to more streets 🙂 will be headed to Philly, DC and NYC in the next two months, and will be sure to take the trusyt 4s along for the ride 🙂

  • Geri

    I see lots of familiar names. Congrats on everyone’s beautiful street shots and thank you for including my image ❤️

  • lee atwell

    i adore your commentaries, JQ – such a beautiful and inspiring showcase! i am weekly inspired by this women’s collective… an honor to be included! congratulations to all and a heartfelt thank you!

  • Veevs

    Lovely images from everyone and lovely commentaries too JQ! Thank you so much for including one of mine! Congrats everyone!! 🙂