Mobile Photography App Giveaway – Mix on Pix – Watermarking


Pixtolab, developers of the very popular A+ Signature app, have launched a brand new app called Mix on Pix for iPhone/iPad. Its versatility allows you to add text, annotations, watermarks, photos and logos to your existing images.  Mix on Pix follows in the steps of the popular A+ Signature app, with major improvements in features and customisation.

Pixtolab was founded in 1987 and has specialised in mobile development since 2009. An independent studio, Pixtolab is driven by life partners Francois Robert and Linda Tsibucas. The developer and artist team continue their goal of creating top quality apps to help users be productive, create artworks and have fun.

Robert explains “Sometimes, more is more. With the ubiquity of bigger iPhones and iPads, a new generation of users want power on top of ease of use. These were the guidelines for the design of Mix on Pix, which contains a lot more functionalities and customisation possibilities than its competitors.Providing all this power while keeping simple things simple was the greatest challenge”.

For a limited time, Mix on Pix is offered at the introductory price of $1.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies). It is available worldwide through the App Store in the Photo and Video category. Mix on Pix is designed for iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 9.0 or newer. But… we have been given some promotional codes to share with our loyal readers. Would you like one? If you would like to be in with a chance to win a promotional code, we would like you to like us on Facebook (here), follow us on Twitter (here) – and most importantly reply to the post (on our website) and tell us what you love most about We’ll enter your email address into our magical hat and if you’re a winner you will find a promo code sitting in your inbox very soon.


Future plans for Mix on Pix

– Ability to use Sessions or Saved items on all your iPhones and iPads with iCloud.

– Eye dropper tool to pick colors in the My Colors pack.

– More Stock Text and Stock Art.

– More Backgrounds in the My Backgrounds pack.

7 thoughts on “Mobile Photography App Giveaway – Mix on Pix – Watermarking”

  1. I have been using A+ Signature, for a while, and am curious about this. Please put my name in the hat!
    What’s NOT to love about theAppWhisperer?! I find interesting apps, here, which I might have missed. I appreciate the inspiration and motivation I find in the video showcases, interviews, and articles. Thanks for the intelligence and generosity in your efforts!

  2. I have been following The AppWhisperer for quite a while now and always try to catch as many of the articles and reviews that I can. Joanne is great and the reviews so helpful!

  3. Looks like a great app – always fun playing with text. Also always fun checking out App Whisperer, especially for the tutorials.


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