Mobile Photography – MIRA Mobile Prize – Winner and Shortlist Results – 2017 ‘Earth Our Planet’


This years MIRA Mobile Prize was dedicated to our very dear friend Carolyn Hall Young, a truly honourable, hugely talented and very much loved artist and friend to so many, not least myself and I truly miss her every single day. Thank you Manuela Matos Monteiro for organising this years competition and for dedicating it to our loved one, I know she would be so honoured and very proud.

I am delighted to congratulate all of the participants in this years MIRA Mobile Prize, 2017. I was fortunate to be a member of this Jury (along with Andrea Bigiarini, Gina Costa, Aldo Pacheco, Lee Atwell, Cadu Lemos, Jose Miguel and Michael Jones) and I have been so impressed with all the entries. From eight thousand images, to one overall winning image, a shortlist of 50 and a further 150 images to be Exhibited at MIRA FORUM and within the annual book.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Helen Breznik and to all on the shortlist including: Alex Duvier, Armineh Hovanesian, Bobbi McMurry, Brendan O Se, Arthur Palpac-Latoc, Beata Wietrzykowska, Cathrine Halsor, Cecily Caceu, Coco Liu, Cintia Boccalini, Claudia Fernandes, Emanuel Faria, Dominika Koszowska, Edward Santos, Jane Schultz, Isabel Afonso, Ivo Domingues, Joshua Sarinana, Jessika Johansson, Joana Kadosh, Lauren Maganete, Kat McClelland, Katie Teixeira, Marcin Diering, Lisa Peters, Luis Rodriguez, Mariko Klug, Marian Rubin, Mariette Schrijver, Philip Parsons, Matt Kayden, Philip Am Guay, Shelley Benjamin, Rebecca Bruyn, Robin Robertis, Tim Bingham, Steven Hesketh, Susan Tuttle, Valeria Cammarer, Christine Mignon, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Jennifer Thomas, Karen Divine, Leonardo Eroico, Marco Prado, Marlene Reis, Rad Drew, Stefanie LePape and Tim Creamer.

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Winner of MIRA Mobile Prize Competition 2017 – ©Helen Breznik

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