On My Radar Eight Apps for a Desert Island with WiFi by Kerry Mitchell from the United States


We have another brand new section here at TheAppWhisperer called ‘On My Radar’ and this time we are asking a selection of highly talented mobile photographers and artists, which apps they would take with them on a unique desert island, that has wifi! We want to know exactly what apps are really on their radar and why. As well as eight apps, we have also allowed each artist to select a book and a luxury object on this luxury journey. Kicking us off with our third issue of this section, is non other than the highly talented Kerry Mitchell from the United States.

“So I’m off to a desert island with my eight apps, a luxury item and a book. What an adventure. Joanne doesn’t know, but I also snuck in sunscreen!”


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Pixelmator – Mac Photography Software – Giveaway – Worth $29.95/£22.95


At TheAppWhisperer.com we focus on mobile photography and mobile art but we also love to giveaway related products of interest to our readers. These include digital books, printed books, smartphones (yes we give these away), hardware and iOS apps.

Today, the developers of Pixelmator for Mac have updated their app. It now has support for the new Photos app, pressure sensitive painting on MacBooks with the Force Touch trackpad, and up to 5 times faster Repair tool. You can follow the link here, to view a video of the new Repair Tool in action.

Pixelmator for Mac retails for $29.95/£22.95 and we have promotional codes to share with you. If you would like to be in with a chance to win a promotional code for Pixelmator we would like you to like us on Facebook (here), follow us on Twitter (here) – and most importantly reply to this post and tell us what you love most about TheAppWhisperer.com. We’ll enter your email address into our magical hat and if you’re a winner you will find a promo code sitting in your inbox very soon.

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Tiny Planet Photos – Updated


Tiny Planet Photos turns your photos into a sphere so that it looks like a tiny planet. A magical effect that will impress your friends! You can also reverse the effect and create a tiny tube. The app creates stereographic projections, a technique that usually takes a long time to create manually. With the app … Read moreTiny Planet Photos – Updated

Top 10 Price Drops For iPad Photography Apps


As you may be aware developers are constantly updating their apps to add new features or fix bugs. One thing developers also do quite often is drop their prices to try to drive additional trade and popularity to their apps. I’ve listed the very latest, as of this moment, top 10 reduced iPad photography apps … Read moreTop 10 Price Drops For iPad Photography Apps

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