Mobile Photographer Nico Brons Joins The World’s Largest Collection of Mobile Photographers and Artists At TheAppWhisperer


We are delighted to welcome Nico Brons’ Portfolio to our Mobile Photographer and Artist Portfolio Directory. We are building the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of mobile photographers and mobile artists in the world. Of course, that’s only apt as we are the most popular mobile photography and art website in the world. Take a look at the link below, you will see a description of the artist, some sample images and if they have taken part in an interview or other projects for us, we have linked to those.

View Nico Brons’ Portfolio here

We will continue to build this and we need your help. If you would like to be included in this comprehensive director, viewed by millions of organisations throughout the world, then please submit a selection of twelve images, either an artist statement or description of your work and social media links. Send this information via WeTransfer or Dropbox to

This hugely popular section of is viewed internationally regularly by galleries, artists, editors, journalists, photographers, artists, newspapers, magazines, other websites and so many more.

Please also let me know if you would like to add your portfolio but are worried about writing your own Artist Statement for whatever project, I can help!


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The force of art is the single most important fuel for the entire world. And yet, the single thing artists have in common with other artists today, is additional employment*. Simply because the value of art has become harder to elevate. Influential artists today, are as yesterday, grounded, with their sights set beyond the advancement of their own careers but on continued development, utilising their status to extend their network to help others. TheAppWhisperer was built almost ten years ago and continues to thrive and support a viral network of mobile photographers and artists throughout the world. Without the support of our donors, our economic engine would die out. And that’s the case for so many artists in the world today, more so than ever before, the explosion of social media and social networks have helped create notoriety for many artists but not necessarily helped them to pay their bills.

One of the many areas of art that I personally love to explore is writing about photographers and their art, as I have done so many times for Vogue and a host of international and national titles. But to find an outlet that will pay me, what is needed to create such as article has now become extinct. My articles at Vogue are timeless, they’re beautiful, they’re profound and they bring me huge inner strength and pride. Many photographers use my quotes in their work thereafter, elevating their own photography to new heights and that fuels my passion. Take a look here as just one example.  I know personally many other gifted artists who continue to struggle to be paid, in fact my email box has began to overflow with tales of artists writing to me of their deepest depression, particularly at this time of year, and that’s so wrong, it vexes me.

Another thing I am hugely proud of is our Online Gallery and Print Sales store. We built this from the ground up, and we feature Award Winning Mobile Artists from around the world. Each collection is meticulously scrutinised before we accept the artist, because we know it’s only the highest levels of art that Collectors will purchase. And we also know that it’s the Collectors who are the single most important force in the art world. Take a look at our Online Gallery here. Why not select some art for purchase? Help and support these artists who give their all.

I am proud of so many things we do at TheAppWhisperer, not least and including our Mobile Photographer & Mobile Artist Portfolio. This is the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of mobile photographers and mobile artists throughout the world and we are constantly updating this. Take a look here.

The British as a nation do not like to ask for help and support, our stiff upper lip, keep calm, carry on, mentality is our ethos but that’s no longer enough anymore. We need to make a stand, for all of us.

If you would like us to continue to deliver the very best mobile photography journalism that you have learned to love and the world needs. Then please consider supporting us with either a recurring commitment or a single contribution whenever you can. Each contribution is highly prized and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

If you’re a media outlet and you would like to employ my writing skills, please get in touch, #letsvalueallartists


*’What do most artists have in common? A second job‘ The Guardian, Zofia Niemtus, 18/12/18

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Mini Mobile Portfolio Review (MMPR) – Alon Goldsmith


I am delighted to publish in full our latest Mini Mobile Portfolio Review (MMPR), this time for Alon Goldsmith.  As we mentioned in our original post for this new section, see here, we are committed and most of all deeply passionate about mobile photography and mobile art and we have been a leading force in this area for many years.

Our new MMPR section is a fully confidential service, unless the artist agrees for us to publish the review, as in this case with Alon.  Miranda Gavin is our editor for this section, she is a writer, blogger, editor, educator and photographer.  She regularly reviews professional portfolios – Photomonth (2009-12), Renaissance Photography Prize (2013-2014) and Brighton Photo Fringe (2014)  as well as visits student degree shows  – University of Derby, (2011-14); University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, 2013-14; University of Norwich, 2011.  Miranda has a BA (Hons) in Photography (University of Westminster) and a Master of Research from London Consortium (Birbeck) in Humanities and Cultural Studies (2008).

We are offering MMPR’s for free as we gauge interest, take up and time. You will see from the one below that each is limited to approximately 500 words.  If you would like a more in-depth Portfolio Review, we can do this but will have to make a charge.  We welcome your feedback!

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Scott Kelby Reveals His Favorite iPad Portfolio App


Scott Kelby is, as many of our readers will know a photographer, designer and award-winning author of more than 50 books. Most of these books are based on Photoshop and the reason for that is that Kelby is editor and publisher of Photoshop User and Layers magazines as wel as co-founder of the National Association … Read more Scott Kelby Reveals His Favorite iPad Portfolio App

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