Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – 12 October 2014


Oh yes! It’s another incredibly fabulous week for mobile photography and art – check out this showcase! It’s incredible and packed to the brim with hugely strong work from all around the world.

If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group, for this section, here

With many thanks to our Flickr Group Showcase Sponsors –

Each image can be viewed on Flickr by clicking on the relevant artist below:

Shel Serkin, Cattis C, Geri Centonze, Cattis C, Cathrine Halsor, livenotonevil, mutablend, JeSaFoto, Erika Brothers, Jeffrey Simpson, borisbschulz2009, Roger Guetta, Federica Corbelli, Susanne, Riel Noir, Petyr Campos, Cristian Margarita, Jane Schultz, Jesús Arboleya,  Susan Rennie, Jennifer Bracewell, Lee Atwell, Izumi Horaguchi, Carolyn Hall Young,  Robin Sacknoff, Thomas Toft, Kristie, Elsa Brenner, Vanessa Vox, Sara Augenbraun, Albion Harrison-Naish, Chris Harland, Diana Nicholoette Jeon, Keisuke Takahashi, Gianluca Ricoveri, Beezzz_, Giancarlo Beltrame, Kristie, Susan Blase, Juta Jazz, mo, Tuba, nicjusz, Matt DeVore, Margherita Maniscalco,BlemishedEye, Vivi, Elaine, Lorenka Campos, Tania Konnerth, Ingrid Brun, Tomaso Belloni, Yannick Brice, Ade Santora, Brett Chenoweth, Luison

17 thoughts on “Flickr Group Showcase – TheAppWhisperer (TAW) – 12 October 2014”

  1. So well done! Many thanks for the time, energy and talent you constantly iinvest, Joanne, in curating the works, and constructing the showcase. Brava! I am encouraged and happy to see my piece shown with a group of people whose art I respect.

  2. It was over before I wanted it to be! Such an emotionally charged showcase. Thank you for including my image “Songstress”. I know the time it takes to curate and put together these showcases and I just want to tell you thank you for all that you do!

  3. Thanks so much Joanne. It’s an honor to me that you have selected my work and be next to these amazing works of these great artists.

  4. Thank you, Joanne, for featuring one of my pics once more! Truly honored! (you forgot to add my name to the list of names and tags above… 😉

  5. Thank you, Joanne, for featuring one of my pics once more! Truly honored! (you forgot to add my name to the list of names and tags above, by the way… 😉

  6. Absolutely gorgeous showcase, Joanne! Congratulations to all! Very honored to be included – thank you!


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