What does your Work say about Mobile Photography/Mobile Art” with Giulia Baita from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


Today, we are publishing a brand new TrueView Interview video, this time with the talented Mobile Photographer, Mobile Artist and co-editor of our Mobile Movies Column Giulia Baita from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. We asked her, “What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile Art?”. Please watch the video and enjoy her answer. Baita has answered the question fluently in Italian and we have provided the English translation below.

This is a new section to TheAppWhisperer, we are so proud of all the wonderful artists who are contributing to our new section, ‘TrueView Interviews‘ is where we ask one singular question ‘What does your work say about Mobile Photography and/or Art?’ and it’s captured to video. This is such an exciting area, so many of you are working on your videos right now, we all want to see and hear you, what a joy and privilege it is. Thank you so much.

TrueView Interview

English Translation

“My name is Giulia Baita and I participate in the TrueView interview series where Joanne asked all of us to answer the  following question “What does your work say about Mobile Art or Mobile Photography?”. Meanwhile, I do not know if mine is art. Surely I really like Art. I drew when I was a kid. I stopped for a little bit of time, but I have always studied Art and certainly all the photos I’ve seen in my time and all the Art which I made has remained in my mind. When I fell in love with Mobile Art and Mobile Photography all this came out and a passion was born. A passion that brings me back, for some years, to do new things, to look for something that inspires me, that makes me feel good too.

The question is just “What does your work say about Mobile Photography or Mobile Art?”. I think my images speak much of Sardinia because it is what I see around me. And then the blue sky, the emerald green sea, our white beaches and the sea that the world envies us because it is so beautiful. Surely, it comes to all of this and then maybe even the wind which is a characteristic of Sardinia. Because I think that often in my images there is wind, there is movement. And then the dream. Because the fantasy, the dream, the imagination are part of me always. I think this comes out, that you see in my pictures. I still think there is something else: the sunshine, smile, friendliness that I think to transmit and maybe it is part of me also. I think my pictures are this often, smiling, solar, positive or, at least, I’d like them to be this.

Thank you all … all the friends who follow me … who love me… and a really special kiss to Joanne!

Ciao!” ❤️

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