TheAppWhisperer Introduces The World’s Largest Mobile Photographer & Artist Portfolio Directory


England – United Kingdom – October 2016 – TheAppWhisperer, the world’s most popular and trusted mobile photography and art website has announced the launch of what will become the most comprehensive portfolio database of mobile photographers and artists in the world.

TheAppWhisperer has launched the Artist Directory, each individual artist is portrayed with an artist statement, a lightbox view of twelve images and a link to their own website or design page. Many artists who have taken part in the incredibly popular TrueView Video interview session of mobile art and photographic specific questions, have also had their videos added to this directory.

For the viewer, the Artist Directory is accessible from the top bar homepage of TheAppWhisperer, on either mobile or desktop devices. It is possible to search for an artist via their name in the search box, or by art genre. For example, typing in Street, Art, Macro, Landscape, Portraiture, Macro, Photography – will find artists that specialise in those specific areas.

The feedback for this new enterprise has been overwhelming. Jane Schultz an incredibly talented mobile artist expressed; “…what you do is enormously important. It validates and spreads our genre as a form of art, as something real, and provides an understanding to those who lack it. And you deserve the recognition (thankfully you get it) as you put out a quality, consistent and diverse showing of the field”.

So many professional mobile artists are excited and motivated by this new initiative:

“Thank you so much for this huge undertaking, so very honored to be included” expressed Lorenka Campos.  “You’re amazing Joanne, this community is lucky to have your efforts and unwavering support!”, Bobbi McMurry. “Thank you for the time and energy you put into the mobile art world and the work of mobile artists and photographers. Honored”, Diana Nicholette Jeon.  “Thank you so much for compiling this and for including my work. I really do appreciate it”, Lisa Mitchell. “That’s a great project. You never stop moving forward with many amazing and fresh ideas. Congratulations and many thanks for your efforts”, Juta Jazz.  “Wonderful! Another amazing thing you do”, Kate Zari Roberts. “Absolutely fabulous – your tireless work for the mobile community is so appreciated. Honored to be included”, Lee Atwell.




TheAppWhisperer is adding artists everyday, to this globally and professionally acknowledged database. If you would like to be included, email via Dropbox or WeTransfer to with your twelve selected images, artist statement and link to your own page and you will be added.

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About TheAppWhisperer

Created by Joanne Carter a Professional Journalist and Photographer, TheAppWhisperer is the most popular and trusted mobile photography and art website in the world. With a team of over twenty editors, TheAppWhisperer has built a global reputation, recognising and curating the very best mobile photography and art in the industry. TheAppWhisperer has become a tool of reference for many of the imaging industry’s press, manufacturers and photography magazines and specialised websites. It represents the pinnacle of mobile photography and art and continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, every single day.


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