TheAppWhisperer Introduces The World’s Largest Mobile Photographer & Artist Portfolio Directory


England – United Kingdom – October 2016 – TheAppWhisperer, the world’s most popular and trusted mobile photography and art website has announced the launch of what will become the most comprehensive portfolio database of mobile photographers and artists in the world.

TheAppWhisperer has launched the Artist Directory, each individual artist is portrayed with an artist statement, a lightbox view of twelve images and a link to their own website or design page. Many artists who have taken part in the incredibly popular TrueView Video interview session of mobile art and photographic specific questions, have also had their videos added to this directory.

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Mobile Photography – Portrait of an Artist – Seventeenth Video Showcase – TheAppWhisperer


Welcome to our seventeenth Portrait of an Artist Showcase! This Showcase complements our Portrait of an Artist Column edited by Ile Mont. Every two weeks Mont will review and curate work that has been submitted to our dedicated Flickr group. In addition, we will create a showcase video which features a sampling of submitted work, we will also highlight a few images that have caught our attention… offering some thoughtful commentary about technique, composition and subject matter.

If you are not a member of our Facebook group… we highly recommend that you join us! This is our space for sharing newsworthy information and conducting discussions (what, when, where, why and how) regarding mobile portraiture and portraiture in general.

Please join our Facebook group for information sharing/discussions (link here)

Please upload your portraiture images to our Flickr Group for fortnightly showcase submissions (link here)

We hope you enjoy this weeks’ showcase…Many congratulations to all the artists featured this week, links to their images can be found below:

Damian De Souza, Luison – Lrh, Brett Chenoweth, Jennifer Henriksen, Kirsten Fenton, Angie Lambert, Riel Noir, Connie Gardner Rosenthal, Gillian Brodie, Diana Nicolette Jeon, Andrea Koerner, Ade Santora, Eliza Badoiu, Juta Jazz, Vanessa Vox, Giancarlo Beltrame, Lorenka Campos, Bobbi McMurry, Pat Brown, columnsovsleep, before.1st.light – Jane Schultz, Eliza Badoiu, Elaine Taylor, TheiPhoneArtGirl – Meri Walker

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Mobile Art – APPart Interview with Bobbi McMurry by Diana Nicholette Jeon


I am truly delighted to publish this eloquent interview with our APPart Editor, Bobbi McMurry by talented mobile artist Diana Nicholette Jeon. Jeon walks McMurry through our serious and diverse interview questions and does more than lift the lid and spill the beans; she enables McMurry to stand outside of herself and revel in her sensational mobile art. Once read, it leaves us feeeling consoled, affirmed and grateful; this is truth-telling, Jeon outstretches her hand and we take it.

Many thanks to you both Bobbi and Diana for this interview. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

“Over the course of the past year, I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Bobbi McMurry. A similarity in approach and subject matter in our work initiated it, but an amiable camaraderie cemented it. I remain awed by her insightful commentary on the work in the showcases she curates, and her choices of artists to interview. And her work. Her work! It’s so strong and compelling, and distinctly of her. All this got me thinking about how she spends so much time giving attention to other people, and that it was, perhaps, time for the spotlight to shine on Bobbi herself. So I contacted Joanne Carter and asked if I might interview Bobbi, if both were amenable. They were.

Thank you Joanne, for the opportunity to let us know more about Bobbi. And thank you, Bobbi, for sharing so unflinchingly about your life and work. I hope everyone else enjoys this as much as I did”.

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TrueView Interview – What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile Art?” with Gizem Karayavuz from Istanbul


Today, we are publishing a brand new TrueView Interview video, this time with the very beautiful and talented Mobile Photographer and Artist Gizem Karayavuz from Istanbul.  We asked her, “What does your Work say about Mobile Photography and/or Mobile Art?”.  Please watch the video and enjoy her answer…

This is a new section to TheAppWhisperer, we are so proud of all the wonderful artists who are contributing to our new section, ‘TrueView Interviews‘ is where we ask one singular question ‘What does your work say about Mobile Photography and/or Art?’ and it’s captured to video. This is such an exciting area, so many of you are working on your videos right now, we all want to see and hear you, what a joy and privilege it is. Thank you so much.

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Mobile Photography – Flickr Group Showcase – 5 April 2015 – TheAppWhisperer


Happy Easter everyone! Wishing you all a beautiful day, I hope this fabulous showcase of incredible mobile photography and art from all around the world, makes it even better!

If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group, for this section, here

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week:

BlemishedEye – David Booker, Louise Whiting, Elsa Brenner, Waldemar Blazej Nowak, Susan Rennie, Marco Lamberto, Jormain Cady, Mark Walton1, Elaine, Lorenka Campos, Roger Guetta, Stef LP, Lee Atwell, Jane Schultz, Benedetta Falugi, Roy Moore, Vanessa Vox, Sara Tune, Cary Larrabee, Veronica Hassell, Agneieszka Domanska, Brett Chenoweth, burgenschenker, Davide Capponi, Armineh Hovanesian, Donna Donato,  Shel Serkin, Nick Kenrick, Michelle Robinson, Keith Kwok, William Reyes, Trish G, Tuba, Giulia Baita, Robin Sacknoff, _fireandrain_, Damian De Souza, Juta Jazz, Jun Yamaguchi, Michal Koralewski, Beezzz_, Brendan O Se, Carolyn Hall Young, Christine Mignon, Susan Blase, Alain Goldfarb, Patricia Januszkiewicz, Bruno Ribeiro, Jane Schultz, Meri Walker, Gianluca Ricoveri, Image Artistry, Diana Nicolette Jeon, karma o, Giancarlo Beltrame, Marzia Bellini, Jamel van de Pas, Angie Johnson, Ryan Vaarsi, Magikphil, Ade Santora, Aylin Argun, Rene Valencia, Ginger Lucero, Jennifer Henriksen, dr pajchiwo, Bobbi McMurry,Jennifer A Thomas,

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Pic of the Day (58) – via Instagram – TheAppWhisperer


Here’s day fifty eight of our new Pic of the Day section via Instagram.  Each day we will be selecting one image a day for our Pic of the Day section on Instagram with this hashtag – #theappwhisperer. Furthermore, each month we will also offer an overall prize to the image that receives the most love.

To ensure your image receives our attention, please upload it to Instagram with this hashtag – #theappwhisperer

Today, we congratulate @diananicholettejeon – with this wonderful image ‘Putting on the game face

Please also check out her Instagram feed, it’s full of inspiring images

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