‘iPhones and GoPros To Change Filmmaking’ – Pixar’s co-founder Reports


Interesting report in TheVerge today via John Lasseter’s (Pixar co-founder) regarding iPhone and GoPro being the next ‘big thing’ for movies..

“Pixar co-founder John Lasseter says the next big thing for movies is the iPhone, the GoPro, and the other tiny cameras that we’re all carrying around. He even expects to see award-winning feature films made with them some day. “People will tell you, ‘That’s not going to work,’ but yeah, that’s going to work,” Lasseter said during a panel on modern film audiences at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, according to Variety. “But the reason they say that is because it’s not what they are used to.” There’s good reason to trust Lasseter when it comes to disruptive film technologies: as the director of Toy Story, he pretty much proved the value of computer-animated movies.

Of course, Lasseter’s predictions are really already here, at least to a small extent. One of the buzzier films at Sundance this year, Tangerine, was shot almost entirely using an iPhone 5S; Park Chan-wook, the director of Oldboy, shot a short film using an iPhone 4 several years back; and GoPro is already operating an online channel of videos — including short films — shot on its cameras. Those films may not be the type of award-winning features that Lasseter expects to see, but it’s already proof that filmmakers are picking up these new tools and creating some incredible work with them”. Read more here…

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The GoPro Camera For The Visually Impaired Photographer – TheAppWhisperer


We are delighted to publish our latest article to our Photo Education & Accessibility.There are many photographers and artists with special needs, whether this relates to visual issues even bordering on blindness (yes it’s true), to deafness (something that I have) to many other difficulties that people experience, these include mental health issues, physical issues and more. We want to ensure that whatever your difficulty you can still enjoy photography and art, it’s so therapeutic.

Our Photo Education & Accessibility Editor, Luis Perez is an Apple Distinguished Educator whose work focuses on accessibility and inclusive design. He received his doctorate in special education from the University of South Florida in 2013 and is the author of Mobile Learning for All from Corwin Press. His work has appeared in THE Journal, The Loop Magazine, and the New York Times Bits Blog.

Luis is also partially sighted and ironically he turned to photography as a result of his vision loss. This is what we are embracing, we want to help you to enjoy photography and art and to ensure you are able to access it with all the knowledge we can provide.

This time Luis takes a look at the GoPro cameras for people with disabilities, it’s such an uplifting article, please enjoy…over to you Luis (foreword by Joanne Carter).

“As many of you who follow me online know, I am very passionate about photography and the possibilities it presents to us as people with disabilities to tell our own stories and exercise our creativity. I love to use my iPhone to take photos because it incorporates so many accessibility features that help me with my photography, such as Zoom, VoiceOver and Invert Colors. However, I am always looking for new options to expand my photographic horizons and the GoPro action camera is one such option that has fascinated me for some time. I believe that just because you have a disability it doesn’t mean you should not be able to ski, sky dive, or do anything else you set your mind to doing, and the GoPro has become the go-to camera when it comes to action sports and an active lifestyle.

I started out with the  least expensive option in the GoPro lineup, the new entry-level Hero which retails for $129.  However, after about a week with the camera, I returned it and opted for the older Hero 3 white model, which is think is a better fit for my needs. The new entry-level Hero has a number of shortcomings due to its low price and limited feature set. However, if you’re an educator looking for an inexpensive camera for recording classroom activities (science experiments, plays and performances, etc) this is a nice camera and there are ways to get around its limitations…”

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Tiffen’s New Steadicam CURVE Captures the Action and Attention of GoPro HERO Users


The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning digital imaging accessories, today announced the availability of its new Steadicam® CURVE™ for GoPro® HERO® camera stabilizer system. Making its official launch at CES 2014 in Tiffen booth 9143, which is located right next to the GoPro booth in Central Hall, Steadicam CURVE for GoPro HERO is … Read more Tiffen’s New Steadicam CURVE Captures the Action and Attention of GoPro HERO Users

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