iOS Photography Tutorial – Hallows Eve, and a Two-Year Celebration by Jerry Jobe



We are delighted to publish our latest iOS Photography Tutorial by Jerry Jobe. This week Jerry topically writes about Hallows Eve, an app you will most likely want to utilise this coming weekend. Jerry is also marking a two year anniversary of tutorial writing and we have linked to the apps that we have published at the end of this article. Jerry has been incredibly busy and we are sure you’ve all enjoyed each tutorial immensely, we certainly have, they represent an invaluable archive, thank you Jerry. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).

Hallows Eve retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here

“On November 7, 2012, I published my first tutorial on Hipstamatic. As I approached the anniversary, I had a request from The App Whisperer site, which also publishes my tutorials (since late July 2013) to do a large set of tutorials in the new app Pixelmator. That will follow in ensuing weeks, but I needed to mark the anniversary first; therefore, I am “celebrating” a bit early. At the end of the article you will find a list of the apps I have covered in the last year. You’ll find that my weekly tutorials have resulted in fewer than 52 apps covered. That is because I had several multi-part tutorials, several procedurals, and quite a few additional tutorials on apps I covered the year before, such as iColorama and Paint FX.

Last year on the anniversary I covered major changes to several apps, because those updates, while not making the tutorials obsolete, required additional explanation. Snapseed, Big Lens, and the Brain Fever apps like LensLight and LensFlare had changed substantially in 2013. There were no major updates among the apps I’ve covered in 2014, so instead I’ll talk about Hallows Eve, a new entry by JixiPix that you might get a chance to use in the next few days before the holiday is upon us.

Hallows Eve is not a subtle effect; but by judicious use of blending in other apps a subtle effect can be achieved”

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Alien Sky – iPhone Photography Tutorial


There’s a new kid on the block from BrainFeverMedia, the developers of LensLight and LensFlare….Alien Sky. With this app one can, as the makers put it, “…create fantastic and futuristic visions…” through the use of the app’s collection of space objects and lens flares. The interface of Alien Sky is just like LensLight and LensFlare … Read more Alien Sky – iPhone Photography Tutorial

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