Weekend of Mobile Photography/Art with Fiona Christian


Last weekend you may recall that we posted our first in a new series of articles entitled ‘Weekend of Mobile Photography/Art‘. That one was with Jerry Jobe and this time Fiona Christian tells all! Kicking us off this week is the one and only Fiona Christian with the most gorgeous images of England at its very best! Take a look…

All images ©Fiona Christian

“When Joanne asked me to write about what mobile photography and art I create at the weekends, I didn’t have an immediate answer.  During the week I work as an interior decorator but I’m usually a bit of a night owl, so I tend to do a lot of editing and creating during the late evening.

At weekends I’m often busy doing everything that I haven’t managed to do during the week: visiting customers, catching up on paperwork, doing the washing! But when there’s time, one of the best things about weekends, (when it isn’t raining) is that’s when I get to have an occasional day out with my family and visit local places of interest. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country where a wealth of stunning gardens, beaches and stately homes are on my doorstep.

Home is a tiny hamlet in East Sussex surrounded by country lanes, with views across the Rother and Dudwell Valleys. If we don’t have too much time to spare we can take a brief wander along our lane and through the surrounding fields and woodlands”.

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Weekend of Mobile Photography/Art with Jerry Jobe


Call me nosy, call me curious, call me innovative, call me stimulating, my husband calls me se.., ok let’s not go there 😉 As a Journalist I have an incredibly enquiring mind, I want to know everything and there’s never enough hours in the day to fulfill all of my desires, that’s how most days feel to me. However, the weekends are about to become even more fulfilling because we have a new section opening up here at TheAppWhisperer.com, called ‘Weekends of Mobile Photography and Art’. I want to know what you all get up to at the weekends, in respect of our favourite subject. Kicking us off this week is the one and only Jerry Jobe! Take a look…

All images ©Jerry Jobe

“Joanne Carter asked me to put together an article to outline what I do in mobile art on the weekend. I’m rather a strange choice, since I am retired, and weekends are not much different from weekdays. When I was writing weekly tutorials, I would gather my screenshots or rehearse a video prior to putting the article together on Monday. Since I no longer do that, my schedule is not limited to weekend/weekday work.

So, in order to get into the spirit of a weekend, I’m writing about what artwork helps me relax. For me, it’s starting with a blank canvas and creating abstracts. Playing with shape, color and texture appeals to me, and learning to use my apps in new and surprising ways is always a blast.


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