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Mobile Photography New Year Resolutions From Around The World! Part 2

At the beginning of the year it’s traditional to make a promise to oneself to improve in some way, this could be to improve finances, improve education, improve mental health, improve physical health and so on. We wanted to speak with mobile photographers, mobile artists, mobile hardware manufacturers and mobile photography app developers to find out what their New Year Resolutions for 2014 are. We have communicated with almost 80 people for this article, we would love to include everyone, but we simply can’t, we’d never finish. So please don’t be upset if you’re not in this article, you have not been forgotten, we’re very aware of who you are and will be making a huge effort to include you within our other articles in the near future.

We hope you enjoy this and find it inspiring, we certainly do…


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Egmont Van Dyck


Image – ‘Untitled’ – Egmont Van Dyck

“Most of my photographic projects are based around the use of a specific camera application or if I use Hipstamatic, then a specific lens and film combination, so that there is constancy between the images.

Currently in the planing and gathering stage is a project that most likely will take anywhere from eighteen months to two years to complete. It is based on tea cups and their previous owners who collected them. The limited information that I have been able to obtained is used to write a short story, which is then photographically illustrated.

My go to camera app’s will be PureShot and Hipstamatic and the images altered using Waterlogue, PhotoCopier and iColorama S. The results combined with the original photograph using Blender to achieve an ultra-realistic illustration.”


Vanessa Vox


Image ‘ ‘Falling to Fly’ – Vanessa Vox

2013 was a great year for me. In spite of my move to France I could stay in a creative flow. And not least because of the fantastic possibilities of mobile photo apps which I appreciate very much.

For 2014 I intend to explore the video apps for mobile artists. Experimenting totally free with footage and audio will be a great challenge.
Last but not least I’m very thankful for all the groups and pages like “The app whisperer” because it gives me the possibility to share my work with others and to discover wonderful new artists.

Contact details

Donna Donato


Image – Donna Donato

The 2014 resolutions have been composed and perfecting the art/craft of mobile photography is high on my list. It is my resolve to use more of the camera apps I’ve purchased and to try to disseminate my images to a wider audience’.


Kevin Kuster


Image/caption- ‘Kevin uses his iPhone 4S to photograph a newly married couple in the Philippines on Ilin island but might be looking for new mobile camera to love in 2014′

My New Years resolution for 2014 is to be more inclusive with my mobile photography. When I read the words mobile photography, I realize I have been a bit of a monogamous, hypocrite since adopting mobile photography almost two years ago.

To date, I have only shot the iPhone 4s and 5s. However, the more I read about what Samsung, HTC, Nokia and others are doing with their cell phone cameras, I am starting to realize I need to “play the field” a little more…you know, date several different mobile cameras and see how they can help expand my creative desires and passions.

I will always have a place in my heart for my iPhone since it was my first mobile camera love, however, who knows what I could be missing…different buttons, higher mega pixels, zooming capabilities, better in low light and even, dare I say it…exposure control! The possibilities and new features could be endless.

Now, if I could only figure out how to date a few different mobile camera manufacturers without always having to pick up the check BEFORE the date even begins. Anyone know of a good online mobile camera phone dating service I could try?’


Andrew B White


Image – Andrew B White

For me 2013 was a progression on 2012 in the way I shot, processed and shared. Simple shooting practices using pretty standard camera apps to capture a clear, focused shot which could be further processed later (or not). The filter-apps I frequently shot with (Hipstamatic, Oggl, ClassicCamera, ClassicToy) were used less and less. My Oggl experience was one of interest (experimenting with all the combos) and frustration (frequent crashes). It also virtually ended my use of the Hipstamatic app itself because I now had ‘choices’. Maybe in 2014 I will go back to using Hipstamatic as a way of limiting choices for the sake of better shots. Often when we are confronted with so many choices we don’t always make the best decisions. Photography is always about making a decision right there and then to get the best shot. In the case of Hipstamatic I always liked that finality (in fact some of my best Hipsta shots were back in the days when the app only allowed one shot at a time). So, 2014 – limit the choices!

In 2013 I was lucky enough to live in two different countries and shoot things that were entirely new to me. What I found was, despite the location, my style of shooting was still the same. This is something to consider for your own photography in 2014 – you are your own photographer. Don’t try and copy what other people do as a way of getting noticed or trying to fit a scene. Just do your thing. By all means, try new apps and techniques but if they don’t work for you, that’s cool – work with what does.

I also moved over into making short mobile films using the iPhone’s video capability. This is something I intend to expand on in 2014. It is great to see more photographers experimenting in this area. Maybe that’s something to add to your 2014 ‘to do list’ and see where it takes you.

I haven’t made any new hardware resolutions for 2014. I’m still pretty happy with my iPhone 4S. In 2013 none has really been able to differentiate between images taken on an iPhone 5S and a 4S, or even on supposedly ‘killer’ cameras on Droid and Windows phones. It still comes back to getting great shots. Apple’s next iPhone could offer some kind of significant photographic leap forward (I’m guessing it’ll be called the ‘iPhone Air’) but hardware (or lack of it) should not stop you from shooting great shots.

Finally, in 2013, due to my new location I was able to meet several fellow mobile photographers in person and share ideas. The online mobile community is one of the strengths of mobile photography but I encourage you to get together with fellow artists if you can – its a great experience.
So, in 2014, clear some space on your phone get shooting and show us what you got!’


Fiona Christian


Image – ‘Henny Penny’ – Fiona Christian

My New Year resolutions for 2014 will mainly involve Getting Organised. For years I’ve hoarded apps, often purchased on impulse and many never even used. This year I’m going to either learn to use them properly or delete them. My phone is full to bursting with stuff I don’t even know I’ve got!
I’ll be able to upgrade in February, so I don’t want to transfer all of my bad habits to my shiny new iPhone.

I shall also resolve to take pics more regularly, and clear out my photo album more often. Letting the camera roll fill up with over 9000 images can’t be good!

There are so many wonderful groups in this community. My final resolution is to pick out the ones I would like to be more active in and make time to do just that. Wish me luck!’


Gina Costa


Image – Gina Costa

‘Mobile photography has altered the discourse of image-making, transforming the role of photography in our lives and in the way we define what can be a photograph. The power of mobile photography to expand this discourse is yet to be fully realized. My hope for the new year, for myself and my colleagues in this important movement and conversation, is to expand the discourse — by harnessing the possibilities of manipulating/ apping images, in order to explore the full potential and power that exists in these apping tools. Personally, I wish to slow down my busy life, to retread the many remarkable tutorials and interviews, and really examine and experiment with what can be done with mobile technology applications. Images can create social, political, and cultural change. As a mobile community, I hope we can move toward a role in evincing some sort of change for some good with the images we create and share. We have this power to do something remarkable with these tools. May 2014 expand the discourse, and may this community be an agent for positive change in our communities, cities, countries, and beyond.

Thank you to Joanne Carter and Theappwhisperer for being a remarkable and vital force in our mobile community.’


Andrea Bigiarini


Image – ‘Princess Lupina III Mob Fiction Sport’ – Andrea Bigiarini

My proposition for the new year?


That’s it’


Anne-Martine Parent


Image – ‘Lexington & East 45th’ – Anne-Martine Parent

I quit making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago, because they were too easily forgotten; I prefer to make resolutions when I need to, be it in March or in August. However, there are certain things that I wish for in 2014, resolutions that I’ve already made but that I have to work on, both in my life and in mobile photography.

First, to be more patient, as well as when I shoot (especially in the street), as when I edit. Second, in the editing process, do only what the image needs, using as little apps as necessary, keeping things simple. And finally, when it is appropriate, embrace the blur and the grain, in B&W or in colours, in photography and in life – because life is blurry and grainy. Happy New Year to everyone, and best wishes for 2014!’


Louise Fryer


Image -‘Untitled’ – Louise Fryer

‘2013 has been the year where I have fully embraced the whole concept of mobile photography and learnt such a lot from other photographers. in 2014 I would like to move away from street photography and learn a lot more about collages and conceptual imagery. I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Creative 2014!’


Star Rush


Image – ‘Untitled’ – Seattle, 2013 iPhone 5 – Star Rush

My goals for the new year is to continue to hone my craft, trying to wrap up a few long-standing documentary projects, and find time to explore new places.
Happy New Year! ‘


Petyr Campos


Image – Petyr Campos

I don’t typically make resolutions for myself, but here are some goals I have for the coming year as it pertains to mobile photography.

I plan on attending more music concerts. My goal is to discover and develop effective techniques for shooting concerts with the iPhone under challenging lighting conditions. The use of the olloclip zoom lens should allow me to get closer to my subjects.

Another is to study the work of other photographers, particularly mobile photographers more intently. To appreciate their work and to better understand their techniques, color palettes, composition and how they effectively use them to create their artwork.

My third and final resolution is to develop more conceptual work. I want to challenge myself to think differently as an artist and create images that are unique and thought provoking. Understanding the full use of Apps such as Leonardo, PhotoCopier, Deco Sketch and Tangled FX should hopefully help me accomplish this goal’.


MaryJane Sarvis


Image – MaryJane Sarvis

This past year the addition of Oggl helped me to focus on my shooting. Then I became extremely involved with my new printing on fabric systems and therefore design apps, mostly Procreate and Decim8, have had my complete attention. Meanwhile I was longing to be shooting still life and nature. So my resolution involves balance between the design factor and a more purely shooting aspect. I miss going out at dawn or sunset looking at light and it’s effects. I may even start to occasionally haul my dslr along. There’s those times where I want a long lens and higher resolution. Elements from nature can become building blocks to design repeats and it’s time to explore that again. So it’s both aspects but a plan to bump up my skills and attention to light and composition.

I have to add that the recently released apps such as Fragments and Frax to name two have been really exciting additions to both design and photography.

One more – I had almost stopped posting to Flickr and IPA etc., frustrated by terrible net connection. Now that I’m really online I need to post once a week or more. It’s a good habit for exposure and to keep up with all the great work out there’.


Rhonda Forsberg


Image – Rhonda Forsberg

It’s been two years since I first started using my iPhone as a camera. It was so refreshing after carting around my big Nikon. I’ve gotten away from it a little because I do use my dslr in my business but for the new year I have resolved to set aside one day a week and only use my phone for art making. I want to do more exploration in the area of compositing images and layering. Also experiment with color a little more and push myself into areas I don’t normally venture into to experience some growth. So as I put the old year behind me and a new year awaits I anxiously walk into with my eyes open and my camera in my pocket’.


Jennifer Bracewell


Image – ‘Selfie’ – Jennifer Bracewell

‘Well, 2013 was quite a year for me! I had two surgeries, two cancer scares, and a son in a wheelchair.. I’m so thankful that everyone is now well and in the clear and that we are coming up on the New Year, which I always think of as a fresh start, a hopeful beginning.

I would really like to get out and shoot every day this year, no matter what. I used to do so and didn’t have the chance to get out much in 2013. So, I think I’ll make that a rule for myself. I want to focus on composition, technique and lighting and less on editing. I’ve started to do this already. I will still do some conceptual pieces but would like to plan those instead of just shuffling through my camera roll and putting things together. That can be fun, too, but I want to do some thought-out series. I’d like to develop more confidence in my work and to do what I love without worrying if others will hate it. I am known for doing self-portraits. I’d like to put those behind me for the most part and look outward into the world instead of inward and searching. Many of those portraits are the product of being stuck and unable to get out and shoot.

So beaches, mountains, redwoods, all the wonderful places in California, I’ll be visiting this year, landscapes with a dark twist might be the thing in 2014.

On a personal note, I’m going to volunteer for Meals on Wheels, delivering meals to the elderly at their homes. There are so many lonely, hungry seniors in the Bay Area. I think that’d be a good way that I could make a small difference. I’ll probably bring my friendly little dog along if they allow it.

I am so thankful for all you do, Joanne, and for this community, which you’ve helped unify. All the best to you and yours in 2014. Xox!’


Jack Hollingsworth


Image – ‘Selfie’ – Jack Hollingsworth

“who’d have thunk it”

who’d have thunk that a 30 year commercial career photography veteran
with more awards and publishing credits that most get in a lifetime
would find, in the twilight of his career, a full-blown obsession with iPhone Photography?

yep, that’s me.

because of my beloved iPhone, i am more connected to my core photography
than i have ever been in my career.

even more to the point…i’m more connected to myself as an artist photographer.

i’m not a little obsessed…
i’m crazy, over-the top preoccupied with creating and sharing memories, moments, and art

who’d have thunk it

the iPhone, as a capture device, has literally changed everything about photography for me.
it has changed what i shoot, where i shoot, who i shoot, how i shoot, even why i shoot.

for the first time, in a very long time, i am able to shoot everyday beauty in fulfilling and satisfying ways.

i am not a journalist or documentarian.
i am not out to influence world opinion, change behavior, advocate an agenda

i am out to shoot for myself and for those that , like me, appreciate the fine art in life.

the iPhone, as a capture device, is helping me achieve this goal.

my wish both for myself and for all those out there that love the mobile experience
is to embrace smartphone photography with all that is in you.

life is a photo opp.
seize the day.
mememto mori

who’d have thunk it:)’


Jerry Jobe


Image – ‘Selfie’ – Jerry Jobe

I’m not much for making resolutions – looking into an uncertain future and trying to force it to be something it isn’t. But there are certain things I urgently need to do. As a writer of mobile photography tutorials, I need to get out and take more shots! (Typical of all of us, I know.) Day after day, I see great street scenes, portraits and landscapes published by friends and people I admire. My eye is never going to be trained to see the same things in my own neighborhood if I don’t get out there and shoot. And I need those shots to cover all the apps I need to explain!’


David Hayes


Image – ‘The other side’ – David Hayes

‘One should always look back at the prior year in order to make resolutions for the upcoming New Year. So humor me as I do this first. The year 2013 was actually a very good year for my family and myself. Our two grown daughters finally were able to leave home and are living on their own quite happily. This allowed my wife and I to begin the newest chapter in our lives…we’ve moved into a brand new townhouse in a charming “historic” town with a beautiful river running just blocks from our new home. And…with the daughters on their own we also decided to bring a Brittany spaniel puppy into our lives…and so the fun begins!

Professionally, I saw my “art” grow and mature even more. My images are gathering new attention by leaps and bound and I find them showcased in “all the right places” on a frequent basis. I very pleased by all of this to say the least.

Now then…resolved: 2014. (Hmmm. I will have to admit that I had given this much thought until this very moment! Usually I have a list of resolutions and new projects all made up weeks ago. I take this to be a good sign…that I’m living more in the moment than looking to the future…but I digress.) So…resolved: 2014

  1. To embrace the newest life chapter to the fullest…to become as involved in my new hometown as I can. And one way to do this is to explore it with my camera(s). Which means more street-photography-realism in my photo stream.
  2. I have always had a surrealistic streak in me so I resolve to work in this genre more…both as an iphoneographer and as an artist. So expect to see more of this imagery.
  3. I need to return to my roots as a photographer…so I’ll be digging out my film and digital cameras more often…and using all the high powered photo-editing software I have. (Don’t worry…I’ll always give full disclosure when I do…don’t mean to worry the purist out there.)
  4. Speaking of apps…I have so many…too many actually. Time to slow down and fully explore what I have. No more apps unless I can be convinced that a particular app is truly a must-have.
  5. Finally…I will try my hand at self-publishing via Blurb or other avenues…and I will make at least one video.

There. These resolutions should keep me fully engaged in 2014. Exciting actually. (Oh one more…I think I’ll grow a beard. Look for the selfies. This could be fun!!)

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s wishing you and yours the best year ever!!!’


Souichi Furusho


Image – ‘Next’ – Souichi Furusho

A New Year. There is no end in living. To the next’.


iColorama Community


2013 was a great year for iPhoneography with more creators joining the mobile art, new exciting apps and new shining devices.

I’m sure that 2014 will be a fantastic year. As a developer I’m excited on what will become possible and how I will continue to fulfill the artists’ expectations.
At the end, artist are the real stars, each shining with unique creativity, techniques and colors, inspiring the rest of us and making this world more beautiful)
I wish all of you, involved in this art, a new creative year 2014, brighter!’

App link

Cara Gallardo Weil


Image – ‘Sunrise’ – Cara Gallardo Weil

In 2014 would like to try to find more time to explore some new apps. My time this year seemed to be so limited, so I just stuck to my favourites – my tried and tested apps, namely Hipstamatic, Oggl (which I love because I can change lens and film after I’ve taken the shot), Snapseed, XnView FX, Photocopier,Vivid HDR and Blender. I don’t think I did much apping at all this year but perhaps 2013 was more about improving my composition and just developing my basic skills. Next year I would like to explore the new apps that are sitting on my phone – SlowShutter, Mextures, imaengine, Waterlogue and Fragment and revisit some old apps too like Repix, Juxtaposer and Glaze. It would be nice to find time to do more appstracts as well – as it is something I really enjoy but I find it needs a lot of time for experimenting. Happy new year to the Appwhisperer! And a big thank you Joanne Carter and all the contributors. I look forward to seeing what the Appwhisperer has in store for us in 2014!’


Nettie Edwards/Lumilyon


Image – ‘Contemplating the Arc’ – Nettie Edwards/Lumilyon

‘I like to begin each new year with a massive chuck-out. This helps clear my head mentally and make space for new ideas. So, I’m going to blitz my studio. Having cleared the decks, I intend to make lots of mess, working with “live” media and a some smelly chemicals. To further reconnect my body and brain, I’m going to try to get back into the habit of sketching once a day: this could be on the back of envelopes or till receipts, or on my  iPhone and iPad (I especially love the simplicity of the iPhone app Zen Brush)

Another Art school habit I’d like to reinstate is keeping a creative notebook: jotting down ideas and pasting pictures of things that inspire me. When I do this digitally, I use an iPad app named NoteShelf. I’m hoping that these habits will help me to keep in touch with how my mind is working and inspire me when I’m feeling blocked. To push myself out of my comfort zone, I intend to delve regularly into the creative prompts provided by an app named OkDoThis‘.


Amadou Diallo


Image – ‘Downtown Seattle, 2013’ – Amadou Diallo

In 2013 I completed a photo-a-day project using my iPhone and a small handful of camera apps. The challenge of finding something interesting to photograph on a daily basis forced me out of my comfort zone and the result is a collection of images covering a broad range of genres, including landscape, street photography, and portraiture. There’s obvious benefit in exploring different genres, but what I missed was delving deeply into a single subject. So in 2014 I’m going to pursue a single theme in my mobile photography: architecture. I’ll be concentrating specifically on how man-made shapes and forms create a communal sense of space in urban and rural communities’.


Sarah Jarrett


Image – ‘Silence’ – Sarah Jarrett

I’m not a great maker of resolutions at New Year but sitting in my studio listening to the wind and the rain outside as the afternoon fades and the last evening of this year approaches, writing this did get me to focus and contemplate a few last thoughts before I join my family to see the New Year in.

I’ve had a really amazing year and I’m extremely grateful for that. Winning the MPA’s was a fantastic experience and opened many creative doors for me. It helped me to grow ideas like plants at a furious pace and it gave me the confidence to believe in my creative self. So at the start of the year I was flying but at the end of the year I was floundering a little, wondering where do I go from here?

The path is never clear. I’ve had a bit of a break from my portraits and have been really enjoying Landscape work again. My resolution is to find a way forward with my portraits, to return to making more illustrative pictures that have storytelling elements because that has always been close to my heart. My aim is to create work that is more detailed, more ambitious, more stretching. To keep trying to push iPhoneography to its limits.

Developments in apps have been a real dream this year. iColorama, Procreate, Glaze and Superimpose remain my absolute favourites. I still feel excited using them every day. I hope the New Year will continue to bring surprising and amazing updates. Thank you app makers for all you do and thank you viewers and followers !

I hope wherever you are the New Year dawns bright and clear for you and your loved ones. I will raise a glass to you, ‘Cheers ! Here’s to 2014’


Fernando Cruz


Image – ‘River and View – Oporto featuring Milos Kalvin – Publisher of Shootermag’

Following the activities developed during the year ending, 2014 I have as an objective the realization of some projects I am preparing related to Mobile Photography, of which highlight: the presentation of a personal project of portraits using the Hipstamatic app, a special edition of SHOOTER with the Portuguese artists in collaboration with SHOOTERMAG; conducting workshops and exhibitions, integrated into an event relating to Mobile Photography to be held in Oporto!

Happy New Year to all mobile photographers! I wish you a 2014 full of great photos, new apps, excellent editions and lots and lots of sharing!’


Laura Peischl


Image – ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ – Laura Peischl

Open your eyes and your heart and let the emotions take over, watch the world around you with astonishment and let it inspire you.
Live, Love, Create! Happy New Year to you all!’


Merek Davis – App Developer of Mextures


‘With 2013 probably being one of the most exciting for me personally with mobile photography, it seems fitting that my major goals for 2014 are again mobile focused. I’ve made a goal to constantly be educating myself as well as helping educate others this year. Mobile photography, I believe, is still in it’s infancy and has potentially unlimited growth. I set goals to post more on Instagram, snap more photos, and push myself to learn new techniques/apps. In 2013 I had a goal to launch my app, Mextures and I hit it! In 2014, we plan on launching some incredible new features for Mextures, as well as 2 new apps for mobile photographers’.

App link

Patrick O’Neill – Olloclip


Broaden my horizons a bit. I’ve fallen in love with the moods and colors of the Huntington Beach Pier, and sunrise after sunrise, I’m shooting there. There are so many different ways to capture that daybreak, but I don’t want to bore anyone. I’d like to find new vistas. Part of that exploring is done through my iPhone…. Looking at the amazing work of other olloclip photographers is a great source of inspiration. That’s my resolution for mobile photography in 2014′.

With regards to Olloclip – ‘We will continue to make innovative tools for the mobile photographer and we will keep pushing ourselves to make that best products we can and make sure we are not burdening our users in the process’.


Clint Cline


Image – ‘Untitled’ – Clint Cline

New Year’s Resolution: shoot big or shoot small, but shoot. I find that my sight increases the more I practice “seeing.” I am especially challenged by street work and a busy travel schedule in the new year will afford me the opportunity to shoot more. But I desire to shoot better than merely to amass quantity, so I’m resolving to shoot smarter. Apping is another kettle of fish. This year I plan to break out of a few carefully constructed app habits and to explore new combinations in order to push myself creatively. If I have a theme for 2014 it would be “Lean In!”‘


Cedric Blanchon


Image – ‘Over Consumption’ – Cedric Blanchon

‘My resolutions for 2014, for me it will be to have an exhibition in my city and in other if possible, to try to get out the digital sphere and to show my photos  to the greatest number, to try experimenting with other photographic creations with collages or drawings for example, to continue to do what I love as surrealism and to buy myself an expert camera other than the iPhone, even though I like this one a lot!’


Jen Pollack Bianco


Image – ‘Tuba Player’ – Jen Pollack Bianco

‘2013 was a great year for me with mobile photography in the travel space. Looking ahead to 2014, I’d like to further hone my street shooting skills and take them to the next level. I’ve gotten bolder in the street shooting space and am committed to using the Easy Release app so I can get model releases signed on the spot when I get a great capture. If only it could handle the language barrier! If anyone has a good translation app, please let me know’.


Rad Drew


Image – Rad Drew

‘Looking into 2014, my resolution theme is to explore the possibilities relative to image making. For me exploration can be as literal as getting out into my physical environment with awareness, or the more metaphoric looking inside at my personal vision and how I want to express myself. Exploration implies adventure, so I’m looking forward to an exciting new year full of new relationships and revelations. Happy New Year!’


Catherine Restivo


Image – ‘Selfie’ – Catherine Restivo

“For me, 2013 was ‘The Year of Meet-ups.’ Since I’m lucky to be living in a major city hub, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet several of our community members throughout the year. Then my summer vacation took me across the pond where a large group of mobile photographers from around the globe had an epic get-together.

Two years ago I joined this tribe, and through it all, getting to meet the creative people who I’ve had online friendships with because of our shared love of mobile photography has by far been the best part. It’s given me treasured memories and experiences, and allowed me to make new and lasting friendships.

In 2014 I look forward to nurturing the friendships I’ve formed, as well as meeting more of our mobile family. Here’s to another year of sharing and creativity!”


Lisa Waddell


Image – ‘Teetering on the Brink of Extinction’ – Lisa Waddell

2013 was a successful year for me with many blessings in all areas of my life; particularly with my photography. I am known for my dead flower portraits so I will never stray from them. In the new year, though, I would like to broaden my horizons and make a concerted effort to explore subject matter that takes me out of my comfort zone. We’ll see in a year how successful I was in that endeavor! Also, like everyone else in the world, I really want to get back in shape. Exercise bike, here I come!

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2014!’


Albion Harrison-Naish


Image – Madame of the Shadows’ – Albion Harrison-Naish

‘Amongst so many, more specific ideas, this year I want to focus on pushing myself with photography. Work on areas that aren’t strengths and don’t come as easily. As part of this I plan to think more about what I’m wanting to achieve, both generally and before I go out to shoot. I want to start being more conscious both of and with my photography. The last two years finding my way with photography have been a lovely creative outlet from what is otherwise a very busy life with other projects unrelated to photography, but that demand a lot of mental energy and time. And so I have fun with photography, I walk and walk in the moments I can find and let my imagination run unfettered by much conscious thought, relying more on instinct and largely shooting from the metaphorical hip. I hope this year to pay more attention to consciously framing and composing, waiting in good spots for the right picture to emerge and thinking about what I’m wanting to achieve with the shot. To start making photographs more and taking them less you could say. I did two premeditated series in 2013 and both were immensely rewarding in many ways and this is another area I hope to give more thoughtful attention to. Lastly, I want to engage more fully with the fantastic mobile photography community out there on the internets.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing the piece, your tireless efforts to promote the form are really appreciated by many of us’.


Gerry Coe


Image – ‘Long Tall Sally’ – Gerry Coe

What do I hope to get from my Mobile photography in 2014? To be better for a start and to use the apps more creatively.

It is very easy to just use one app and love what it does but to me the beauty of the Apps is in blending and using the various strengths of each app.
I am using “oggl” a lot more these days as I am a big fan of square format (having been a user of square format cameras as a professional) I love the “Arty” apps of Repix and Glaze, and Snapseed I can’t live without,  but I am still keen to explore the simple delights of B&W using both “oggl” and other apps. And I thank all the wonderful Mobile Photography artists I have met online for the inspiration your work gives me’.


Jamie Ferreyros


Image – ‘Day of the Mermaid’ – Jamie Ferreyros

‘Iphoneography to me is photography with a twist. I use apps to emphasize the mood and enhance the storytelling behind each image, without abusing them.

I am interested right now to exhibit my work in galleries amongst artists of different mediums and expose iphoneography to the art world in general, expanding the horizon if possible beyond our peers’.


Nico Brons


Image – ‘Tearing Apart’ – Nico Brons

My resolution for 2014 is to improve my creative skills much further. It would be nice to have a solo exhibition outside the Netherlands. After 3 years study at the photoacademy in Amsterdam I hope to earn some money with my photography and to sell some work. Further I hope to discover some nice new apps. And I hope this year to have more time to contribute at some websites with stories and tutorials for example at the


AlyZen Moonshadow


Image – ‘Four Cardinals’ – AlyZen Moonshadow

My New Year Resolution for 2014 is: “To continue to explore, expand and push the boundaries of Mobile Photography Art, especially concentrating on utilising both iOS and Android platforms, as I have literally at my fingertips the best of both worlds. This will be the year I get my work Licensed by global companies, and really make my mark on Print On Demand online stores. I will of course continue practicing Random Acts of Kindness. I will also try to be kinder to those who are not so kind towards me.”


Erika Carrillo


‘Sunflowers’ – Erika C Brothers

‘As a new year moves forward, 2013 brings thoughts of inspiration through my children and new ventures moving to a new home. Both reflected in this particular piece, which is based on the innocent curiosity of a child exploring in a field of opportunities and uncertainty – a field of sunflowers in the big state of Texas who’s economy is exploding with opportunities and growth, after all where we call home. In general my photos do not follow a particular format or function, I use what ever App comes to mind for that particular moment and experimentation. In total I use about 140 different Apps, however mostly concentrate on using 10 which are my battle horses for my pieces.  For this particular piece photo was taken with ProCamera, next I used Superimpose to position the image correctly to reflect and orient the main image. I followed by using Snapseed to augment the lighting and colors to provide an series of contrasts. Lastly, I used Picfix with finishes in Grunge and Scratches to do the final touches for a vintage aspect to the Smartphone Art’.


Janine Graf


Image – ‘Roadside Assistance’ – Janine Graf

‘I think my main photography related resolution this year will be to shake my shyness and have a go at street photography. Maybe being shy doesn’t have anything to do with my apprehension for capturing strangers on the street; I just worry about not respecting someone’s privacy is all. Shyness or not, I want to put my ninja skills to the test and push myself in this genre. Having just recently moved to the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, there’s a whole new world of wonderful street scenes waiting to be captured. Following a close second in resolutions would be updating my apps more frequently. Right now, as I type, there are 42 app updates on my phone that I am ignoring. I am shamefully horrible with routine maintenance . . . which is also why I need approximately 5” of hair trimmed off, buttons re-sewn onto some blouses (safety pins are so classy), and the water filter changed in my refrigerator (although I am getting used to the chlorine and copper flavor). Happy New Year everybody!’


Ginger Lucero


Image – ‘The New Year Awaits’ – Ginger Lucero

As another year comes to a close and a new one begins, resolution comes to mind. In this coming year my resolution will be to cease any opportunity to take and make more images, I won’t let the moment escape me. I will make every effort to pay attention to details with a new set of eyes for the New Year. I’ll put more thought into the things I am shooting. Learning is key, so I will try new techniques and explore new possibilities. I will take what I have learned this past year and focus on what I can improve. And last but not least, I will try to clear out any unused apps I have just laying around my device’.


Connie Gardner Rosenthal


Image – ‘Woman at Venice Beach’ – Connie Gardner Rosenthal

I discovered the amazing world of mobile photography in 2013 and look forward to a lot more discovery in 2014. My “resolutions” include improving, enhancing and expanding my exploration, creations and approach to my iPhone photography. I’d like to get out and shoot more often. I’d like to learn to be “sneakier” with my street shots. I’d like to explore shooting more nature and architectural shots. I’d like explore apps I don’t know well including Leonardo, and iColorama. I’d like to use more Hipstamatic film and lens combinations. I’d like to experiment more with black and white both in shooting and editing. I’d like to get out to more photography exhibits and learn more about the viewpoint of well-regarded photographers. I hope to become more confident and less critical of myself. Wishing all my fellow mobile photographer friends a happy, healthy and safe 2014′.


Michelle Robinson


Image – ‘Verge of a new dawn’ – Michelle Robinson

My New Year’s Resolution is: to continue to attempt more abstract landscapes, general landscapes, and abstract florals – quite likely to be broken by February most likely. I may resolve to attempt another Creative 365 Project. I completed one in 2012, abandoned one at the start if this year. It’s deciding which platform to post it on that is the issue for me!’


Urban Muser


Image – ‘Here comes the Sun’ – Urban Muser

I think it’s safe to say that 2014 is going to be a special year for me. In order to make my new year’s resolution I needed to look back on 2013, which started out rough, with yet another failed attempt to get pregnant after trying for our first child for over 3 years. My self-portraits taken since 2011 were healing–a way to work through the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced during this all-consuming journey. And then, this past May, we got the news we’ve been waiting for…I’m pregnant with a baby girl and she’s expected on January 19 🙂 As the pregnancy is winding down I realized I hadn’t taken any self-portraits showing off the baby bump! (which I remedied the other day) I think all my creativity in the past 9 months has been flowing to sustaining this life inside me and the iPhone just fell to the side–but I’ve missed participating in all the mobile online communities and seeing all of your work! So, all that to say that my new year’s resolution is to re-focus on my mobile photography and get back to a regular practice of self-portraits (and who knows, hopefully the baby will make an appearance in some of them). And I’ve got a little video project in mind as well…we’ll see what happens with that. A happy and healthy new year to all of you!’


Veronica Hassell


Image – ‘Girls of a Certain Age’ – Veronica Hassell

I’m looking forward to 2014 as most are. Some are personal and some are related to my photography. My new direction going into this new year is to document the women in my life and family. I’m hoping to show a more intimate, emotional side to my work’.


Carlos Austin


Image – ‘Joy to Us’ – Carlos Austin

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to explore my creativity through the old and new apps that come up in camera software for mobile devices.
I have signed up with to do one picture a day. I did this last year and found it extremely challenging. This challenge forced me to get out and take pictures of various situations to keep my photo stream interesting and diversified. As to apps, I have a deep respect for the creativity and the wonderful programming that the developers come up. This in turn gives me an opportunity to find new ways to express my artistic abilities’.


Lee Atwell


Image – ‘My mother and my self’ – Lee Atwell

‘Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on this topic, Joanne! The last year has felt a lot more like stumbling along and doing the next thing in front of me more than a time of reflection. It was so difficult in many ways and yet also a year filled with inspiration.

The most challenging time was commuting regularly 300 miles return to assist in the care of my elderly mom which culminated with her passing in September. However, I feel grateful to have the creative outlet that mobile photography provides as even when my mom was close to transitioning, to be able to take a little time out to visit a nearby park to take a few photos felt grounding and very much like soul food. As are the weekly showcases which are such highlights of inspiration for me that leave me quite breathless and in awe at what is possible to create with a mobile device – so often I feel like I am being taken away into such amazing realms of beauty and also rawness and realness, connecting to what it is to be human.

I love the analogy that our lives are much like breathing and that in our busyness we tend to spend more time exhaling – giving outward and expending ourselves. Now that I will no longer be taking time to care for my mom, my hope and intention for the new year is to take more time for inhaling with mindfulness – to spend more time feeding my soul by creating iPhone images. My plan is to continue to learn more in-depth the potential of the apps I already have – such as ‘Procreate’ and ‘iColorama’, for example. I also look forward to continuing to be inspired by such amazing images by all those that contribute to, and are featured in the App Whisperer.

Wishing a peaceful, meaningful and abundantly creative New Year to all!


Jessika H Johansson


Image – ‘Take the Plunge’ – Jessika H Johansson

Starting about two years ago I rediscovered photography through my mobile phone. At first I didn’t even realize I was taking photos. It developed into a whirlwind romance and brought joy into my life. To me, who often over think things, the mobile was a completely innocuous device.

2013 I suddenly found myself trailing in the backwaters of creativity. I wanted too much and inspiration dwindled. There have been extended periods of frustration. Basically, I want too much. 2013 has been something of a lost year when in this respect for me.

For 2014 I will try to rediscover the child in me, the fun that mobile photography brought into my life. I think this is the only way forward for me.
My New Years resolution is one I will try to apply to my life in general; this coming year I aim to let go and embrace’.


Benamon Tame


Image – Benamon Tame

2013 was a strange year for my photography, demands from the other parts of my life meant it was the least productive year in terms of numbers of pieces. Against that I finally finished my Canvas Sky series and I started writing again to support my ever expanding Lost Toy Room. Looking back I have become far more critical of what I keep but happier with my finished pieces because of it.

My resolution for 2014 is to try and find a balance again, to keep on the path I have worked out for the Lost Toy Room ( so many plans!) but expand back into other styles again. VSCOcam, Hipstamatic and Thirty Six for my street photography. Glaze and some of the other painterly apps to expand the Thorn Family Portraits. Tangents, Fragments and Decim8 for my Mask series. Over half my iPhone is filled with Apps, they are tools and prompts and would like to make one of my goals for 2014 to go explore again. To remind myself what I have got and what I can do. To improve on what I can do and always seek out the new. 2013 was the Year of the Broken Doll, looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring’.



Dilshad Corleone


Image – ‘The Three Princesses (From the article The Pianist Part II. Coming Soon!)’ – Dilshad Corleone

‘Well it’s that time of the year, the lights are up in their multi-coloured forms brightening the streets, the people are well into their merrymaking, presents have been exchanged and the preparation for the one last big party is well ahead. Yes, it’s that time of the year also when one starts looking back to the year that has gone by and begins to ponder at all the wonderful opportunities that one has had and what could have been done better. Indeed, it is resolutions making time for the year that is going to come. Looking back, I honestly have to say that it has been a wonderful year for me: some incredible exhibitions around the world, from London, New York, LA, to Mexico. Four incredible Magazine publications, a huge spread in and the Guide Magazine, to name but a few. Even more, a dream come true video opportunity in Barcelona thanks to the wonderful people of Carphone Warehouse. It has truly been a busy year, but a lot more could have been done better; trying to combine what you love together with life’s ordinary chores it’s not always easy, especially when one is a natural born procrastinator too. So together with the usual “I want to start exercising and get properly fit” resolutions, I think it’s time for the real one, such as I want to really get back into my theappwhisperers’ column writing! I, also, want to experiment more night shooting with the various slowshutter apps and take time to go out and capture the soul of where I am! Not to Procrastinate, is a major one… but let’s be realistic, that will happen, however is finding that right balance. Yes, the real resolution is to keep the creative thinking going while having fun! Happy New Year My Dear Friends!’


Mariko Klug


Image – ‘Mirror Mirror’ – Mariko Klug

‘My New Year’s resolution for 2014 concerning mobile photography is the same as in my normal life: I need to clean up! I’m a collector and I can’t part with my stuff. In the last year I have accumulated about 130 Apps and more than 9000 photos on my iPhone. Who needs 130 apps?? Most of my 9000 photos on my iPhone are not backed up. Just imagine what happens if the iPhone gets broken?? So my aim is to reduce the number of apps to 30 and delete unnecessary photos and make a back up regularly. This will be a quite impossible task for me… ‘


Tuba Korhan


Image – Tuba Korhan

I earn my living with a job which I love to do and I always feel lucky about it. But last year I was very busy with a project which occupied my whole year, it was frustrating. So my main new year resolution for 2014 is to slow down!

I wish to travel more which means photographing more. I am still not very comfortable while shooting on streets so I want to focus on street photography. As a tourist I found it easier.

I also want to realize some projects which I have in mind for some time and hope to share all these with the fellow mobile photographers soon.
Happy new year! ‘


Elaina Wilcox


Image – Contemplating the Day’ – Elaina Wilcox

I have always loved the act of taking a photograph. Capturing a moment frozen in time is amazing, but more than that it captures a feeling and preserves it forever. When I discovered mobile photography, I felt like I had a world of creative possibilities in my pocket. As the last few years have passed I’ve watched the artist in this community grow not only in the number of artist that are creating work, but the mobile community has gained acceptance in the world of fine art photography. My hope for this and every new year is that this art form will continue to thrive and produce amazing art. My personal resolution is to expand my knowledge of creating with apps and different processes. I want to see my work in more brick and mortar galleries, as well as in people’s homes. The true goal for me, is to bring joy to the person who is looking at my art. We as artist’s need to inspire and move people through our art’.


James Clarke


Image – “When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness” –James Clarke

I heard through the grapevine that there’s some fancy app that has a bunch of brushes & layers called Procreate. I have this idea that I may just dive into it and explore it’s possibilities. Appstract images continue to be what gets my “juices flowing”, so I’ll be focusing on doing more in that vein. I’m also trying to figure out how to create a market for my work and see if it could fit into my retirement income plan. Aside from that, my goal is to keep on creating images, be more involved in the “community” and try to keep up with Clint Cline’.


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