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Wow, this weeks mobile photography and art video showcase is another beautifully created and curated collection of works from all around the world. Each artist that has been featured, has worked tremenously well, their images sing, embrace and rejoice us. I am sure you will all enjoy this as much as I do.

If you would like to be considered for our weekly Flickr Group Showcase, please upload your images to our dedicated Flickr group, for this section, here

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured this week:

hanakai2001, Aylin Argun, Alain Paris, Hanni K, Jun Yamaguchi, Maddy McCoy, Tomaso Belloni, Michael Kistler, Roger Guetta, Frederic Mahy, Sara Tune, Lynette Jackson, Jane Schultz, Jose Elvira, Labarussiat Claude, Ginger Lucero, IIe Mont, Angie Lambert, woltarise, ingrid_b21, Rene Valencia, Arjan van der Horst, Cristian Margarita, Nicolas Xanthos, Lee Atwell, Ger van den Elzen, Poetic Medium, Erika Brothers, Trish Korous, Rosanne Dubbeld, Serdar Türkoğlu, Sara Tune, Cara Gallardo Weil, Boris Schulz, Sarah Jarrett, Marco Lamberto, Lorenka Campos, rorofot, Giulia Baita, Kristie, Meri Walker, Albion Harrison-Naish, Gianluca Ricoveri, Millo Salgado, Montse Abad, John Fullard, Carolyn Hall Young, Luther Roseman Dease, #Arun, Susan Rennie,

‘The Corridors of Time’ – Michael Kistler

Video Showcase

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  1. Wonderful assortment – and a good choice of music, which fits very well…..Thank you for including my image, Joanne 🙂


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