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Mobile Photography – StreetWise Showcase – June 2016

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” Robert Frank

We were thrilled and particularly moved by your photos submitted to our StreetWise Flickr group and chose images for the showcase that are in keeping with our group’s intention and guidelines  “We believe that it is important to focus on the key aspects of street photography  composition, timing, juxtaposition, catching the decisive moment  rather than relying on too much aping. We therefore feel that aping should be kept to a minimum  cropping, tweaking exposure, colour, adding a grain or texture is ok but we would like to see you steer away from overly app’ed images that are more art-oriented or painterly.”

Thank you so much for participating and inspiring us with your images  once again, it was difficult to choose only a relatively few images from all those that were submitted.

We hope you enjoy viewing the showcase as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured in this showcase including:

Cara Gallardo Weil, Luison, Giulia Baita, Rene Valencia, Paul Yan, Katie Zari Roberts, Rob Pearson-Wright, Julia Nathanson, Maruf Choudbury, Andrew B. White, Roy Savoy, RK, Ocean Morisset, Roger Guetta, Ger van den Elzen, Jo Sullivan, Dinalfs, Nick Kenrick, Connie Gardiner Rosenthal, Laurence Bouchard, Carlein, Louise Whiting


‘Stonewall Inn, NYC’ – Roy Savoy

I was immediately and emotionally drawn in by Roy’s poignant image taken on June 14th in the aftermath of the “Pulse Nightclub Massacre”.

As street photographers, a part of what we do is to document time and the humanity of the moment. Here, we are witness to what is in our very own hearts. It is an image mirroring our collective sadness as we come together as nation, and the world over to mourn the tragic loss of so many beautiful, innocent lives, and to hold those who were wounded in our thoughts. Roy movingly illustrates the emotions of this moment  our sorrow. We understand by the tittle that Roy is at the Stonewall Inn, considered the birthplace of the LGBTQ movement giving respect due to a community that has long struggled for equal rights. The photograph itself is simply a gathering of somber people. It is a touching, respectful and understated memorial. And yet, the main subject is powerfully captured; she is in pain and we can feel her sadness, too. Because it is our pain. Our sadness.

Roy touchingly captures a moment that will live forever in our hearts. With his image we pause — we remember the young people (fellow countrymen and women), who could have been, and were, our neighbours, our brothers, our sisters, our sons and daughters. And, our souls are that much sadder for having to say goodbye. Roy, thank you for sharing such a moving photograph.


‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ – RK

Rk’s ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ is an image that instantly puts the viewer right into the action. It’s like we have front row seats, and we are participating in all the fun.

Right away, we are captured by the central subject; her beauty, her glamorous costume replete with grand plumage and sparkles galore, her winsome smile which is bright is contagious and altogether conjures up happy feelings. RK’s composition is perfect. From the dancing beauty, our eyes jump along to the drummers who are also mid movement. That everybody is dancing and having a good time encapsulates the idea that life is happening before one’s very own eyes.

There’s no missing the party, however, because RK has brought it to us with this very alive, very stunning street photograph. Well done, RK!

“Laundrymania” – Andrew B White

What initially draws you to this photo is the shoes in the foreground that lead the viewer immediately to the man’s face who is looking right at us through wide rimmed glasses, and then  to his expression. This leading line is part of a subtle radial composition, as are the lights (and window reflections) radiating out from his shoulders.

There are lovely earthy tones throughout the photo from the brown tones in his sandals in the foreground to the shelf to his left and beautiful shades of blue in his jeans, his hat and the letters on the window which help create a feeling of cohesiveness to the photo.

One then becomes intrigued by the details – the humorous name of the laundromat written on the window and the fact that the elderly gentleman seems to be sitting with a baby carriage, which one might assume indicates that he is babysitting while doing his laundry.

A wonderful Americana capture of the sign of our times, Andrew!

“Untitled” – Maruf Choudbury

Initially this photo appears a little cluttered in its composition (and one may wonder if it could be a more powerful image if it was cropped), however there is something about the arrangement of the subjects that draws the viewer into the picture where the magic lies in the details.

There is a subtle zig zag composition that is emphasised by the colors of the blue ‘trough’ in the right corner that leads to the brightly attired subjects, and then to the strong yellow arch  that carries your eyes throughout the photo.

The strength of the shape of the blue metal trough also helps to anchor the photo and also to bring one’s focus to the bright clothes of the people.

The photo captures quite a joyful moment in time of a man taking a photo of his child (who doesn’t look too amused), while the smiling woman seems to be taking a photo of the myriad of pigeons taking flight.

The alignment of the women’s arms takes you further into the scene where there is another man and child, also looking quite joyful.

And then at closer look, one sees that there is another family in the photo – what looks like two adult monkeys and a young one that is being preened.

To some photographers, the monkeys themselves could have been considered a subject to focus on, but, one gets a sense that this is just a typical daily scene in this quite exotic urban environment.

Thank you for sharing this enchanting image, Maruf!

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Ilana Buch-Akoundi is an Interior Designer with a background in fine arts, and a passion for mobile photography. Influenced by classical art and literature, she views mobile photography as not simply capturing moments as they happen, but as a marriage of dreams and visions from inner life and reality. Street photography, as a composite emerging from the speed of life, and what’s resonating within. Born in New York City where she still resides with her husband and two children, Buch-Akoundi recently founded hipstaNYC dedicated to Hipstamatic images of New York City, where people from all over the world can showcase their photographs of NYC. She has had photographs featured in mobile photography websites and web-magazines as well as international shows. Lee Atwell has been passionate about the art, science and magic of photography since the time she was a child – at which time her father had converted a small bathroom into a darkroom. For the past few years, she been captivated by the versatility, convenience, and creative potential of mobile photography. In street photography, she enjoys the challenge of capturing the unexpected and also the necessity of being present moment to moment with the surrounding environment – whether it is the continual shifting of light and shadows or the instantaneous and fleeting expressions and postures of people on the street. She has received several international photography awards and has had photographs featured in publication, mobile photography websites and web-magazines. She has also had photos exhibited in several cities – in the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Hungary, Belgium and Portugal. Atwell also teaches yoga and owns a yoga studio in Seattle with her husband.